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Are you over winter like me?

Our weather has been so temperamental!  Last Sunday my son wore shorts to play golf and this week, it has been freezing. Yesterday was a high of 38! I started working on a few things for spring over the weekend so hopefully that will bring on warmer days! 

I'll be sharing Spring projects and decorating ideas soon!

Things have been so busy with the start-up of varsity soccer games and varsity golf. I've also started painting a beautiful antique bedroom suit for a client's little girl. I can't wait to share that with you! Maybe if I wear a Super Girl t-shirt, I'll get it all done!

So happy you are here for the Google+ party this week. Here are a few recent posts in case you missed them!

Home Sweet Home Sign Tutorial from Our Southern Home

Home Sweet Home Sign Tutorial 


Cowboy Caviar from Our Southern Home

Cowboy Caviar


Storage file crate project to store child's school years memories from Our Southern Home

 Organizing School Memories



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