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Southern Fall Porch with Our Southern Home

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Welcome to my Southern Fall Porch!

I am so happy to have you here at Our Southern Home!

Fall is definitely in the air…even in South Carolina. Our falls can be a bit up and down with the temperatures through mid-November. The evenings are always cool.

If you follow my blog, you have learned that I love porches and cooler weather! 

I am sharing my porch along with 24 other fabulous bloggers this week. There will be 5 fabulous bloggers each day Monday-Friday. The complete schedule is below.

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Our porch is one of my favorite rooms in our home to decorate. Welcome!!!


I removed our large ferns from the front urns and added pumpkins and dried leaf branches and pine cones from our woods. Love using nature to decorate…it's free! The two large pumpkins were also free with a coupon!


 The cornstalks were finally available last week from the local produce stand! When I did my fall tour in September, unfortunately they weren't out yet!











 It took no time to put this urn together. Just visit your yard or a friend's for items that you can use. I like how the leaves are drying. It really goes well with the dried corn stalks and burlap bow.


 Our 8-year-old black lab, Lizzie would love to welcome you to our home! She has no clue that she is a dog!


 It  for the most part just gets too warm to leave candles in lanterns outside except during Christmas. They just melt and make a mess. I now have clear lights in them that I purchased from Hobby Lobby last year. If you notice they are on brown wire which blends nicely in the lanterns.

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 The only new things that I purchased for our fall porch this year were the mums and real pumpkins. Everything else I already had. I love mixing in vintage and thrift store finds. The sign was one of those cheap trays that I think had an Easter rabbit on it. It was a Goodwill purchase and simply repainted with chalkboard paint. I've used it all over the house for different occasions!


 The real pumpkins really mix well with the faux. Soon those real pumpkins will be transformed into jack-o-lanterns. The mum buckets were made last year. You can find the tutorial HERE. They simply started out as a galvanized bucket from Lowe's. They were then coated with fresh black spray paint, wrapping paper was Mod-Podged on and sprayed with a protecting sealer.


 Can you believe that garland is 9 years old? It has orange string lights throughout which may be difficult to see during the day.




 You can see this photo was taken before the addition of the cornstalks and urns. The stalks were not available when I took these shots in September. They just arrived at our local produce stand last week.


 Lots of thrift store and vintage finds here! Both of the tables were from thrift stores. I simply painted them with outdoor paint from Lowe's. Paint and color information can be found HERE.


 The obelisk, white ironstone, cheese dome, basket and quilt were all from thrift stores. I found quite a bit of ironstone this summer for .50 cents a piece! I was grinning ear to ear!

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 I have had the quilt since my 17-year-old son was a baby. It was a Goodwill find. He no longer wants it in his room. Woods says it's girly. Oh, well. I love it, it is at home on the porch.


 Hint: stuff the bottoms of baskets and containers with grocery bags and/or old towels to fill the container. Then you just need a few small pieces to show!


 Thrift store finds: table, lamp, and vintage bread box


 The shade and wire basket are from Wal-Mart.


 The resin rooster was a gift from a sweet friend!The bread box is filled with an old towel. Then a scrap of burlap is used to cover it. Then fill with leaves and a mix of real and faux pumpkins and gourds, all from Wal-Mart. 





 The driftwood was a summer beach find by my daughter, Ashlyn. The mirror used to be apart of a set in our master bedroom. It is dark mahogany. My hubby gave me a new painted mirror for Christmas about 5 years ago. This mirror had been living in our attic until last spring when it received a new paint job and home here! Mirrors are a great way to add wall art to a porch outdoors. They hold up very well!


 A beautiful space does not have to cost a fortune. An eclectic mix of new, vintage and thrift makes a space unique and interesting. As you shop thrift stores think paint and fabric. Can I use those items in a new and interesting way with a new paint treatment or a little new fabric. Why not get a lot of bang for your buck!

I'd love for you to pin any photos! It is greatly appreciated and easy with the handy hover over each photo pin it button.

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Fall Porch Tour 2013

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My complete Fall Home Tour is HERE.


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  1. first, i can tell your home is absolutely beautiful. that southern porch! for about 3-4 years we lived in new orleans and being an interior designer i was just happy to take the day and drive around and look at all the beautiful architecture and the homes. so many porches had me yearning to knock on the door and simply ask if i could look at their gorgeous home. of course, my husband thought that was strange so i never did. πŸ™‚ but i will say i have seen the most gorgeous homes in the south. y’all really know how to do it! πŸ™‚ i got here from another friends blog and so glad i found ya.
    i’m gonna go check out the rest of your home tour photos now!! have a great day christy!

    1. How sweet, Kendra! You sound like me…always wanting to peek inside homes. I have that problem when visiting Charleston, SC! Amazing southern Homes!!! Thanks so much!!! Have a lovely weekend!

    1. Thanks so much, Sara! The mum buckets were a fun project. Really trying to save money so glad the “free” urn fillers were successful! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Oh my heavens!!!! Your porch is absolutely beautiful ~ I don’t think I have ever seen a porch this lovely. So very happy to have toured with you!

    Mary Beth

    1. Thanks!!! I just used twine and tied to the column in one place. Then I covered the twine with the burlap ribbon. It’s still standing!! ~Christy

  3. Oh Christy!! I luv your Fall porch. I feel like I can just sit ans snuggle up there…. Just beautiful. Going back for a second peek.
    Hugs, Gee

  4. I love your creative ideas with your front porch. Gives me ideas for decorating my Upstate SC 100 yr old mill hill home.


  5. I’m in love! Thanks so much for sharing your amazing porch! I’m pretty sure that’s the porch that I’ve been seeing in my dreams lately… πŸ™‚

  6. Beautiful, Christy! I just love every little bit of your gorgeous porch and it’s just fantastic that you’ve hung on to so many of your decorative pieces and you continue to shop for thrifty items. That’s heart warming and inspiring! And I love all the natural elements, gotta have those, it’s fall after all! Great job, love it!


    1. Thanks so much Jane for all of the wonderful compliments! Thrifting is such a joy for me! Happy fall! Hugs~Christy

  7. Christy! WOW your porch is a room! So large & soooo lovely. I really like the pumpkins & pinecones. Ok, if I steal the chalk paint on the Goodwill tray ideas….so smart!
    Great to be on tour with you..sharing & pinning,

    1. Thanks Kelly!!! Steal away!!! Don’t you just love fall. Ready for the weather to get a bit cooler to pull out my boots! Big Hug!! Christy

    1. Thanks Kirby! South Carolina is a beautiful state with mountains and coast near by. We also have many beautiful lakes!Pick away when you are ready! ~Christy

  8. WOW!!!! Your porch looks STUNNING!!!!!!!!!! I am so stealing the mirror idea! We have an OLD mirror at the old house that I wasd going to leave, HA! Now now!!! That is getting a coat of aint and HUNG UP!!! Love the garland too, where did you find it??? Everything looks fabulous!!!

    1. Thanks so much Pinky!!! I find that the garlands at Hobby Lobby and Michael’s are the best! It is 9 years old, but I think I got it at Michael’s. I usually layer a couple of garlands together to create fullness. Good luck on the mirror! Glad you are keeping it!!


  9. Your porch looks so pretty for fall, love, love the urns. The garland is really pretty too and no I would never think it was 9 years old!


  10. Christy, Wow it looks amazing. I love all the color but I also love how liveable it is. When home in NC we use tons of natural items from the yard – it just works. Unfortunately here in Texas there is nothing to be had to use πŸ™‚ It is hard doing all fake πŸ™
    Thanks for sharing..tammy

    1. Thanks so much, Tammy! Help from the yard makes it affordable. I love using real, but inside the heat dries everything out so fast it’s just esier to go fake most of the time at Christmas. Fall it lasts pretty long! ~Christy

    1. Thanks so much, Leena….it has definitely been nice out there lately…mosquitoes are finally dying down! Hugs~ Christy

  11. I’m in love with your “grand” porch, Christy! It’s is so full of Southern charm and tradition … gorgeous! I love your urns and garland around your door. And, the way you styled your beautiful table is perfection! Happy Fall!

    1. Becca, thanks so much sweet friend! I love fall… from the colors to the cooler temps (at least in the evening!). Hugs~Christy

  12. Christy, your porch is gorgeous! I love the garland around the door and all the other elements. I am stealing the mirror idea for our front porch. I had one on the back porch and never thought about doing one on the front porch until I saw yours.

    1. Thanks so much, Pat! I have really enjoyed the mirror on the front porch. I’ve seen lots of Charleston porches like that so I guess I copied their idea! Big hug, friend! ~Christy

  13. Christy – your fall porch is just fabulous! Love the garland around your door and the pretty vignette that you created on the cute blue table. Great job!

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