Safe Haven Movie {Part 2}

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Good Afternoon!  Yesterday I shared with you a bit about Southport, NC and the set of the movie Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks due out on Valentine’s Day.

Today I will share with you a few of the pictures that we sneakily took while filming was taking place.  We hung out loitered on the porch of Fishy Fish Café which has the only direct view to filming as the roads are closed off at this point.  We ordered drinks and appetizers and stayed and stayed.  Now it was just Ashlyn and myself.  Max and Woods were actually on their way for the weekend.  I met a lovely friend Lori and her daughter from Mississippi while we waited and waited……We almost gave up.

caswell beach 2012 514

We watched the hustle and bustle of film crew set up.  Lights placed just in the right location, some huge black screen that you see to the left of the picture, cameras being set up…..and lots of laughing.  They really look like they love what they do!

caswell beach 2012 510

We watched this for the longest time……and snapped picture after picture!  I could show you lots, but trying to just show the highlights!

AND THEN……Julianna Hough begins to walk out of the store set carrying buckets of paint.  She turns and walks back to the store.  She does this over and over and over and over……..Now how many takes does it really take to carry buckets!

caswell beach 2012 501

Let’s go back and do it again!

caswell beach 2012 505

She is just adorable!  Bless her heart as she had to do this so many times that a guy on set started carrying those cans back for her for the next take!

Also on OSH!  Mommy/Daughter fun!!

We watched this for a long time and it was really cool to watch, but there was someone else that we’d rather see.  If we are going to sit here this long then we want a glimpse of Josh Duhamel!

caswell beach 2012 601 - Copy

She was security that stood at Potter’s Seafood right beside us at the café.  She would holler…”Quiet on the set” to all the restaurant patrons.  I’m not sure who he really was.  He claimed to be an extra in the movie.  He is a local actor from Wilmington and works in most local movies.  She knew him so I guess he was legit.  They were quite cool.  We even started to venture over with them and hang out.  We used cute little Ashlyn as our camera girl.  She was daring enough to venture closer and closer like a little paparazzi!    Who is going to scream at a cute soon to be 8th grader!  It was such fun with our new set friends and Mississippi friends

caswell beach 2012 605 - Copy (2)

We got to watch Julianne dance on the side street to relax a bit in between filming.  She is cute, but where is Josh??

caswell beach 2012 606 - Copy

But wait!  OMG!!!  There’s Josh!!!!!!!

caswell beach 2012 569

He leaves out of the store through a side door.  Notice the camera guy.  They are finished filming for the day so we didn’t get to see him in action.

What they are filming now is behind the scenes for the DVD when it comes out.

caswell beach 2012 572

He is checking crab traps.

caswell beach 2012 574

caswell beach 2012 587

caswell beach 2012 588

caswell beach 2012 592

caswell beach 2012 597

Behind the scenes still filming…

caswell beach 2012 599 - Copy

Cut…filming finished for the day!  Bye Josh, bye Julianne….Josh takes the blue shirt off….I guess it is part of costumes and hands it over to someone.  And look…..he and Julianne are walking over toward us!

Also on OSH!  Homes of Historic Southport {Walking Tour}

caswell beach 2012 607

Josh is joking with Julianne on the narrow walkway pretending that he is going to push her off!  Shrieks and laughs by her.  At this point she is laughing and talking with us!  NO!!!!!  My camera battery is flashing low!  I wasted all of my battery on nothing pics and when I need it!  UGH!!!!!


caswell beach 2012 608

caswell beach 2012 609

Bye, bye camera!  🙁  All I’m left with is my Droid X cell phone.  The remaining pics are taken with it.  So sad in that these were the most awesome photo opportunities!!!!


Julianne heads back out in the street to hang out in front of one of the beautiful historic houses.


Josh walks back out to check on his own personal crab traps.  He quickly becomes unhappy!


His crab traps are repeatedly being robbed!


Josh decided to go into Potter’s Seafood and our security friends let us go in as well.  Now this is a tiny open air fish market.  He walks in and waves.  We all converse in small talk.  Of course, we are trying so hard not to act too star struck!!!  LOL!!!


The camera guy still hanging out is such a sweetie.  Boo hiss on the camera battery.  I bet if I had my current IPhone 5 then, this pic would have been great!




He was just so sweet to us!


Sadly, I did not take this photo.  I got this off of Fergie’s Facebook page from this summer.  She was there a lot.  I thought it was a cute picture of them.  But Josh……it was too stinking hot to be sporting jeans!  As much as we were there, I can’t believe that we never ran into any of them.  They were spotted all over town like normal folk which I thought was pretty fantastic!  They were known to eat frequently at the 2 restaurants mentioned yesterday.

Also on OSH!  Blog delay....

caswell beach 2012 389

The little yellow building is Potter’s Seafood.  This is a little look back down the street to the local waterfront dive restaurants.  Lots of walking and bicycle riding!

caswell beach 2012 395

caswell beach 2012 263

I am looking forward to the movie and picking out all of the local landmarks!  I hope you’ve enjoyed my little peek into the movie and Southport, NC.

caswell beach 2012 269

Tomorrow is back to regular blog posting…..starting with a yummy new recipe, Pork Piccata!

Safe Haven {set post} can be found here!

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Thanks for sharing!

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  1. Yes, we were awe struck! He is so handsome!!! My daughter and I made a nice friend while stalking! LOL!

  2. This would have been super exciting for me! Would have hung out all day long just to get a peek at Josh, I was an avid All My Children watcher so he will always be Leo to me. He is so stinken cute, what a treat that must have been for you.
    I haven’t seen the movie yet but plan to.

  3. How cool and exciting. She is adorable. And I hear Josh is really good looking in person:) Ps.I would of hung out all day to see all this too:)

  4. Oh I just happily lived through you! 😉 I feel like I was right there! Great shots whether on your camera or phone. I’d bet it was hard not acting star struck!lol So very cool. Now I really can’t wait to see the movie…I’ll be picking out these scenes for sure!
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Christy, that day will forever be 1 of my favorite memories! What a fun day we had and worth waiting in the scorching heat of the day…. oh yes it was worth it all! Great pics and you covered the experience fabulously!! Cannot wait until Thursday!

  6. Christy, that day will forever be 1 of my favorite memories! What a fun day we had and worth waiting in the scorching heat of the day…. oh yes it was worth it all! Great pics and you covered the experience fabulously!! Cannot wait until Thursday!

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