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I must say…..I've had a very busy month and a half! Things are getting back to normal. More details coming soon on a few personal happenings! I had several blogger friends fill in for me during this time. It was and IS so appreciated!  I do plan to continue the Get Inspired Series! Up next is Fresh Idea Studio in Early June!
Tuesday I shared a new project….$5 Thrift Store Chair Makeover in case you missed it. It features my first attempt at painting fabric. Love it!!!
Are you in need of a great Father's Day gift? Be sure to check out this fabulous battery-powered hedge trimmer from Ryobi Outdoor. This post also gives you a little look at our backyard.
Coming next…….2 big makeovers!
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I know….YUCK!!!! These chairs and ottoman have been in the loft of our barn collecting huge amounts of dust for over 10 years! I cleaned them up Monday. I can't wait to share their new home on our front porch!!
You are probably thinking….she purchased that tacky table! Yes….I did! But with a paint job and new table top….it's a favorite now! 
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