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Horse Statue Makeover

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It's thrift store makeover day! I really look forward to this segment each and every month. It's a time when I hope to inspire you.  I'm also inspired by my blogging friends. Be sure to read to the end where you will find the link to their projects.

The thrift store decor team brings you fabulous makeover ideas each month!
horse statue

This guy has been in the attic for a while. I've made a note to myself to go up in the attic and shop for the next several months of thrift store decor because the attic is getting quite steamy! 

It's a bit hard to tell in this photo due to the sun being so bright, but it's a dark charcoal color plus the dirt and grime.

Thrift store horse statue makeover

Spray paint takes the decor from dark and dated to fresh and lively for porch decor!

can of spray paint

Y'all…..it doesn't get much easier than a can of spray paint. Spray paint can give you instant makeover joy! It works on all sorts of accessories and surfaces. 

Supply List (contains affiliate links)

horse statue with flowers and mirror

Now it looks fresh and bright for the front porch. 

horse state with home decor

After painting the horse with spray paint, I sealed it with a satin sealer with just a hint of shine. 

horse statue
horse statue
painted horse statue on front porch

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  1. Well, the old version of the horse wasn’t much to look at, but, horsie gal that I am, after I put a base coat of white, I’d paint the darned thing – probably after my favorite horse from my youth…

  2. Your horse turned out really pretty. Much better than the before. Can you please give me specifics on the spray sealer you used.

  3. You’re so right! It doesn’t get any easier than spray paint! But what a difference it made in your horse statue.



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