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My quest to slim down

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14 Days to Slim with Slimfast via Our Southern Home

I used to eat what I wanted and really not worry about it. I worked out very routinely which I know allowed that. Then I was in my 40s……..life got busier……my workout routine didn't find time in my hectic life. I just can't eat whatever I want if I want to be healthy and maintain an ideal weight for me! I stopped taking care of me as much!

I'm sure I'm not the only one! Gradually overtime you go up in sizes. You vow to start tomorrow on getting in shape, but life gets in the way! I'm on a quest to slim down!

Then you end up with several sizes ranges in your closet saying to yourself that you'll get back in those old clothes very soon!

I finally made the decision to lose that extra weight. I'm in the healthy weight range for my height……the upper end. I'd love to lose 10-15 pounds and be able to shop all the fabulous clothes in my closet in those smaller sizes. I gain weight in my lower body so to really look in proportion to my upper body, I need to lose the extra weight. I've got some great pieces in my closet that I'd love to wear again! Why spend the money on new clothes…just get motivated and determined to finally lose the weight! I shop my house to decorate and keep things fresh. I want to shop my closet, too!

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I decided to try out the Slimfast 14-Day Slimdown. I've always been a big fan of the Slimfast Chocolate Shakes and decided to give their program a try. If the plan is followed, you can lose up to 6 pounds in 2 weeks! I've lost 5!

After spending time on their website, I knew this was a very doable program to fit my busy lifestyle. 

Here is the lowdown!

  • Swap 2 meals each day with a protein shake or meal replacement bar (breakfast & lunch)
  • The 3rd meal must be 500 calories (dinner)
  • Enjoy three 100- calorie snacks per day or pieces of fruit
  • You need to consume no more than 1200 calories per day
  • Get moving with 30 minutes of light to medium exercise daily
  • Drink plenty of water

I got real with myself!!! I can do all of this!!! 

I signed up for the Slimfast Coaching Program.  I opted to receive a daily simple text messages like the one below for motivation and a reminder to stay on track!

14 Days to Slim with Slimfast via Our Southern Home

So I started my journey!

14 Days to Slim with Slimfast via Our Southern Home

I replaced my breakfast and lunch with a Slimfast Protein Shake. My favorite is Rich Chocolate Royale. I love to sit on the porch and read while it is still cool in the early morning with my breakfast shake. Lunch is usually at the computer blogging!

14 Days to Slim with Slimfast via Our Southern Home

I incorporate three 100-calorie snacks per day. I love these convenient snack bars. Greek Honey & Yogurt is their newest flavor. They are only 110 calories and are a great way for me to get my sweet tooth fix!  Other favorite snack options for me are carrot sticks, grapes, bananas, and pretzels. You can find the full list of suggested snacks and full plan on Slimfast's site.

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Slimfast even has an arsenal of fabulous recipes for your dinner options! Here are two of my favorites! I served this dinner to my entire family…not just me! Even my teens loved them!

14 Days to Slim with Slimfast via Our Southern Home

Yummy Pesto Chicken

14 Days to Slim with Slimfast via Our Southern Home

Salmon is a family favorite! This Citrus Salsa Grilled Salmon was amazing.

14 Days to Slim with Slimfast via Our Southern Home

Fitting exercise into your daily routine is a must not only for weight loss, but for your overall health! This is my least favorite part. I've started out with my favorite exercise…walking. I've been striving for a 30 minute brisk walk on my treadmill daily. I've even started alternating walking 1.5 minutes and jogging 2 minutes. Once it cools off this fall, I'll move outside more for this routine. What has motivated me to do this daily….reality TV! Yep!!! I have a few guilty pleasures. The only way that I allow myself to watch these is by recording them on the TV that is right in front of the treadmill. So far it is working! 

Now, you can get bored with the same routine and your muscles get used to the same thing day after day. Mix it up to make it fun! We have started going to the local state park and hiking as a family! It's a 1.9 mile hike full of hills and varying terrain. We also throw in pedal boats. You can really feel it in your legs!

It is my goal since I've been doing this regularly for a couple of weeks now, to start mixing it up with Pilates DVDs, free weights, ball exercises and body resistance exercises. I really miss going to my class at a gym. It took so much out of my day with the drive and everything. My goal is to apply exercises that I learned there with all that I already own to get fit on my own time! 

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Everything you to need to get started is at Slimfast.com!

Interested in more ways to connect with Slimfast!

Follow them on Facebook and Pinterest.

I'd love to hear ways that you have incorporated exercise into your busy lives! I am always looking for creative, new ways!




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  1. You’re already teeny weeny, Christy! But, I truly admire you for sticking with it and on a healthy quest! I need to get reacquainted with Slim Fast! Hope you’re having a fabulous summer!

  2. The coaching program sounds like a great way to stay motivated, and I love that you’re getting your whole family to stay in shape together!

  3. You’ve really got me motivated Christy! I need to get back in the swing of it! I’m definitely going to grab some Slim Fast at Publix this week!.

  4. I’m getting motivated to start getting up and working out. I’d love to try the slimfast products..my issue is forgetting to eat and then over eatting bc I’m starving 🙂

  5. Way to go Christy! It feels so great to decide to take care of yourself and it’s so much fun fitting into smaller clothes and a great excuse to get some new pieces! One of my sisters had great success with slim fast!

    1. I am really enjoying the process, Dria! While at the beach this week we are taking 3 mile walks daily on the beach with the dogs. It’s good for the soul!!! ~Christy

    1. Yes, they are great and convenient!!! So agree, Debbie about their tools for staying on track! ~Christy

  6. Good for you for getting healthy! I need to get a box of those bars to put in my desk drawer at school. Sometimes I get hungry and need a little something to get me through the day without blowing my calorie budget.

    I love the shelf make with bottles on your porch! I hope you’ll post a tutorial for it!

    1. Thanks, Paula! They would be great in your desk drawer! Ashlyn made the shelf as a surprise for me!! I need to get her to write a tutorial! She took pictures of her process….just like me! Lol!!! ~Christy

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