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Monogrammed Embroidery Hoop Wreath

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A quick wreath just got easier with my Monogrammed Embroidery Hoop Wreath!

This all came about on the spur of the moment while wandering around the craft store. I was working on my summer home tour that you can find HERE and really wanted something simple to hang over a mirror at one end of our porch. I didn't want anything that would compete with the larger wreath on the front door.


It wouldn't be a craft store trip if I didn't veer off and look at yarn for knitting. I saw the hoops while in the yarn area and an idea sprang to mind. I had already purchased an inexpensive wooden letter that I  had covered with sheet moss. I just wanted to add a touch of pattern and color without the fuss of a full wreath.

 The entire project is so simple! You will need the following items:

  • craft store monogram letter
  • sheet moss
  • craft glue or hot glue
  • embroidery hoop large enough to fit the letter size
  • green permanent marker
  • scrap fabric
  • ribbon for bow
  • scrap ribbon or fishing line to hang
  • Gorilla Tape (optional)


Any letter of your choice would work!


The coated shiny background makes it easy to trace the outline of your letter.


VERY IMPORTANT! Make sure you trace the letter backwards so that when you flip it over, the pretty moss side will be in the right direction. I wasn't thinking and wasted part of my moss by positioning the letter the wrong way!  Woops!! Notice the “L” is backwards.

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My letter is on the thin side so I didn't plan to wrap it in the moss. Just use a green permanent marker to color in any exposed sides.


The next step is so easy!


 These embroidery hoops are crazy inexpensive…..just a couple of dollars. You can use a fabric of your choice. I have quite a bit of this outdoor fabric leftover so I used what I had.


I didn't trace first….I just cut around the hoop. Exercise caution and allow a bit more than you think you'll need. You will lose a bit of fabric when you attach the other part of the wreath and tighten.


After you attach the top of the hoop, you can trim the excess fabric.


I tied a piece of clear fishing line to the screw on the hoop to use as a hanger. I attached the burlap bow with the fishing line as well. My letter is quite light in weight. I just looped several pieces of gorilla tape to the back of the letter and stuck it to the fabric.  It is still there! You could hot glue it as well. I actually have plans to add some stick on velcro to the back for added security. That way you could easily change the fabric with the seasons. If you don't plan to change it…just glue it on!!


I am really happy with it here. It is simple and still lets the mirror stand out.




Thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a lovely day!





Thanks for sharing!

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  1. It’s really amazing wreath. I’m really inspired to see this. I’m also want to try this. Thanks to you for sharing a cute and beautiful Ideas.

  2. Thanks do much, Diana!!! I like that it was so fast and simple!!! Big hug! Have a blessed weekend! XOXO~Christy

  3. Very, very cute, Christy. It is kind of fun to see those embroidery hoops being used again. Years ago we did all kinds of things with them but your idea is a pretty unique take on it. Love it- xo Diana

  4. Thanks, Cynthia! There are some really cute fall fabrics out there right now! That would be adorable! Great idea! Have a wonderful weekend. ~Christy

  5. Thanks so much! I got mine at Hobby Lobby, but I’ve seen them at Walmart, AC Moore and Michael’s! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!! ~Christy

  6. Great project, I really like the fabric and the ribbon you chose. It would be a good thing to do for fall with a nice fall colored fabric and fall foliage. Have a great weekend!!


  7. Oh what a beautiful wreath. I want one too. I will have to make a trip to a craft store sometime soon to find all the stuff to do it. Where did you get the letter? I have been looking for at least one letter and hard to find in my area.

  8. Hey Kim!!! Thanks so very much. You and me both…quick and fast so we have more time to paint! LOL! Have a wonderful long weekend! šŸ™‚

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