Farmhouse Style Centerpiece

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It's time to get your Decor Enthusiast Style on for April!

This month we are talking Farmhouse Style.

It has been big for a while, but let's face it…..Chip and Joanna have sure helped get more people onto the look.

Personally, I love it. It sings of a relaxed, casual life. It's a lived in look.

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Farmhouse style is highly interpreted. You can add your own take, and take on a more French style, industrial or even added bits of traditional.


Decorating Farmhouse Style PIN


Earlier this month I received this thrift store cheese box for a makeover challenge from our very own Christy of Confessions of a Serial Do-It-Yourselfer.


Thrift store items sent to me for Swap It Like It's Hot. Before shots!


I decided to go a French Farmhouse style for the transformation that you can see HERE.


Hoop cheese box is transformed into a French Country farmhouse styled kitchen caddy.


Just the cheese box itself is farmhouse style in my opinion. With the stencil I gave it a French Farmhouse look. It's perfect on our counters as a kitchen caddy.


French Farmhouse Centerpiece by Our Southern Home


I wanted to try using it in another way. It's also great for a centerpiece. 


French Farmhouse Centerpiece by Our Southern Home


You will need the following supplies:

  • cheese box, tray or basket
  • annuals
  • grocery bags
  • hurricane
  • candle
  • plate
  • bowl
  • moss


French Farmhouse Centerpiece by Our Southern Home


I placed a bowl under the plate to elevate the candle. The plate just gives it stability. 

It's not pictured, but I then placed grocery bags along the bottom to protect the interior.


French Farmhouse Centerpiece by Our Southern Home


Arrange the annuals abound the base of the bowl.


French Farmhouse Centerpiece by Our Southern Home


Then fill in all of the empty space with moss. 


French Farmhouse Centerpiece by Our Southern Home


This is meant to be a temporary arrangement. I will enjoy it like this until probably after our last frost. Then I'll plant them outdoors in my patio pots.

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French Farmhouse Centerpiece by Our Southern Home


French Farmhouse Centerpiece by Our Southern Home

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Wow! A little spray paint can completely transform a home decor piece. Now it so fits into a French Farmhouse style!


Here's another French Farmhouse thrift store makeover from this week!

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