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Tips for getting your home ready for sale from a Realtor perspective via Our Southern Home

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This is the time of year that home owners put their homes on the market to sell. It is also the time that buyers start shopping. The spring and summer months are usually a win-win situation for selling and buying. It can also be stressful and emotional. Let's face it…it's work! If you do some work and planning up front, the process can be much more rewarding. Today I'm sharing my tips for home sellers from a Realtor perspective to get your home sold!



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Let's think about selling your home as a job interview. 

If you are going on a new job interview….first impressions are HUGE! I most likely would make sure my manicure looks fabulous, take care in picking out the appropriate outfit and taking care with my hair and make-up.

When you think about it….selling your home is like a job interview.

You want your home to look and SMELL its best!

As a real estate agent, I have compiled a list of tactics that will aid you in getting your home ready for market. Selling a home can be stressful. Let's do it right the first time for a quick sale!

1. Staging

Staging sells a home. There are many home stagers in your market area. If you are unsure ask a real estate professional in your area. Staging involves optimal furniture arrangement, purging or storing items to make a home feel less cluttered and spacious, possible addition of new accessories and paint colors. Statistics show that a home that has been staged sells for more and quicker. 

  • You can go all out and have a company come in and do all of the work start to finish.
  • You can hire a home stager on a consulting basis. This would mean that they would come in for a specified amount of time. They'd go through your home with you giving you recommendations as well as paint colors for you to do the work yourself. {I offer this service in the Upstate of SC}
  • Ask a friend or family member with a keen eye.
  • Do it yourself!
  • Homes with neutral colors show best. Consider repainting those purple walls and high traffic areas that show wear and tear.
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2.  Declutter

It's a big turn-off to go into a home with clutter in every corner. This is the time to purge. Then when you move, you'll have less to do. You want all possible areas of your home visible. If you have stacks of mail and catalogs collecting on your counter-tops, they can't possibly see the wonderful counter space your kitchen has to offer.

  • Toys everywhere can be a big issue. Invest in a few storage crates or baskets to keep them neat and tidy. Now is the time to donate or sell those toys that are no longer used. 
  • Don't declutter your home by stuffing it all in your closets.  {Like my kids do} You may be thinking out of sight out of mind. BUT potential homeowners are looking in those closets. Storage space is a huge must-have for potential buyers. If they open a closet that is slammed full, it may put the impression in their minds that storage in your home is an issue.
  • Organize bookcases and display area.
  • Pack personal items away. This will give the illusion of more space. It also allows potential buyers to see their own personal items in your home. Remove items like excessive amounts of photo frames, collections, knickknacks, etc. Temporarily rent a small storage unit if necessary.
  • Great time for a yard sale!
  • Keep all surfaces free of clutter with limited accessories.


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3.  Clean the inside of your home!

  • You want potential buyers to not be put off or distracted by an unclean home. 
  • If you declutter and pack away knickknacks, you'll have less to pick up and dust. It's fast to wipe down or dust a surface that's minimal.
  • Get a Swifter on a pole and dust the base molding. It's a magnet for dust and pet hair. 
  • Using a pole attachment to your vacuum cleaner to check for corner spider webs. 
  • Wipe moldings and door jambs down.
  • Wipe light switches.
  • Clean lighting is bright lighting!
  • Keep a container of cleaning wipes in each bathroom for quick wipe downs in between regular cleanings.
  • Get out of the habit of leaving dishes in the sink. Keep the sink clean.
  • Of course, life gets crazy busy! There may be times that things may not be just as you'd like when a showing is scheduled last-minute. If you at least have a handle on the clutter and things are neat, people understand. Those cleaning wipes are your friend when your home is on the market!
  • Keep a spare laundry basket handy. If a last-minute showing occurs, and you have a little clutter that you don't have time to attend to…. Dump it in the basket and toss in the car on the way out the door!
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4. Pets

  • Make sure your agent and call center have instructions for pets. 
  • When possible take your pet with you. They may not be used to strangers coming in. It can stress some.
  • Crate the pet 
  • Just make sure your pet is contained in a way that does not prevent the buyers from viewing the entire property including the back yard.

5. Exterior

  • Clean mold and mildew from siding and other parts of your home. Hire someone to pressure wash. Inexpensive electric pressure washers can be purchased for around $100. Very convenient for porches.
  • The front entrance should receive extra attention. Give the door and surround a fresh coat of paint if needed.
  • Make sure the steps are swept and free of debris.
  • Add a pretty wreath
  • Add flowers pots
  • This area sets the first impression….you want it to be great!


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6. Smells

  • Please do not leave with a candle burning! If possible, burn a candle while tidying up before you leave.
  • Pet beds and toys can harbor an odor that we become accustomed to living with. Spray them occasionally with Fe-breeze and wash. You can even place in the garage for the showing just to be sure.


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Most of these are maintenance items that you do at the start of putting your home on the market. Once those things are completed, the rest is just maintaining.

I wish you luck in the sale of your home! If you or someone you know is ever in need of a Realtor in the Upstate of SC, I'd love to assist! 

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  6. Those are some really great tips that every realtor should share with their sellers. It will only help them get better offers. Thanks for sharing.

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