Nature’s Tiny Miracle {The Power of the Peanut}

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I remember as a kid always finding the different food characters in ads funny…..it really is a great way to get the message across in a lighthearted way. We are all familiar with Mr. Peanut…..you know who I'm talking about…peanut dressed in a top hat and vest. He's come a long way these days. He's quite the cool kid on the block!

When Planters asked me to share their new video campaign with you, I thought it was a great opportunity! You see, my family is a peanut eating family! We are all active in either sports or exercise.

The new video campaign is informative yet makes me chuckle! Please watch this short video on why the peanut is Nature's Tiny Miracle.  


Wow! I knew peanuts were a great snack choice, but SIX essential nutrients is amazing!

Most of you know that I have 2 active, sports playing teens! In a day and age where junk food is so prevalent in our society, we really need to rethink our snack choices! It is so easy to grab sugary snacks. Let's face it….it's not good for our figures or health! We need to start snacking for success!

planters-peanutsAshlyn is a freshman playing #3 singles and #1 doubles on the varsity tennis team.



Woods is on the varsity golf team. He also plays on the junior tour circuit. He has been golfing since he was 4!


Science does not lie because it is made of facts! A fact is that peanuts are high in protein! Why not get your protein from nature! 

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My daughter plays tennis and soccer. Tennis matches can last hours. A bag of peanuts is a quick, non-messy snack that she can munch on during a water break. Due to the protein content, it curbs your hunger and keeps you energized so you can perform at your best!

My son plays in lots of golf tournaments which can last many, many hours. There is not time to stop during a tournament to run grab a snack from the grill. Planters peanuts are just so portable, non-messy and convenient!

Think about how a peanut butter sandwich satisfies you hunger and gives you energy! Can you imagine what a golf bag or tennis racket bag would look like with a peanut butter sandwich! There aren't enough cleaning wipes in the world to take care of that mess! A bag of peanuts is no mess! Win win for mom!

Show your kids these funny videos and visit Planters! You can also like Planters' Mr. Peanut on Facebook  !

Whether you are training for a 5K or cleaning the house, we all need to chose healthier snack options. Discover the power of the peanut which is nature's tiny miracle. Let's all start snacking for success!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Later this week I'll be sharing a tutorial on how to make my coffee filter wreath used in my fall home tour!



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