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Semi Homemade Lemonade

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Semi-Homemade Lemonade by Our Southern Home

Summer, sweet summer! Two things come to mind when it comes to summer in the south, besides the humidity…..sweet tea and lemonade! Today I'm sharing a favorite drink with my other southern blogging gals for our July installment. 

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After almost 25 years of home-making, I've learned a few things along the way to make life easier! Give yourself a break. Life doesn't have to be an endless parade of made from scratch! Sometimes it is just the presentation that lets that someone special know you put forth the extra effort!

Semi-Homemade Lemonade by Our Southern Home

This summer has been a rude awakening for me. Next year my son will be a senior and daughter will be a sophomore in high school. They have always been homebodies, but there is just something about high school that turns kids into social butterflies! There are frequent impromptu get-togethers.  I love it! I enjoy their friends coming over. With the addition of teens…means they are always hungry! There are just some things that need to stay simple.

Semi-Homemade Lemonade by Our Southern Home

My son has just started dating. Yes, this is quite the adjustment for me the mom! Both of our kids are very active in sports and are heavily enrolled academically. There is no time for a hectic job. As long as they help do their chores and other things at home, we give them an allowance which has always been plenty for them. BUT wait….now that Woods is dating…..he needs more money! YIKES! You know dinner, movies, putt-putt costs money!  My husband has talked with Woods and let him know that there can be “free” dates! Luckily, they have been doing that much more. Come on…even mom and dad don't go out that much!

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When Woods brings his friend over, they watch a movie, shoot pool, play basketball …fun stuff. Free stuff! So when she stays for dinner or a snack, I try to make it nice…not all the time, but on occasion! This is one of those occasions. A sweet tray of muffins and lemonade served on the porch.

Semi-Homemade Lemonade by Our Southern Home

This tray turned out sweet for a little at home date. It looks special with little prep!

I started with a large can of frozen lemonade. Make it according to the directions. To add a bit of a fresh lemon taste, just squeeze a lemon into the pitcher and stir.

Semi-Homemade Lemonade by Our Southern Home

I made the lemonade the day before. I simply sliced fresh strawberries and placed them in ice-cube trays. Then filled with lemonade. Freeze.

Semi-Homemade Lemonade by Our Southern Home

Do the same with fresh blueberries. This way as the ice melts in the glass, the lemonade isn't being watered down by a traditional cube. It really makes the presentation beautiful! The fruit freezes as well keeping the glass colder on the warm screened porch

Shhhh! You don't need to tell anyone that you didn't squeeze all those lemons in a pinch. 

Semi-Homemade Lemonade by Our Southern Home

You can't go wrong with these Betty Crocker Cinnamon Streusel muffins.

So take the time…plan a pretty little afternoon lemonade gathering with a few friends. Break out your pretty serving pieces, nice linens and cut flowers from the yard. Don't fuss so much about the food. You and your friends may even decide to get together more often when things are kept simple. It's all about the company after all!

Semi-Homemade Lemonade by Our Southern Home

Now, it's time for you to give Sonya from At Home with the Barkers a visit! She has a yummy milkshake for you! I know my family will love this for dessert one hot night!

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Happy Summer Y'all!


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  1. i think your front porch is a perfect date spot….how does your son feel about that? 🙂 I have to freeze my fruit and put it in the drink, never done that. see you soon.

  2. Oh my gosh, I am going to do this too. Why not? Why I have not is beyond me. I do the one ounce tomato paste, the one ounce oe cubes of frozen wine for cooking….. so why not this…….. sounds devine right now.

    And have I told you how wonderful the weather is here in my good ol’ Florida? I have yet to turn on my AC…… no lie. I love being outside during the day, so why have AC when you are not in it, then if you can hack a few hours of not perfect….. it cools down and is gorgeous. Of course I made myself a back door screen door and it has made that much difference. I have a kitchen screen door that I purchased and then had to vamp up quite a bit, so I bit the bullet (was not hard) and made my own back screen door. Steve is so impressed with my screen door that he says I should make one for my front door instead of buying one………. but the screening can be costly. I had one of those retractable screen doors for the front (which does not work if you have kitty kats) and I used the screening from that…..but for the front, it might be cheaper to just buy one.

    1. Oh, my!!!! To not have to turn on the air yet…how fabulous! It has been so hot here! I have so got to try freezing wine and other things for cooking. Thanks for the tips, friend! Have a wonderful week!! Hugs ~Christy

  3. Such a beautiful lemonade. I love it! Plan to make this for my non wine drinking friends. Thank you.

  4. I’m all about the ‘presentation’ Christy! Woods is a lucky boy to have a sweet mama like you! Have fun at Haven my friend! I’ll be thinkin’ of ya!

    1. Thanks, Therese! I sure missed not seeing you this year at Haven. Will have to meet up on our own sometime or go to a blog conference together! ~Christy

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