Historic Homes of Southport {Part 3}

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As summer begins to come to an end, I thought I should share the third and final part to the Historical Homes of Southport.

The official date for the start of Autumn may be September 22nd, but in South Carolina, we can still have summer temperatures well into October during the days.

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homes of southport

I know you just want to look at the photos, so I will keep the writing to a minimum for this post.

southport 133

 I love the aqua blue color of this house.

southport 135

This is the view from the Southport waterfront to Bald Head Island.

southport 136

 There are several inns that you can stay in while visiting. This one is quite lovely!

southport 137

southport 138

southport 139

Welcoming front porches are everywhere!

southport 140

southport 141

Even new construction houses are built to blend in with the historical ones.

southport 142

There is a row of newer homes in this area of the waterfront.

southport 143

southport 145

 This row of cottages sits up on a hill overlooking the ocean.

southport 151

Around the corner is the historic cemetery. It is an interesting stroll.

southport 152

Almost every home has a large covered sitting porch.

southport 156

Walking the sidewalks really gives you an up-close view of the details of the homes.

southport 157

Another historic B&B-

southport 158

The downtown area really has that small town feel. Many people retire here and just love it. I'm ready to move now!

Also on OSH!  Merry Christmas from Our Southern Home

southport 159

southport 160

southport 162

This house is on a side street and caught my eye. Love the low country feel.

southport 172

Most of the homes show their American pride with our flag.

southport 164

The tour would not be complete without showing you one of the historic churches. If you watch Under the Dome on CBS, you will see this church and many of the historic sites in Southport.

southport 166

southport 167

southport 168

southport 170

A fabulous downtown would not be complete with out wonderful mom and pop restaurants, gift, clothing, decor and antique shops!

homes of southport

If you'd like to further your tour of Southport, you can check out these websites for tourism information or real estate!

Southport Realty

City of Southport

Chamber of Commerce

Southport Times

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Thanks for sharing!

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  1. I live in the UK and was reading about hurricane Florence which is due to hit the Carolinas anytime now. One article was about a lady who was evacuating her home on bald head island. I was inquisitive to see what it looked like….absolutely stunning from your pictures. Thankyou for sharing them.

  2. love your tour of my home tour. i enjoyed looking at your blog, but can you please not have so many pop ups its ruins you website.

  3. This is great work done. These are wonderful house pictures. I am impressed by all. I love everything about the house, the furnishing and art, the front porch. It looks more elegant and rich.

    1. Thanks so much, Shannah! I never tire when we are there of looking at them. Love old houses, too! Have a great day!! ~Christy

  4. Loved the whole series. Even though I live in an old home, I still love to look at other old homes to see just how people are decorating them, especially the porch! I walk the streets of Charleston just to see what I might copy. I’m Bad!!

  5. Southport was always a quaint, unique town. Is this Southport Times a new newspaper. Is there still a Southport Pilot newspaper? When I was in high school, Southport was always our ally; built many friendships through sport events with Southport kids. I’ve seen this town after Hurricane Hazel hit it and it took quite a beating. Same way with Johnny Mercer’s pier at Wrightsville Beach. The orginal owner has this belief that “The Lord giveth and the lord taketh away.” He rebuilt that pier many times over and ended up dying in an automobile accident I think.

    1. Hi, Betty! It is always such a pleasure hearing from you. The newspapers you mentioned are still in print. I think the Pilot is just the Pilot now. Maybe you can visit Southport again soon! Have a lovely day! ~Christy

  6. Crhisty-Those houses are just beautiful! There is nothing like those Southern homes-they have a charm that no other area of the country quite copies. LOVE this tour- xo Diana

    1. I sweet, Diana! Thanks so much. I love looking at older homes. There is always something unique about each and every house. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I do appreciate it! ~Christy

  7. These homes are beautiful! The church and cemetery too! Love walking tours but LOVE it when you can actually go inside! Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend!

    1. Thanks so much, Cindy! This series was based on a walk that my daughter and I took over the course of 2 evenings. I sure would loved to have peeked inside as well! ~Christy

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