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Concrete Planter Makeover

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DIY paint finish for a concrete planter makeover is the perfect way to give new life to your old planters. Complete it in an afternoon!

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Concrete Planter Makeover

Do you have large concrete planters that are really too heavy to move or they look so bad that you think they are a hopeless case?

They are not! I'm here to share with you how I brought ours back to life with my DIY Paint Finish for Concrete Planter.

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Concrete Planter Makeover

Yes, this project just started out with the need to refinish the 12+year-old urn with almost dead ivy. Little did I know that it would become a full-blown afternoon of cleaning up our side entrance…..you know the one that all your family and friends use by the garage. 

……the one that happens to look the worst.

But, this simple household chore of cleaning has grown into a few more projects. 

Honey, you'd better start resting that back! I've got a list of fun started!

before of planter

I cleaned the urn and garden trellis stake. My hubby had already removed the dead-looking ivy plant and tossed it. I had to remind him kindly to ask me before he removed anything that looked bad in case I needed a before picture. It's kind of a joke in our family! 

medal form

I sprayed the trellis with 2 coats of spray paint that I already had on hand.

Concrete Planter Makeover

After the urn was nice and dry from its cleaning, I sprayed it with 2 coats of spray paint.

spray paint

I used 1-1/2 cans of this hammered finish. It is fabulous!! It transformed the pot from ugly and discolored to like new.


All that detail in the middle became a little lost with one color. So I grabbed a can of paint that I already had on hand in a grey color suitable for outdoor use. I mixed it with just a touch of water to thin it somewhat. I then used a foam brush to paint all over the raised areas in the middle.

wiping paint off with paper towel

 Then I immediately went back over it with a paper towel.  I simply blotted and rubbed it off in areas. I ended up doing 2 coats like this.

paint finish


Concrete Planter Makeover

I also added the grey wash in other crevices on the pot. It's hard to see in this photo, but around the bottom edge.  I like the contrast between the gloss and matte finish.

potting soil

I then potted 3 Asian Jasmine.


 These evergreen perennial vines should do well in this sunny spot.


The vine will look beautiful climbing my freshly painted trellis.

Concrete Planter Makeover

The green you see here on the concrete is from the copper roof overhang above. It's pretty permanent.

garage doors

That entrance area is looking a little plain. Think I'll be making a new wreath and a sign for that wall of cream siding. I told you more projects!

Concrete Planter Makeover

Looking forward to the vine growing up the trellis and spilling over the sides.

side of house

I am loving how clean it looks now! Little pat on the back! 

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  1. Amazing painting. Pot and trellis are looking fresh and new. I am surprised. Really you did a great job.

  2. Love the pot and trellis! I was just googling how to paint some old concrete pots I have and found your post. Your home is beautiful! I’ll have to take a look around your page. 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness, they look great!! So rich looking, like wrought iron! I must try this on my sad pots!

  4. This was a great idea and the pot looks so good. The vine will look good on that trellis……..And Christy, you have a beautiful, beautiful home. I love the character of the house. ( chimney pot, top of roof on sides, garage doors and hardware, and the shutters) Is that tumbled brick?

  5. Great job on the planter! If your plants thrive please come back and share photos. I had some jasmine when I lived in California. It smelled heavenly in the evenings!

  6. Your planter looks like new. I’ll bet that your Jasmine will quickly grow to cover the trellis. I’ve never seen your house from this angle! 🙂

  7. Amazing what some paint does eh? Looks gorgeous! Can’t wait to see it with the green of the ivy…..great job!

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