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Hi everyone, let's give a big southern welcome to Meegan from What Meegan Makes. I love her decorating style so much! She is such a crafting whiz! She actually inspired one of my craft projects from my first few month of blogging with my Book Page Flowers

Hello to all you sweet readers and followers of Our Southern Home. I am Meegan from What Meegan Makes. I am honored to be here with you today.

How I Found My Style??? Have YOU ever thought about that question? I would LOVE to share my answer and results with you.

Growing up around my grandparents and their vintage home filled with antiques, shells and comfort, my style began to be shaped. Entering their home, I felt “at home”. I have longed to create that same feeling in my own home.

How I Found My Style

Welcome to our home. I like to think of it as vintage beach cottage. Collecting and looking for items to create my Las Vegas condo into a vintage beach cottage has become a hobby and fun pastime for me.

Thrifted Plates Hung with Hot Glue

As I shop thrift shops, I am attracted to items and accessories, like these plates that remind me of that feeling I felt in Grandma's home.

How I Found My Style

If I find something that I like, but it isn't quite the color I desire, paint is my favorite way to change up or bring in the vintage look I want. For instance, on my living room book shelves each one of these book ends, planter, and cloche' were purchased in a brown color. Using turquoise mist paint, I enjoyed painting and sanding them to fit my vintage beach cottage style. Yes, the books are vintage, too.

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How I found My Style

Keeping Grandma's vintage brooches in an apothecary jar remind me of fond memories playing dress-up in her home.

How I Found My Style

I am blessed to have my grandparents bedroom set as my own. Using turquoise mist and antique white paint, I made over the whole bedroom set to fit the motif of a vintage beach cottage.

How I Found My Style

One of my favorite places to visit is the ocean. I could sit there for hours listening to the sounds of the waves crashing, the birds chirping, and people laughing. I collect shells and display them in our home to remind me of my ocean memories.

How I Found My Style

I like to have lots of white and blue furniture with a touch of dark wood. To me, it looks vintage, inviting, and “cottagey”.

How I Found My Style

My “girl” print has been in our home for years. And, yes, I painted the frame and the mat to fit my vintage look. Our whole family enjoys this print. We try to imagine what she is thinking and/or how she is feeling. I think she is waiting for someone she is in love with. What are your ideas as to what she is thinking?

How I found My Style

My vintage craft cupboard is one of my favorite pieces of furniture. My friend was on her way to the dumpster with it! I know! I snatched it up and began painting it. It was a perfect piece to help me with a vintage beach cottage atmosphere.

How I Found My Style

Grandma always had watering cans that she REALLY used to take care of her flowers. I like my watering can filled with dried hydrangeas.

How I found My Style

My white shelves in our kitchen are a fun focal point. I like to bring out my vintage milk bottles and blue Ball jars for another way to showcase my style.

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How I found my Style

Finding this vintage buffet was like the “icing on the cake” to finish my vintage beach cottage home in the desert. Yep, you guessed it, I painted it once I got it home.

I hope you have enjoyed how I found my style. Through my grandparent's I learned what I like and what gives me comfort at home.

Have you thought about the question: How I Found My Style? For yourself? It's a fun and interesting way to think about your taste and design process.

Thanks for having me, Christy. It was a great honor.


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 Didn't I tell ya!!! I just want to jump on a plane and go visit now….maybe one day! Please leave some comment love for Meegan and visit her blog!
Thanks Meegan for sharing your lovely home with us!

Thanks for sharing!

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  1. Yes, Meegan’s home is just beautiful!!! I love her style as well!!! ~Chrisyt

  2. This is the look I’m trying to create in our home. I love what you’ve done with everything. The color palette is perfect for that beach look. Simply beautiful. ..Barb

  3. I too love the beach and the beach or Southern Coastal style. Very nice job with you home.

  4. Oh wow! I think you’ve captured vintage beachy perfectly, Meegan! I can’t believe your friend was going to toss out that cabinet….what!? It’s a fantastic piece. I’m popping over to visit.

  5. I think I might have to set up a shelf in our kitchen like you have with the bell jars; so cute and “home-y”

  6. Love Meegan’s decorating style (and Meegan!) !! 🙂 So many pretty, vintage things…and coastal too! Just perfect!


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