September Amazon Purchases

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Are you ever curious about the things that others purchase on Amazon? Here is what I bought in September! I love reading these posts.

September Amazon Purchases

amazon purchases from sweaters to supplements and eye cream

I follow quite a few bloggers, and I love reading about their purchases on Amazon! 

Is it nosey? I don't think so….they are sharing it. 

I thought I'd start sharing our monthly purchases with you. We love Amazon and buy a lot from them. 

Prime Day is coming up this week and you can read all about my post on getting ready for it HERE.

Here is my list of September Amazon Purchases

You will find clickable photos below for each item as well.

  • Leopard sweater – I love this sweater. It comes shrink wrapped for shipping so don't let that scare you. I purchased a medium in it. It's very soft and comes in several colors ways. If you have long arms, it may be too short. Go larger for an oversized fit. 
  • Wooden decor beads– These are all the rage now in decorating for all styles. They are a fun way to add a little texture to a vignette. 
  • Collagen Supplement– I go back and forth between these as well as powder. This is my 4th bottle of these, and I've been pleased. I find it easier to keep up with taking opposed to the powder to mix in the coffee. 
  • Makeup Remover Washcloth– These are wonderful and come in various colors. I purchased the white. I like having these so that I don't ruin my good washcloths that match my towel sets with makeup. I think they'd also make a wonderful stocking stuffer. They are thin but so soft. They even have a little hook for hanging to dry. All of my makeup has washed off of them in the laundry. They are so affordable that I can easily replace them as they get dingy. 
  • Set of 2 Blue light Glasses– With online classes, Ashlyn got these to protect her eyes. She looks super cute in them. They are just plain glasses with blue light protection.
  • Eye Cream– This is my 3rd bottle of this eye cream. It gets rave reviews. I love that it is more natural and not tested on animals.
  • Collagen Eye Mask– I never go to the spa or get facials so I felt I could give these eye masks a little try. I definitely feel less puffy after wearing them. I lie on the couch and watch TV while wearing so they don't slide off. **my mask isn't available, but here is one similar with good reviews. 
  • Blue light readers– I recently broke my expensive bifocal readers. I have an eye exam in November and didn't want to spend a lot on a new pair. These blue light online bifocal readers are under $16! I shared them in my story highlights on Instagram for Amazon Fashion. It's actually a video of me sharing them. 
  • 14-cup Coffee Maker– We've had our Cuisinart coffee maker for 16 years, and it works like a champ. The beach house one was old and didn't work well so I ordered a new one when we were there last. This one makes 14 cups which is a larger quantity perfect for families. It's really pretty in the stainless.
  • Purina ProPlan Cat food– Jack is on urinary tract cat food after his infection scare in the spring. I love this because they are individual cans so it's always fresh. He would not eat it if it came out of the fridge cold with larger cans. He gets this at night with a little dry on top. 
  • 4K Amazon Fire Stick– We had one of the original fire sticks and as a result, our TV in our master bedroom could not get the AppleTV app. We had started watching The Morning Show while at the beach and loved it. We had to upgrade it to get this app. Did you know that Amazon has a trade-in program for Amazon devices like Fire Sticks and Kindles? We've also upgraded our Kindles
  • Set of 2 Claw Clips– My hair has thinned through the years. While it is past my shoulders, a chunkier clip doesn't hold it secure. These are great for my thinner hair. 
  • Driveway sealer– My hubby has been working hard to pressure wash our concrete driveway, brick walks, and flagstone patios. He has then been applying this sealer. It is pricy but has excellent reviews. We have ordered 4 of these so far. UGH!!!
  • Sprayer– A regular garden sprayer will NOT work with the above sealer. It eats right through the mechanisms. Trust me….we know! This is expensive, but works!
  • Carpet Tape– This stuff will hold an area rug down on top of the carpet! It's being used on the den layered rugs. 
  • Trading card box– simple for baseball card storage
  • Pennant Storage– We have an antique Yankees pennant in the bonus room that came with an old, yellowed case. This is replacing it. 
  • Hair clips– will not crease hair! I use these when putting on full makeup to keep my hair out of the way.
  • Mederma– This is what I am using on my recent skin cancer surgery scar that is on my cheek. (Details on that soon)
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  1. I am ordering the rug tape!!! I have a rug in our place at the mountains that covers some outdated Berber carpet and I am constantly pulling the rug back into place šŸ˜³. I have tried a couple of things but look forward to giving this a try! Thanks!

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