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Multiple Thrift Store Urn Uses

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Multiple Thrift Store Urn Uses

Hello friends and welcome to another addition of Thrift Store Decor Makeovers!

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Each month the team brings you fabulous ideas for making over those thrifty items or perhaps items you already own. Friends, I take a hard look at items before I donate them. Sometimes an item just needs a fresh coat of paint. 

I am overjoyed on the occasion that I come across an item that is perfect just the way it is. That usually happens with just china or glassware, but I struck gold when I came across these urns. 

I had to go to Greenville to shop for a new design client and decided to stop by a Miracle Hill while there. They had a few furniture pieces that would have painted up beautifully, but I really don't need any furniture right now. I was just about to leave when I went down this organized aisle with candlesticks and containers. Stuck on the bottom out of sight as if they were gross were these 3 urns. Two match and 1 is taller. They were pretty perfect in my eyes. They are rustic and slightly imperfect.


Some may turn their eye on pieces like these, but not me. The photo may say before, but I left them as is! 

My post today is a little different in that I wanted to share with you how to use these urns in many ways. They are usually pretty plentiful in variety. 


I would have paid much more for these in a designer shop. All 3 are heavy and neutral. So let's get started! I'm going to share with you just a few of the ways that you can use thrift store urns in your home.

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These 2 smaller matching urns (similar urns)were perfect for my makeup brushes and lip glosses! This is the Cadillac of makeup mirrors. It's an investment piece, but is cordless and holds a charge for over a week for me. I always travel with it as well so I can get ready at the hotel room desk and leave the bathroom free for the rest of the family to get ready. 

urns with forks

The smaller ones also worked to hold silverware. This would be so pretty for a buffet. 


They work for holding desk supplies like pens and business cards. 

urns on kitchen counter

The taller urn is perfect for my wooden spoons and such!


I love the collected style that it gives. 


They are perfect for plopping a little pumpkin (similar pumpkins) on top! If you look at the staircase, it's coming along. I recently added 2 more landscapes. All of the landscapes are thrift and vintage store finds, but 2! Last month I shared the gallery wall with this simple frame makeover

urns with velvet pumpkins

They look like they were made for these velvet pumpkins! 


Added to a coffee table vignette, they add another layer of texture. Wonderful way to display collections!

fall table

Add them to a fall tablescape to elevate your pumpkins and why not add some more corks! 

I even created a spring topiary with this thrift store urn.


Multiple Uses for Thrift Store Urns

  • florals
  • desk supplies
  • pumpkins
  • topiaries
  • mini-trees
  • utensils
  • silverware
  • makeup brushes
  • lip glosses
  • special wine corks
  • collected matchbooks
  • collected concert tickets
  • hold pillar candles
  • much more!!

urn pin graphic

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graphic collage




Thanks for sharing!

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  1. So many ideas for urns Christy! I never see them while I’m out junkin’. Maybe I’m not looking hard enough.
    You got a great deal on these.



  2. Christy I love these urns. When I first saw them I said please don’t change these. They are perfect exactly how you found them. Many great ideas how to use them. Who doesn’t enjoy an aged urn?

    Have a great day


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