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Container Garden Ideas

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It's time for the Decor Enthusiasts team to knock you socks off….or get you to put on your gardening gloves!




This month's theme is Potted Plant and Flower Ideas!


After a long, cold winter…..this marks my favorite thing. I love planting flowers and prepping our outdoor spaces for quite a few months of outdoor living. One thing that I do find myself planting is fewer annuals. It's so much work. I guess I've gotten a bit lazy with my gardening. Kind of taking the work smarter, not harder with many of parts of my life.


Container gardening ideas from Our Southern Home


I find myself filling our containers with more perennials and evergreens. A year ago I repainted this heavy concrete planter. It's at least 15 years old. You can see the technique HERE to revive your old concrete planters. In just a year, the vine I planted has really filled up the trellis. This Asian Jasmine is green year round which is perfect for this lazy gardener!


Container gardening ideas from Our Southern Home


Grouping similar pots together creates more impact than them scattered about the patio. It also makes watering them easier. I know these pots have seen better days. I have daydreams of making some beautiful large, wooden planters. These pots house many of the herbs that we cook with on a regular basis. They are also perennials so I don't have to keep replanting each spring. I will fill them in with a couple of annuals. You can see I have one pink one planted so far.


Container gardening ideas from Our Southern Home


Container gardening ideas from Our Southern Home


Notice the large pot of ivy. I have one on either side of the door. They each used to have one of those tall, narrow evergreen trees. Overtime, they get very leggy and just look bad. It would have been a major undertaking to dig them out and replant. Lazy me just chopped it down to the dirt. I was then like….hmmmmm….I'll just leave it like this and use it for the tiki torches! It works perfectly. They never blow over and look like they were supposed to always be like this. 

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Container gardening ideas from Our Southern Home


They are very lush. A couple of times a year, I give it a good trim so the ivy doesn't drag the ground. I also don't give it the opportunity to attach itself to the house.


Container gardening ideas from Our Southern Home


These chalk painted pots are still one of my all time most viewed posts. It was actually published in a magazine this month!!! That was such a treat to be in print. I painted these in May of 2014. TWO full years later, they still look great. So if you are on the fence about using chalk paint outdoors to revive sad-looking pots that you might otherwise throw away, I highly recommend it. You can read all about this technique HERE.


Container gardening ideas from Our Southern Home


Container gardening ideas from Our Southern Home


These are really starting to fill in the pot. Soon they will be spilling over the sides.


Container gardening ideas from Our Southern Home


Mint can be very difficult to control in the ground. It spreads like crazy. I contain it in a pot on the patio. It's so nice and fragrant. It's also a perennial.


Container gardening ideas from Our Southern Home


I just planted the citronella plant. It's supposed to repel mosquitoes. We will see. Anyone had any luck? I planted a little color beside it. I have about another flat of these vinca to plant. 


Container gardening ideas from Our Southern Home


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  1. congrats on your feature. i will have to check that out. I am doing a few more herbs this year. they are so easy.let me know about your citronella plant and if it works.

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