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**This is a sponsored post on behalf of Jarden Home Brands that makes Ball Canning Products. I was compensated for this post. Loving my green jars!!! Thanks so much Jarden**

Have you caught onto the mason jar craze? They are all over the store shelves, in magazines and Pinterest.

Mason jars have become so cool….not just for canning anymore. I find the vintage flair they add charming.

I am personally in love with them! I've canned before when we grew a large garden at our old home. I really need to plan doing it again next year. I canned tomatoes and a yummy bread and butter pickle.

These days, I use my jars for storing dried beans, cooking items, drinking out of, flower vases, candle holders, container for markers, to hold safety pins in the laundry room, buttons in my craft room…..I could go on and on!

Summer on the screened porch with Our Southern Home #summerathome #porch

I love to decorate with them. This jar is an antique and given to me by my mother. It was her grandmother's!


Summer on the screened porch with Our Southern Home #summerathome #porch

They make fabulous vases!


Summer on the screened porch with Our Southern Home #summerathome #porch

Another Vase


Simply Southern Outdoor Dining with Our Southern Home #outdoordining #outdoorliving

Holding potted plants for centerpieces


Huge Ball Jar Giveaway on Our Southern Home

Check out my new gorgeous Ball jars that Jarden Home Brands, the maker of Ball, sent me. They sent me a wonderful variety of jars to celebrate International Can-It Forward Day!!! Guess what! I'm giving away a set of everything they sent me to one lucky winner!



Today August 16th , Jarden Home Brands will host its first annual International Can-It-Forward Day with special guest renowned chef and Bravo’s Top Chef judge, Hugh Acheson!  While the day is primarily to celebrate home canning via the live webcast below, International Can-It-Forward Day will also be exploring alternative uses for Ball brand jars.  

Also on OSH!  Monrovia Spring Plantings




The event is taking place at the Brooklyn Borough Hall Farmers Market and, in addition to canning demos where viewer questions will be answered in real-time by Chef Acheson and other experts, there will also be segments on crafting, herb gardening and the brand’s new drinkware line! They will also be attempting a Guinness World Record for the World’s Largest Mason Jar Mosaic!

Did you enjoy the live video cast?

Don't you just love the green tinted jars! They are limited edition celebrating the 100 year anniversary for a limited time. Guess what! Jarden Home Brands is giving one lucky blog winner one set of the following!

The New Limited Edition Spring Green Heritage Collection Jars

Huge Ball Jar Giveaway on Our Southern Home

  •  These limited edition jars commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the Ball brothers’ “Perfection” Jar and come in a beautiful green tint.  These are being produced only in 2014 and are available in both pint and quart varieties.  You'll be getting a set of pints and quarts! (Pint retail value: $9.99 per case/ Quart retail value $12.99 per case)

Huge Ball Jar Giveaway on Our Southern Home

  • 4-pack 16oz Drinking Mugs Research shows people prefer drinking out of glass to plastic.  These sturdy handled mugs are perfect for entertaining and serving mocktails, cocktails or simply infused water! (Retail value: $9.99)

Huge Ball Jar Giveaway on Our Southern Home

  • Mason Jar Infuser    This sturdy BPA-free plastic top fits on any wide mouth mason jar and is equipped with a hanging basket which you can fill with your favorite herbs, fruits, etc to add a hint of flavor to water, tea or spirits. (Retail value: $5.99)
Also on OSH!  DIY Chevron Wooden Tray

Huge Ball Jar Giveaway on Our Southern Home

  • Sip & Straw Lids :  Fitting perfectly atop any Wide Mouth or Regular Mouth Ball Jar, these easy sip lids allow you to enjoy every last drop of your beverage. Use along or with the included reusable green striped straw for convenience on the go. (Retail value: $4.99)

You can visit the Fresh Preserving Store online for all kinds of fun products and idea.

Is this a fabulous giveaway or what! To enter just follow the simple steps below. The Rafflecopter will automatically generate a winner on Wednesday! Each response below equals an entry. You can do 1 or all. Good luck! Happy International Can It Forward Day!!!



a Rafflecopter giveaway


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  1. I use Ball jars to as vases. I also use them to hold art supplies like paint brushes, colored pencils and various scissors. Most of my Ball jars have been in the family for a very long time.

  2. Love incorporating the colored ball jars into repurpose decor, creating wall sconces, soap dispensers, vases, and garden solar lighting. Have been itching to learn how to can with them as well!

  3. Love the ball jars, have some blue ones, would love some green ones. Thank you.

  4. I love Bell mason jars! If I win I would use them for storage in my bathroom, drinking and making my own pickles! 🙂

  5. I use the jars for canning my summer produce along with storage on open shelving….I don’t ever remember these jars NOT being a part of my life….even as a little girl when my mother would can from early in the morning until dark so that we could enjoy the “fruits of her labor” on long winter nights to follow…..

  6. I remember slipping peach skins for canning. My mom grew up on a farm so of course, we had a big garden and fruit trees. She taught us to can peaches and pears (my favorite), pickles and tomato sauce.

  7. I use them to can veggies from the garden, to hold jellies and jams, to use as vases and to drink iced tea out of!

  8. I use them to can salsa, mole and peppers. Also to store M&M’s, chocolate chips and other stuff. I make gifts at Christmas with them, for crafting and decorating.

  9. I use Ball jars for canning of course, but have been eyeing the beautiful green ones lately for decorating purposes. I plan on using some for a homemade soap dispenser and others to hold pens, markers, etc. to pretty up our homework area.

  10. I have many uses for the jars but lately I have been collecting different sizes to display our wooden spoons at festivals. Would love to add the green to the mix!

  11. We are starting to can and these would be gray – but really so cute would love to use them to entertain!!

  12. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! I use my canning jars for pickling jalepeno’s from our garden and for flower vases. 🙂

  13. Brings back many southern memories of my Grandmother from Alabama canning jellies and fruits (esp. blackberries after picking them in the hot summer sun).
    Mason jars have unlimited uses: I’ve used them during the Holidays filled with Epson salt (to mimic snow) and candles to light the front walkway. I use them several times a month for flesh flowers in our guest rooms, it makes our guests feel so special, and I use them daily for all kinds of beverages too, esp. sweet tea!
    Thank you for the video education and the drawing!

  14. Love the jars. Always reminds me of growing up watching my grandmothers preserve yummy jams, fruits and soups. I use them for leftovers, pet treats, storing sewing items, seashells, impromptu vases, and potpourri, as well as other uses. Whats not to love about them? Thanks for a great post, and giveaway.

  15. The oldest one I have was given to me by my late aunt, in Massachusetts, where they’ve had a love affair with Ball Jars forever! It is now a deep turquoise blue, and I use it on my kitchen counter, to hold kitchen utensils, like wooden and silicone spoons, etc. Such a pretty, happy color.

  16. I make simple jelly and use the jars for them and I love pickled beets and onions and put them in Ball jars, and of course I have made refrigerator pickles and used my ball jars for them, salads for lunch are fun in the Ball jars

  17. What memories of my grandmother’s Ball jars. I especially love the blue ones. I use them as decoration and for drinking tea. Thanks for the chance to win.

  18. I love Ball jars for everything–glasses, vases, candle holders, holding craft supplies…

  19. We drink out of Ball jars every day! I love to put daisies in them. I used them as arrangements for a 50th wedding reception in the winter. I loved how the daisies and jars on tables w gold ribbon made everyone think of spring on a snowy day!

  20. I have used the antique blue jars for years for decorating. Also like to use them for vases and storage. Would love to win some new ones to use as glasses and to share with my son who likes to make pickles!

  21. I just saw a post recently on making them into liquid candles with oil and scented fruits greens ect they were beautiful but I typically use them for making jellys

  22. Reading the pepper jelly demonstration gave me the push I needed to make this recipe. I love pepper jelly and cream cheese.
    Recently I made citronella jars and use on my porch, along with hand soap dispensers. Love the blue jars and excited about the green ones. Thank you for sharing!

  23. I love these jars. I use my antique blue ones to store creamer and sugar at my coffee station. I also keep lemon wedges and slices in a ball jar in the fridge; always ready for tea or lemon water.

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