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Happy Thursday!

Today is beautiful!  After yesterday’s scary spring like weather in South Carolina it is a welcome change even though it is cold!  I have lived here since 1979 and this is the first time ever that the kids have been dismissed early for storms and tornado warning.  It is usually for snow and ice.  Luckily, there were no tornado touch downs in our area.  We just experienced extreme winds and downpours of rain.

Today I’d like to share my favorite recipe website with you, All Recipes.com.  I have been using it for quite sometime to search for recipes and to save them for future use.  This portion of the site is free.


Last year, I decided to try out their new paid membership portion, Pro.  I must say that I love it!!!  It has been such a great time-saving tool for me during the school year.  I probably don’t use it as much during the summer months because of travel, no structured schedule and that is when I like to experiment with other cook books.  My membership was just renewed for another year.  It may seem pricey, but when you think about the cost per month…it’s less than a magazine!  Here is the pricing breakdown.

1year:  $34.95 (my plan)

2 year:  $44.95


I have lots of recipes added to my recipe box which is the free portions.  The paid portion is the menu planning.  I can create a new menu and name it.  It can be for as many days that week as you’d like.  You can rename the days.  All you do is drag the recipe from the box to the day you want it.  You can also change the amount of servings AND it automatically adjusts the ingredients for you!  You can add other items like salad or rolls for example that are not recipes.  It also allows you to type in your own recipes.  One thing that I do on occasion for a particular day is write in the cookbook and page number for a recipe that I want to make that is not in the data system.  Then I just write in those ingredients by hand on my list.

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After I have completed my menu, I save it.  This part is very important or it is lost.  Select the option to print and this will pop up.  You can print the menu with or without  the recipes.  I usually print without and use my All Recipes Ipad app while cooking.


This part is fabulous!!!!!!  It also prints the grocery list for your menu!  It is only for the recipes saved in the data base.  I simply write in the other items in the divided categories.  I get major satisfaction in crossing off the items on the list that I already have on hand!!!

Always save your menus!!!  Why you ask….if you have a really crazy week and just don’t have time to plan, then you can just print out an old menu and you are done in just a minute or two!

I love this site.  You can look at recipe reviews and see changes that others may have made to the recipes.  I have several friends that have started using Pro and they are thrilled as well!

Please let my know if you have any questions! Happy menu planning and cooking! Smile


Thanks for sharing!

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