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Cottage Wire Basket Wreath

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Happy Spring, sweet friends! The yard is really starting to look great, and I just know an end to the pollen is soon. I've already done a thorough cleaning to the porches. Just waiting on the last of the pollen to really start putting the decorating touches to the spaces. 

My first “pretty” project for the porch came at a perfect time! This month's Pinterest Challenge is all about….

Spring Door Hangings

How does this work? Each month the team will come together with a lovely photo for inspiration. Then we will each recreate it using our unique touches. 

Each month, my blogging friend, Cindy, from County Road 407 organizes the fun blog hop for us and sends us our inspiration photo. We are given permission from the original source to use the photo. Please be sure to give that blogger a visit. 

This month's inspiration comes from Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures

I knew that I wanted a new wreath for the screened in porch. The current one has been up for quite a few years and was just starting to look a bit tattered. I've always kept a wreath in this area as a bit of a welcome as you entered the porch from the house or the patio.

Bunny Hoop Wreath by Our Southern Home #silhouettecameo #springwreath

Here is the old wreath. You can find the complete tutorial for it HERE. (made in 2014)

spring wreath

The only thing that I had to purchase was a basket for my wreath. I got this one 40% off….not bad at all! This basket came from Hobby Lobby. Here is a pretty one from Amazon.

Also on OSH!  One Year with Faux Topiaries on the Porch

old wreath

Decorating Tip: Let me share with you my wreath making tip……you may get tired of a wreath or in all…..it looks not so fresh. I will take the supplies from an old wreath and use them to make a new wreath. Sometimes it's combining a little new with it or some floral pieces that look a little better. It's what enables me to affordably make new wreaths for the blog yearly. 


Here I have flowers that I've removed from old wreaths and a few that I've used in vases. Do you see my little photo bomber?


I had a partial bag of sheet moss.

wire basket

I filled in the basket just along the front with all the moss that I had. Oops….not enough!

drop cloth

I had some leftover drop cloth with my fabric stash. I cut a bit roughly to fill in on top of the moss. 


I'm really liking the look so far!

floral blocks

I cut some floral foam blocks to fit inside the basket.


I did not have the same large, white blossoms that the inspiration photo had. I removed these 3 peonies from THIS WREATH. I positioned them in a very similar way as the other wreath. Then I proceeded to fill in the remainder of the wreath.


I'm very pleased with how it turned out for the porch! 

spring wreath

Not bad for a wreath that cost less than $5! I love it hung on this iron wall accent piece. (similar linked)

spring wreath

spring wreath

spring wreath

spring wreath

Be sure to subscribe for upcoming posts. Lots of changes coming to the screened in porch on a big budget! 

wreath graphic

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Also on OSH!  Basket Wreath Makeover

spring wreath

Cottage Wire Basket Wreath

Yield: 1 wreath

Beautiful wreath for a door or wall! Materials linked below are affiliate links for similar items.


  1. Pick a basket of your choice with one flat side to fit flush against a door or wall.
  2. Fill with sheet moss.
  3. Add fabric of choice to top.
  4. Fill upper interior with floral foam cut to fit.
  5. Fill with favorite flowers.

Did you make this project?

Please leave a comment on the blog or share a photo on Instagram

More Wreath Ideas from OSH!

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Thanks for sharing!

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  1. Christy, your flower arrangement turned out amazing!! I love everything about it!! And, I love how you hung it on that metal piece, So cute and creative!!!

  2. Christy, love that recycle your faux flowers too. We are definitely on the same wavelength. The wire basket is awesome and I love how you attached the whole wreath/basket to the wrought~iron. Looks very romantic.

  3. Pinned this beauty right away! I’ve always loved the moss but my goodness it makes such a mess. Love how this turned out and that you pull your picks and flowers from old wreaths. Great idea! Thank you for joining in today!

  4. I love how your basket turned out, Christy. I am constantly using things over that I already have and I love that you did this too. The peonies and hydrangeas are such a stunning combination. Two of the prettiest flowers imaginable. Great job!

  5. Christy, I love the wire basket and how you worked with items you had on hand. That’s a great idea to use the drop cloth and the moss. Your worked your magic. Looks awesome!

  6. It looks just beautiful! The flowers look so real! I love that you recycle your old flowers. I actually think that is part of the fun of wreath making and floral arranging, when you can get a brand new look for free! The basket looks great displayed on the ironwork on the brick wall. Well it is gorgeous actually! I also love the cute lamp with green animal print fabric strips!

    So happy to join you on this challenge. Happy spring!

    1. Thanks so much, Amber! I love to save money on decor whenever I can! You are so very sweet. Always a joy touring with you!

  7. This is so pretty, Christy, and it looks beautiful on your porch. You are so smart to reuse your florals. I didn’t have anything in my stash for this challenge and buying what I needed was so expensive! I’ve been enjoying your IG posts on cleaning your porch and I’m going to try the 30 second outdoor cleaner that you used.

    1. Thanks so much, Paula! That basket wreath that I made last year cost me a small fortune. One of the reasons it’s staying this year! LOL! I went to the craft store to buy new, but they weren’t on sale at HL so I decided to do what I love doing….using old supplies. That cleaner is truly the best. It’s even cleaning the mold off the brick. Letting it sit much longer.

    1. Thanks so much, Katie! Yes, we’ve decorated our screened porch like a regular room. Working on a few updates now!

  8. Hi Christy! Your cottage wire basket wreath turned out beautifully and I love it hanging on the iron wall piece ~ so pretty!!! Love how all of the Pinterest Challenge baskets are turning out. Happy to be with you on this month’s!

    Happy spring to you,
    Barb 🙂

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