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Get Inspired with My Soulful Home

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Get Inspired with My Soulful Home today at Our Southern Home

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I was at the Haven DIY Blogger Conference in Atlanta last week and pretty much decided to take this week off. There was just so much information to absorb and lots at home to get caught up on. Next week, regular posts will resume.

Speaking of the Haven Conference…..I finally got to meet my lovely friend Kelly from Southern California. She blogs at My Soulful Home. Don't you just love that blog name! Kelly is just as kind-hearted and fun loving in person. I know you will just love her style. She is guest blogging today for another installment in my Get Inspired series. Below you will find just a sprinkling of all she has to offer us. So please make sure you give her blog a visit. You will not be disappointed! 

Thanks so much Kelly for visiting us “virtually” in the south!


 Hi Everybody! I am Kelly from My Soulful Home. Thrilled to be here on Our Southern Home sharing a bit of me and My Soulful Home.

Come on in and let's get to know each other. Would you like to have a look around?

Let's start in the living room

living room tour-www.mysoulfulhome.com

What do you think of that candelabra? (I love it!) Visit the full tour to see what I don't like in my living room.

living room tour www.mysoulfulhome.com

Here we are in the family room. I painted the back of the book cases an accent color (Benjamin Moore Marble Head Gold). That made everything really pop!

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Book shelf design in the family room www.mysoulfulhome.com

In the dining room, the giant mirror reflects light all around & makes the room appear larger.

I had a piece of mirror cut slightly larger than the cabinet beneath (a painted $25 thrift store find). Once the mirror was attached to the wall, I framed it with molding from Home Depot. Much less expensive & expansive than a pre-made mirror would have been.

I love the reflection of the candlelight when the candles are all lit.

dining room www.mysoulfulhome.com

Here is a favorite vignette from the ‘breakfast' ~ all purpose room. We do lots in the there from eating to homework & everything in between.

vignette of treasures www.mysoulfulhome.com

Let's go outside, despite the heat we are spending a lot of time on our patio. Even furry Emmett loves it out there now!

Sofa transformation www.mysoulfulhome.com

This is due to the transformation of our indoor sectional to outdoor sensational! It is a such a big comfy spot for us all to hang out. Click on thru to see how you can transform an old sofa you own or a thrift store find into an outdoor mecca too!

indoor sectional transformed into outdoor sensational www.mysoulfulhome.com

Keeping my garden in good shape despite the heat is easy, due in large part to the fact that I planted it with my three secrets.

secrets to a lush & lovely garden www.mysoulfulhome.com

I bet you have my ‘secrets' in your kitchen now. Check out how you can feed your plants organically & inexpensively, it is so simple.

Gardening Tips from www.mysoulfulhome.com

I have more gardening tips to share, like how & when to divide to get more & healthier plants.

tomato appetizer-www.mysoulfulhome.com

Are you growing tomatoes? We have had a bumper crop this year. I will be making my caprese skewers this week to bring to a weekend party. It is such a simple & delicious recipe, I am happy to share it with you.

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My tomatoes are easy care, but you what plants are virtually carefree? My succulents. So here's a tip ~ plant some! I love those hardy gems. Do you?

Succulent Dish Garden www.mysoulfulhome.com

Have a look at the Succulent Dish Garden DIY Re-purpose ( that's a mouth full) I came up with while browsing at the hardware store. Yes, I do browse at the HW store!

On the list of projects to finish is my youngest daughter's room. We have planned, painted & purchased.

How to make a pillow sham-www.mysoulfulhome.com

I made pillows from vintage linens and need to makeover two lamps & arrange her gallery walls. Such a fun project to do with my 11 year old girly girl!

How to get a Vintage paint finish-www.mysoulfulhome.com

I plan on painting many pieces of furniture this summer using my easy & inexpensive method. I use leftover paint and rags to achieve a true vintage look.

Orange bundt cake recipe/www.mysoulfulhome.com

On & on I could go, but I want to get to know you too! Come on by My Soulful Home or leave me a comment here.

In anticipation of your visit I'll bake a bundt. (remember that old ad…”if I knew you were coming I would have baked a bundt”) Well, I will! Or at least give you the recipe so you can make one.

Would love to have you join the community at My Soulful Home. I think you would really like the group I have been so fortunate to have gathered.

Come along with us at the blog, on Facebook and or Pinterest.

Thank you to Christy for having me here!

Enjoy the rest of the summer,


Get Inspired Guest Series at Our Southern Home



Thanks again so much, Kelly! I don't know about you all, but I can't wait to pop over and check out that outdoor sectional! If you are interested in being featured in the Get Inspired series, just email me with your blog site address to apply! Email: [email protected]

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Thanks for sharing!

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  1. What a joy it was to meet Kelly at Haven, she is an absolute sweetheart and so much fun! I always get a bit giddy when I discover a wonderful new blog to follow and that was definitely the case with My Soulful Home. Kelly’s blog is filled with so many great tips, tons of inspiration and I love her home and style! Thanks so much Christy for having Kelly over to visit today. Wishing you both a fabulous weekend : )

    1. Lauren you are too kind! Thank you so very much!! A highlight of Haven was meeting you for sure. We have teen girls in common & so much more. I love your blog too and look forward to keeping in touch.

    2. Lauren,

      She is all of that and more! Thanks so much for visiting!!! I hope you have a lovely weekend! ~Christy

  2. Christy, Thank you so much for having me over to your, “Our Southern Home”. It was a highlight to meet you at Haven. Glad to hear I wasn’t alone in feeling like taking time off to absorb all the information. I appreciate the opportunity to visit with your readers today.

    1. Thanks you so much for joining the series! I was just sharing your site with my hubby this morning. We were drooling over your outdoor areas!!! Happy weekend friend! ~Christy

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