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Happy Friday to you all!
  With the holidays, I haven't put together a
 Favorite Things Friday in a couple of weeks.
Here they are!
Mega Shine - packaged
If you read my goals post for 2013, you read that taking better care of my hands in 2013 was going to be a personal goal.
I am horribly rough on my hands.  I do try to wear rubber gloves when I wash dishes.  What gets them is craft and DIY projects!  I feel better about myself when my nails are polished and shiny.  🙂 
I love a beautiful, professional manicure, but it never lasts!  I guess if I was a Real Housewife on Bravo and did nothing, they'd look pristine all the time!
I am not patient enough to sit through the maintenance sessions at a salon, nor do I want to spend the money on it.
I bought this as a top coat to use during the holidays.  It is a miracle!  It is so shiny and hardening that my DIY manicure lasts up to 5 days for me….longer if not doing serious crafty projects!!!!  I painted my daughter's nails to go back to school this week and her friends thought she had a gel manicure!!!  They were painted Sunday night and they still look great!!
Any drug store or big box store will have this!  Awesome product!!!!!
Style Selections 16.25-in x 8.5-in Wire Shelf White Cabinet Shelf Organizer
All week I have been working in my dining room.  I removed everything from 2 built-in wall cabinets and started fresh.  These cabinets were a mess.  Now I step back an admire with a sigh of relief and threatening words to other family members to not put anything back out of place.  There will be a post on this soon.  A bit cloudy and rainy for pictures today! 
I went to Lowe's and bought all that they had of these white wire shelves.  Where have they been all my life!!!
I have increased my storage capacity a lot!  I am going to use these everywhere.  Lots of organizing in my near future.
And a few Pinterest Pins!
Pinned Image
My favorite designer, Charles Faudree
I love the white walls and how all the furnishings and accessories pop against it!!!  I am a collector of his books and enjoy getting inspiration from them.
Pinned Image
source via Pinterest
This sitting room is lovely.  From the checked fabrics, stacked baskets to the burlap or linen treatment angled over the bookcases….this room is simply stunning!
another view
 Pinned Image
 source via Pinterest
~I wish you and yours a lovely, restful weekend~
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Thanks for sharing!

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  1. I haven’t tried the Mega Shine but I’m like you with the polish! I even have a post about polish on my blog, I love it so much. 😉 I just can’t keep it on very long either for the same reasons. But I love having my nails painted. I used to use a great top coat that dried instantly Seche Vite. But I try to stay away from chemicals as much as I can and that one was loaded. But I found another that I use when I need ultra quick drying..China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat. It is amazing. I love Zoya brand best though for health reasons.

    Following ya!

    1. Nancy, I will have to try your recommendations on polish and top coats. I’m a polish junkie!!!! I just popped over and started folling you as well. Glad we met on Instagram. Look forward to meeting in person at Haven! Christy

  2. I’m going to try that Sally Hansen product. My hands really get dried out in our desert climate, especially when the temps drop even into the 50’s. Now we are having some freezing weather, so they are really a mess. I’ve never had a professional manicure — too expensive, not patient enough for it, and a hubby who took a “Hazardous Chemicals Class” where they talked about how dangerous those manicure chemicals are (those little masks that some manicurists wear are not effective at all). I do try to wear rubber gloves and have those surgical gloves under every sink in our home. I even use them when I’m doing food prep! I really do like to polish my nails, especially when I’m doing a lot of sewing — helps keep my fingers away from the sewing machine needle, if you know what I mean.

    I’m anxious to see how you’ve used those little wire shelves. I have a few of them, but could definitely use more.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Carol, you sound like me!!! I painted my nails last Thursday afternoon and they are just starting to chip….probably because I just cleaned out the birdfeeders! The SH top coat is thick and is supposed to be. I hope you like it. I am posting my dining room cabinet organizing today!

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