I will be away for a few days…..

Thanks for sharing!

Hi, Everyone!  Busy day getting ready to head out for a 3 day field trip
 out of town with my daughter. 
 Not only doing laundry and packing for us both, but getting things ready for hubby and son who will be fending for themselves!  LOL!
 This will be my 4th year chaperoning the SC State Beta Club convention in Myrtle Beach complete with 3,500-5,000 5th through 9th graders!  Prayers appreciated!  Unfortunately, we will be stuck the entire time in a convention center.  It is a fun entertaining time!
I went 2 years with my son and now in the 2nd year with my daughter.  I  will not be home until late Friday evening so I will be away until Saturday morning!  Have a lovely week and thanks bunches for following Our Southern Home!
Have a beautiful week!

Thanks for sharing!

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