Thrifty Find {Vintage Card Table}

Thanks for sharing!

I must share another one of my recent Thrifty Treasures…this time from Goodwill!
I really have a love of French Country, and I know this is more English, but hey…It's vintage and fabulous!!!  Only $7 !!!!! The legs are wooden and beautifully grooved. 
The legs fold into itself.  It does have a screwed on metal handle which I removed and tucked away for safe keeping.  I plan to hang this vintage beauty on a wall as is with the exception of a good cleaning!

The weather here is cloudy and rainy and not conducive to great indoor pictures.  I removed the painting that was here to see how it would look as a wall hanging.  Loving it on the grass cloth!
We have 2 horses which makes this even cooler!
Here is one of it cleaned up!  All I need to do is add some hardware to the back for sturdier hanging and find the right spot!  Thinking maybe here or possibly in the guest bedroom with the Goodwill lamp redo.  Please click on it if you haven't seen it yet!
So…what do you think???  Trash or treasure??
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Thanks for sharing!

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  1. I have this same table and it has an easel it sets on. I use it for a fireplace screen. We found ours in the attic of a house we bought in VA. We live in Florida now and don’t use our fireplace so it seemed fitting.
    Great finds for both of us! Score!

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