A Day of Celebration {Birthday}

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Happy Wednesday
Happy 14th Birthday
to our daughter,

It's going to be a horribly rainy day here in South Carolina today (tornado watches), but sunny in spirit.  

I have a busy day ahead……picking up the cake, the roses and helping mom get ready for the small family dinner tonight.  Mom makes the best homemade spaghetti, Ashlyn's favorite.  I must share the recipe with you all sometime.

We have been giving Ashlyn a rose on her birthday for each year.  It is so sweet to go back and look at those pictures each year.  14 roses this year!  Our florist jokes every year that If she was born just 2 days later that it would cost us a fortune since Valentine's Day prices kick in on February 1st!  LOL!!  The funny thing….she was 2 weeks early!!!

  The year she was born, we had to watch the Super Bowl on a tiny hospital TV.  Hubby tried to put a smile on his face!  I told him I didn't mind if he went home to watch, but he didn't want to leave me since Ashlyn had to say 10 days in the NICU.

When I started having contractions, we waited to leave for the hospital until the NC Tar Heel basketball game was over!  No, I was not happy!  As a result, we barely made it in time!  They almost would not let me have an epidural Men and their sports!!!  Of course, we laugh about it now!

Enjoy your day, and I'll be back tomorrow to share with you my absolute favorite recipe site and how it has made my life easier during the busy school year!

Thanks for sharing!

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