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Sneak Peek {Fall Dining Room}

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Happy Tuesday!!!  I am pretty much finished with all of my fall decorating.  Whew!!  But…..I keep adding.  LOL!  That's what us decorating addicts do.  Glue gun is always on the counter and paint brushes drying in the sink. 
I am currently working on editing my photos and writing my blog post.  It has been a bit tricky with the rain and storms that we have had the past couple of days….yeah, we have satellite Internet.  Girls got to do what a girls got to do when living in the country without the availability of natural gas, cable and good old DSL/high speed Internet.  Thankfully, it is supposed to be pretty the next couple of days.  You see, satellite Internet doesn't work well or at all during inclement weather…..oh joy!  I'll do my best to put the other things on my “to do” list on the back burner.


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Happy Fall~

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