Fab Five Friday #7

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This last couple of weeks have been slammed with posts for the home so today for Fab Five Friday #7, It's all going to be about us girls!

This week's picks are all to make you look and feel pretty! They are all items that I own and LOVE so why not share!

Favorite Beauty Items!

I'm a DIY girl so I pretty much never get a manicure. I do them myself. I purchased 2 colors in the Essie Gel Color line, and I am totally sold on them! They are a little pricey, but when you think of what you save doing it yourself….it's a no-brainer. You'll need the top coat to set it. IT WILL NOT WORK WITHOUT IT.  I find that 3 thin coats work best on the color then 1 coat of the top coat. Get this…..mine lasted over 10 days!!!! Yes, you heard me right. I'm pretty rough on my hands with things around the house. I'm sure that wearing rubber gloves when I do the dishes does help. I also found that they maintained a shine! Here are the 3 colors that I have. It's a 2-step process. You'll need the 1st step- the color on the left and the 2nd step – the setting top coat on the right. So I purchased 3 colors and 1 top coat. 

nail polish

nail polish

This is the color First Impression. It is a soft neutral griege color. Perfect for fall. 

nail polish

This is color 60 Pinned Up- Spicy Tea Rose

nail polish

Like It Loud

nail polish

You MUST have this top coat to activate it. The color will not harden and cure without it!

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Best thing about this 2-step system is that you don't need any special light or tools. It removes easily with regular nail polish remover. 

makeup mirror

This makeup mirror for your purse is perfection!!! It has 3 light brightnesses, place to hold with fingers, kickstand for handsfree use and a charging cord! It was brand new this summer and sold out immediately! It is back in stock and perfect for your or a Christmas stocking stuffer! Get yours now before they sell out! 

brow gel

LimeLife just released brand new brow gels. I've never used anything other than eye shadow for this task! It is so easy and love the natural look. It has fibers made from pine trees that grab onto the hairs for thicker, naturally looking filled in brows. Love that it is plant-based with pine trees, avocado and honeysuckle just to name a few. It comes in CLEAR, LIGHT, MEDIUM and DARK. 

  • Clear – any color brow. Perfect for someone who just wants to style their brow and have all day hold without changing the color. Excellent for girls starting to wear makeup. 
  • Light- blonde and grey 
  • Medium- dark blonde to medium brown
  • Dark- medium to dark brown and black

I mainly wear medium and dark. Here is a Facebook Live that I just did sharing the application.

It's fall and the perfect red for the season all through winter is LimeLife Lipstick in #103 Paint the Town! It's amazing for the holidays. Nothing is prettier than a soft neutral look, minimal eye shadow and a bold red lip! Guess what??? If you purchase this exact red lip color by today at 3pm est. (10/12/18), LimeLife will automatically throw in our Perfect Eyeliner for FREE!!! You purchase the lipstick for $22 and you automatically receive the $18 eyeliner for free! I talk about the eyeliner in the above video!

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Free!!! eye line with purchase of #103 Paint the Town

hair dryer

Another friend recommended this so I had to give it a try. I love beauty products, but to be honest….I find it all a chore, especially doing my hair. This Revlon One-Step Dryer and Styler does a fabulous job of drying my hair and styling it at the same time! It eliminates the step of a flat-iron or rollers for me. It does get hot. I usually start out on the high setting. As my hair dries and it heats up, I reduce it to medium. Here is a Facebook Live below I did talking about it!

Do you have any favorite beauty finds that you think I'd like to try? Let me know in the comments!

beauty finds graphic


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  1. I bought the Revlon One Step Dryer after you blogged about it. It has saved me so much time and I don’t dread drying/styling my hair now like I used to, I absolutely love it!

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