How to Create a Fall Pumpkin and Floral Basket

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Learning how to create a fall pumpkin and floral basket is much simpler than you may think! You may already have the supplies.

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Don't you just love simple projects using items that you may already own?

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How to Create a Fall Pumpkin and Floral Basket

Learning how to create a fall pumpkin and floral basket is much simpler than you may think!

I created this unique design for our front porch using what I already had and a few tricks.

Fall decor is in full swing here at our home.

This was the first floral arrangement that I created for the fall season.

Best news……I didn't have to purchase anything new for this project that whips up in a few minutes.

If you are looking for an easy fall arrangement, look no further.

Gather Your Supplies

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This project is the epitome of shop your home!

It's such an easy project.

I have linked a few similar items to create the look.

Shopping Tip: I have linked a tall basket that I found on Amazon. It is gorgeous! Save some money and visit your local Homegoods or Tuesday Morning to find something similar at a fraction of the cost.

Let's Get Started

The first thing that you will want to do is select your basket.

I've had this wicker basket for some years now.

A tall basket like this is fabulous for storage opportunities.

I've used it for blankets in the family room, pet toys, and most recently, to house our central vac vacuum hose in the hall closet.

At first glance, you might think that this lively arrangement is full of the bounty from a recent pumpkin patch visit and fall leaves.

Let's take a closer look.

The Illusion

I do this a lot…..create an illusion.

I want you to think that this basket is full of a bountiful harvest of pumpkins and a colorful flower arrangement.

In reality, I have filled the basket with one large pumpkin that I spray painted several years ago for a Halloween look.

I need to repaint it. It's a great size, but for now, it is serving its purpose.

I just happened to use this pumpkin because it was convenient.

Basket Filler Ideas

The purpose of filling the basket is so that you aren't using your actual decor pieces that will never be seen.

Here are a few ideas of things you can use to fill space in baskets.

  • old sheets
  • blankets
  • packing peanuts
  • empty plastic bottles
  • old decor pillows
  • out-of-season shoes
  • a box inside the basket
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Do you get the ideas? Anything that you aren't using!

Creating the Look

This is such a fun arrangement to create.

Nothing says autumn like pumpkin baskets.

Decide on your color scheme.

My starting point was the fall-colored blanket scarf that hangs in my closet.

Drape it across the top of the black pumpkin and let it spill over the edge of the basket.

Other Fabric Ideas

  • fall colored tablecloth
  • throw blankets
  • old fall cozy sweaters with the sleeves tucked into the basket and the bottom spilling over the sides
  • visit your thrift store
  • old flannel shirt

Floral Stems

My basket has a definite backside to it. If yours does as well, tuck in your taller stems to the back.

I had these wheat-like swags that I used.

Gather anything you have on hand and let your creative juices flow.

I anchored the swags more to the back of the arrangement to give it a bit of height.

You could even cut branches of leaves from your yard. They tend to dry well. Magnolia leaves would be another good choice. They dry well also.

Arranging the Pumpkins

I added one larger pumpkin and then filled it in with varying sizes.

Finish with a small pumpkin here and there. It's like a puzzle.

I've collected my faux pumpkins through the years from craft stores, the dollar store, Dollar Tree, and Walmart.

Hobby Lobby is a great local source for me of ready-to-use decorative pumpkins.

Fill in with Smaller Florals

I have a larger container in my craft room where I store my out-of-season florals in. I love these little golden ball things that I got at Hobby Lobby last season. They still have them this year.

You could use floral wire to secure the pieces to wood skewers if they needed a bit more length to tuck into the basket.

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You could also do this with fresh flowers from the grocery store. These little floral pick reservoirs are great for that!

The Sky is the Limit

Fall flowers are so fun to create a festive touch to your fall decor whether fresh or faux.

Don't you love it when DIY projects and craft projects are this simple?

fall pumpkins in a basket

I hope you have an amazing fall day!! XO, Christy

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