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Picture Frame Makeover

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Picture Frame Makeover

Don't you just love it when a long awaited projects starts to come together? We've had the one large oil landscape on the staircase for years. It's a favorite painting of mine. It's what my hubby and I gave each other that year for Christmas. 

I've toyed with different ideas to complete the blank space, but nothing really sang to me. I'd started collecting vintage oils from thrift stores and vintage shops. I eventually hung a few in different areas of our home. One day it hit me…..I should do a landscape gallery wall with old and new oils or just landscapes.

I've loved the look of gallery walls like this that I've seen on Instagram and Pinterest. I'm drawn to that old collected French Country Farmhouse Style. While I love neutrals, I could never sway from my love of color. Landscapes offer such a wide array of color especially when little structures are included like cottages and barns. 

While our gallery wall is far from complete, it's well on its way my friends. I finally felt like I had enough to start hanging. Enough so that it didn't look awkward. Now it's like a puzzle piece. That will make the hunt a pleasure. 

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gallery wall

Here is a current photo of the gallery wall. We still have a ways to go, but love the way it's coming together. 

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Favorite Ways to FInd Vintage Landscapes

  • Ebay
  • Thrift stores
  • Vintage shops
  • Antique stores
  • Estate sales
  • Facebook marketplace
  • Craigslist
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oil painting

I adore the oil or maybe acrylic that I picked up at The Restore. I love the art, but not the frame coloring so much. The frame size is great. I love a chunky frame. The coloring is just too golden for me. There are a lot of golds that come out in the art, and I feel that the art gets lost in it. Not bad for a $12.99 price tag!

art and paint

A quick and easy way to update this frame is with Rub ‘n Buff in Ebony. It's an oil based product. In other words, you can't clean your brush with soap and water. I buy cheap brushes for crafts using this product. I find that it's just easier to use and toss. In this case, it was just an old brush. This project took less than 5 minutes. How fabulous is that!


I only applied one coat and didn't try to be too perfect with it. I liked some of the golden tones coming through the black.


I love how the ebony makes the art pop now. The black also unifies it somewhat with the dark tones in the larger pieces. There are a couple of other frames here that might get a slight makeover as well. 


Notice the gold coming through in areas.


gallery wall

I just purchased a larger oil piece while at the beach in July at The Restore there. I'm going to have to rearrange a couple of the pieces here.

gallery wall

This picture hanging tool is the best thing I've found for hanging this wall. Now to hunt for more to hang! 


painting picture frames graphic

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  1. I have this same tray..never thought of painting it but mine is in great condition. Glad you survived the storm

  2. Goodness! What a basic change yet it has a HUGE effect – I truly love the delightful way it sets off the scene now. What’s more, concur, your display divider is brilliant!

  3. Christy,

    What an awesome and easy way to update a thrift store artwork frame! I love rub-n-buff, but I’ve never used a brush. I always use my finger….so many more possibilities using a small brush!



  4. Christy I love what you did with the frame and it makes a difference. You have a nice collection going.

    Rub N Buff is amazing isn’t it? Been using it for quite a while.

    Have a great rest of your week


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