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Wobbly Candlestick {Fast Fix}

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Do you ever get frustrated with a new candle that is just not quite wide enough to sit securely in the candlestick without wobbling all over the place? I sure do!  AND if you light the candles, you really want them to be secure.

Here is a quick and easy on the spot fix with a kitchen item most of us have on hand!

wobbly candlestick quick fix


wobbly candlestick quick fix

Yep!  Good old plastic wrap that you use in the kitchen works in a pinch. Please ignore my horrible hands! I just can't seem to keep them painted and pretty!

wobbly candlestick quick fix

 I was working on my summer dining room tablescape and several of the candles were teetering around in the crystal candlesticks (well cheap glass). I hadn't used the glass candlesticks in years.  After a good cleaning they looked great, and I thought they'd look wonderful on this summer table.  I even had the candles on hand from a large box that I purchased from Pottery Barn a couple of Christmases ago.

wobbly candlestick fast fix

 Simply tear off a small piece of the plastic wrap and wad it up around the bottom of the candle and insert it into the base.  Since the plastic wrap is clear, you won't even notice it in these glass holders!

wobbly candlestick quick fix

If you have some other quick fixes for this little issue, I'd love to hear them! I like using the plastic wrap because it so easily molds to the shape of the candlestick to hold the candle.  

Be sure to follow along if you are not already!  I'll be sharing my summer dining room table next!  I also have lots of exciting things coming up on the blog!  THREE GIVEAWAYS are coming soon…1 for July and 2 for August!  I am also going to be sharing summer home tours with 25 other fabulous bloggers!!

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I am out-of-town for a few weeks, and I am working with very spotty cell internet service.  I'll be doing my best to keep posting while away!  I did take the week of the 4th off from my blog to spend some much-needed time with my family!

Have a blessed day!



Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thanks! Some people rely to put melted wax in it, but I don’t want to do that since the sticks are clear and I frequently change the candles out!! XXOO Christy

  1. I’ve hit the bottom end of the candle with a blowdryer on high. The heat softens the bottom of the candle, then quickly stick it into the candle holder. It will smash into the right shape and fill up the empty space. This works best if you know you’re only going to use that candle in that one candle holder.

  2. Love the plastic wrap idea, I will remember that. Seems like my candles always wobble. Can’t wait to join you for the tours. Hugs, Marty

    1. Thanks so much Marty!!! I can’t wait either! I get back home on the 19th, and I have so much to get ready for that Friday!!! Hugs~ Christy

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