Tie a Scarf into a Vest {Tutorial}

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Here is a great idea on getting extra use out of your scarf collection…. Tie a scarf into a vest! Yes, that is right!!! 

I confess…..I have lots of scarves….my excuse or justification is that I share them with my daughter (cute little model featured).

We were shopping together in Southport, NC and bought the 2 scarves featured in this tutorial from one of our favorite shops,  Meesha. 


 No, I did not make this up! The store clerk showed us how to tie the scarf. It is so easy and chic that I just had to share! Ashlyn will show you how!


 This scarf is fairly large and light in texture. With the length, it really looks great with a legging or skinny jean shown here. 


Hold your scarf end to end with the longest side.


Fold it in half as perfectly as you can so it will be even. It’s like folding a towel.


Now, with both of the end corners in each hand, bring them together and tie into a double knot as close to the end as you can. Try to keep it all even.


Now, the 2 ends are tied together and there is one large circle.


 Next, open up the sides with the knot at the top and you will see 2 arm holes have formed!


Put you arms through the 2 holes. This is what the back will look like. It looks great with a tank top or strapless top. Of course, Ashlyn can’t wear it to school like this so she wears a fitted t-shirt under instead!


Here is a view from the side.


 She is a tall 5’10” so you can see that this was a large scarf. I love the Bohemian vibe of this look!



 So cool how the fringe shows on this scarf! You can tell this scarf isn’t as large, but is still thinner in weight. 


 She wore this one last week with a grey t-shirt. So stinking cute!


 I also have a very handsome 17 year old son that is rarely seen on my blog. One day if I can ever learn to Photoshop out all of his eye rolls, then he’ll be featured more! He does not like photo taking moments….seems like most boys don’t!


 I think this would look great with fall pashminas and a fitted long sleeved t-shirt or knit turtle neck! Oh how I look forward to jeans, boots and cooler weather! It will be a while here in Upstate, SC.

Do you notice the awesome leather cuff? I purchased it while at the Haven Conference from Lucy’s Lockets! She makes jewelry from antique architectural pieces. I bought it for us to share, but sadly Ashlyn isn’t sharing! Guess I need to order my own! Check out Lucy’s Etsy Shop!

Do you remember the Summer Home Tours and Kitchen Details Tour from July and August? Just click the links to see my tours and the others featured. I am so excited to announce that I was selected to appear in the Fall Tour! Now, if pumpkins would start showing up at the local produce stands I’ll be all ready!!




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  1. Thank you for this awesome post! I’m linking my next blog post to this page for the scarf tutorial. Absolutely love it and it’s so easy too.

  2. Julia Bryant says:

    Thank you for the tutorial!

  3. Dena Pulliam says:

    I would like to thank for sharing this with everyone! I love the idea of not having to cut scarf because you can still use it as a scarf. This way ypu still have a scarf plus a vest. You rock and this is the best idea I’ve seen yet. Thanks

  4. Christy, What a great idea! I have several large scarves and have one way that I tie them to wear them more as a vest or jacket but your way is much better ! Thanks for posting, and your daughter is gorgeous!~Carolyn
    carolynsfunkyfurniture recently posted…December gallery displayMy Profile

    • Thanks so much, Carolyn!!! I really enjoy wearing them like this. They do look a bit better on her than me….Ashlyn being so tall and thin! LOL! XXOO Christy

  5. Lovely tutorial, and one I’d like to try when the weather warms back up. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Wow, so simple! Will have to give it a try :) Thanks for sharing

  7. Love that Christy! What a fabulous idea. I LOVE scarves!! Will have to try this!

  8. Lisa Arnold says:

    Great idea! I especially love the orange scarf, it’s gorgeous and your daughter is beautiful. I need to share this with my daughters – although the oldest is 20 and about a foot shorter than your daughter!

    • Thanks so much, Lisa!!! I hope your girls enjoy it! It is so funny that she is that tall….I’m just 5’6″! She loves looking down on me and kissing the top of my head. Lol!!

  9. Great idea! Thanks! I’m sure I’ll be using this one!
    And BTW, what a sweet looking girl! Try to keep her that way…..

    • Thanks so much, Pat! She really is a sweet girl. Luckily both her and her older brother are both home bodies and still love hanging out at home with us! Crazy world we live in today! Too much to be worried about!

  10. I totally love this idea and have happily pinned this to share with all my followers. Spotted you on Go Cheap or Go Home Linky party and so glad I did.

  11. This is really genius! Just stopping by to welcome you to the Social Fabric Community!

  12. Great idea Christy and your daughter is beautiful!

  13. Great idea! Thanks so much for sharing that idea with us…your model is super cute. She doesn’t need to hide any figure flaws but I think that this scarf vest might be just the thing for me to hide some of mine this Fall with, like you said, leggings, boots, and a top.

    • Thanks so much! Unfortunately, I’m not as tall or thin as she is! I like to wear leggings, but must cover the bum!!! Hugs~Christy

  14. How cute is that- a really sweet idea. xo Diana

  15. justuscritters says:

    Now who would not get all ‘can not wait to try it’ with such a gorgeous model wearing it. I have some that large and out of chiffon myself and have NOT been wearing them, but now I will next chance I get.

    Thanks so much for sharing the how to …… especially since vests are back big time now.

    • Thanks so much!!! I think it is so great when we can wear our clothes in various ways for a new look! I hope it works out for you! Sounds like you have some great scarves to try it with! ~Christy

  16. Oops! I don’t know what happened to the “t” on Pat of my comment I posted!

  17. What a great idea! And your model is too cute!


  1. […] This is the coolest thing- tie a scarf into a racer back vest- the long, flowy kind with asymmetrical hemline, so it’s longer in front than back.  My favorite.  For plus-sized women, just buy some yardage (make sure it’s super lightweight) or a swimsuit wrap.  I saw somebody wearing this just last week and I asked where she got the vest, so she laughed and told me it was a swimsuit wrap with a single strategically placed knot.  I  asked her how she did it.  She explained it to me, but I forgot so I had to google it.  I love the internet. […]

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