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As I walk around the yard, I notice daffodils and day lillies starting to break ground.

Birds are becoming active.

The days are getting longer……all signs that spring is just around the corner.

With spring, comes the feeling a excitement for new things to come. After the long, cold winter, it is a joy to enjoy the outdoors again.

This time of year sends urges of Spring Cleaning through me. It does for many! It makes sense to do this inside work now while it might still be a bit cold to enjoy the outdoors. Get it done now, and you'll be free to focus your attention to actives such as gardening and grilling outdoors!

I headed to my local Dollar General to look into purchasing my arsenal of cleaning supplies. I am fortunate enough to have 3 Dollar Generals within 10-15 minutes away!

Dollar General Spring Cleaning by Our Southern Home #springcleaning #dollargeneral #ad

Not only does Dollar General sell name brands, they have their own brand. I was on a mission to give the much less expensive Dollar General brand a try! If you make simple store brand swaps like the ones I am going to show you, you can really save lots of MONEY overtime! Who doesn't want to save money? Spring Cleaning here I come!

Dollar General Spring Cleaning by Our Southern Home #springcleaning #dollargeneral #ad

I purchased these products from the Dollar General brand for my Spring Cleaning and daily use.

I purchased multiples of these.

HINT: I place a container of cleaning wipes, toilet bowl cleaner, bathroom cleaner and cleaning rags or sponges in each bathroom to make quick and regular clean-ups a breeze. Everything is right there to use as needed. The wipes are fabulous for quick and daily clean-ups in between regular cleanings. 

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Dollar General Spring Cleaning by Our Southern Home #springcleaning #dollargeneral #ad

The French door leading to our screened porch need regular cleaning. The smudges there were not showing well on my camera so I created one you could see with a lotion handprint. I was curious to see how the window cleaner would clean this.

Dollar General Spring Cleaning by Our Southern Home #springcleaning #dollargeneral #ad

YES, it cleans just as well as the name brand! Get this…….the Dollar General brand of window cleaner is $1. The name brand is $3!. That's $2 cheaper and works just as well!

Dollar General Spring Cleaning by Our Southern Home #springcleaning #dollargeneral #ad

Not sure about your refrigerator, but my bottom shelf where we keep milk and other beverages is in constant need of a wipe down. 

Dollar General Spring Cleaning by Our Southern Home #springcleaning #dollargeneral #ad

The disinfectant wipes worked wonders on this shelf and the others. Again, I see no difference in these and the name brand except the price! The Dollar General brand is $3.50 compared to the name brand at $4.75.

Every single one of the Dollar General products that I purchased was cheaper than the name brand and worked just as well.

As you begin your Spring Cleaning, I encourage you to stop by your local Dollar General and give their products a try! Who doesn't want to save some money? Their online site is full of ideas, tips and stock they sell. They also have weekly circulars with coupons!

Spring Cleaning can be an overwhelming task! Enlist the entire family. Here are a few ideas to make it easier!

  • Young children can be given a duster to clean baseboards with no cleaning products involved.
  • As a family, tackle one room at a time. There is no rule that says mom has to do it all.
  • When cleaning windows, wipe down the inside in a direction different than the outside. This makes it easier to see missed spots.
  • Spray down the shower and tub with the Dollar General Mold and Mildew cleaner for $1.95 and let it sit for a while while you are working in another room. It will do its magic in a short time without you having to do excessive amounts of scrubbing.
  • Spray the Dollar General Glass Cleaner on a paper towel before wiping down the glass on a picture frame. This keeps it from dripping below the frame before you can wipe it down.
  • I spray my kitchen sink with the Dollar General Cleaner with Bleach and let it sit while I am working on something else. I do this several times per week on my porcelain sink. It keeps it shiny at only $1.95 per bottle.
  • Complete the Spring Cleaning task over a period of few weeks. What overwhelms me is feeling like it all has to be completed in a week!
  • Make a list of what needs to be completed. I love checking things off!!!
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I wish you a wonderful spring!!! Happy Spring Cleaning!



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  1. I too have a Dollar General a couple miles from me……. but my Dollar Tree is only 1 mile. I have found some of their products are better than others, mostly all good, but one or two I did not care much for. I use LA’s Totally Awesome Degreaser everyday and their Lavender Floor Cleaner I was skeptical the first time, but it’s the only one use now. I buy bath soap, bleach, ammonia & the Awesome Citrus Dish Detergent there too. Everything is just a Dollar or some things less (like cans of veggies & I forget what else….. but nothing over a Dollar. And it is the best place to buy cookies too.

    I need to clean my entire house almost daily, but it does not get done. Right now, my yard is a jungle from the rain we have had this year. The front was weeded of ONE weed yesterday (took me 5 hours) and today it will need the Dandelions dug up…… but again, I might not get to it. I need to go pay my auto tag renewal and I need to drive down town to the Tax Appraisers to hand deliver the discount card (I do NOT trust the USPS to safely deliver it, cause it is too important for me to have this senior property tax discount. I really, really dread driving down town because of parking…… but seems I better. grrrrr….

  2. Don’t know of any Dollar General around here but I’d be willing to try something once. If it’s only a $1, if you don’t like it, you haven’t spent a lot for it. We are starting to try grocery store brands on food products. I learned something today at my new grocery store..We usually buy the 12 oz. cans of soda and today I needed my Cherry Coca cola and when the young guy that helps us outside unloaded our groceries into the trunk, I reached down to pick up the sodas from the front of the electric cart my husband must ride in the store. I was afraid the cashier may not have seen them and didn’t charge me. He said he thought she did get them with the hand held scanner but I went digging for my receipt because if she didn’t charge me, I wanted to go back in there and pay for them. He said you sure are a honest lady. She had indeed charged me for them, but after I’d opened them to go along with my lunch, I got to thinking that seemed too high for the sodas..I’m there several times a week some weeks for DH’s medications at the pharmacy. A few hours after we had lunch here at home, I decided to go down to K-mart for a few items..It is only 1 mile from us. I priced the same sodas 3/$11. When I got back home, I called my grocery store and asked her if she would tell me the price of those sodas I purchased and I told her why. They were indeed $6.49 for the 14 cans of 12 oz. Cherry Coca cola..Well, guess what I will not buy sodas there again. She told me that if I had not opened them, she would give me a full refund if I wanted to bring them back, but I had already torn into the box and used one so I couldn’t take them back.
    There are certain products that I will stick to name brands but cleaning products seem to be high and I know a lot of people tell me they shop at the Dollar Stores for their paper products and cleaning products..You don’t know until you try them I guess. Lesson learned. So what products did you buy from Dollar General besides the window cleaner? It looks like it did a good job cleaning the glass on the sliding door and also refrigerator crisper to me. I’m picking about my furniture polish and will only use Lemon Pledge..I’ve heard that toilet bowl cleaner9Fabulous)or something like that is pretty good. Have you ever seen it at Dollar General? Or used one there that you think does a good job and smells nice. Because of my auto-immune critis in 2002, I have to be very careful with fumes or odors because of my lungs..Anything too heavy in bleach is out..We tried Honeysuckle scent Mrs. Myers and I always loved that scent as a child but it was too strong for me, my DH and our cleaning lady. She prefers to use Soft n Scrub with bleach but I’ve had to tell her to use only a small amount and we open the window in the bedroom when she is cleaning the shower with it, for ventilation as the bathroom does not have a window. I don’t want her lungs damaged either. Love to use Pine-sol but can’t take that anymore. Same way with pine scented Simple Green but I can don’t have any problem with the lemon scented Simple green product. Do they have anything like this product at Dollar General? Thanks for all your helpful tips on saving us money. In this economy, we all need to be able to spend less.

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