1. Lora Bloomquist says

    Love the early spring colors with the green in the painting, the blue and white and the pussy willows, Christy. So classic in form and style; perfectly fits your lovely home!

  2. Crissy says

    I love the adjustments you made from the Pinterest inspiration photo, Christy! They’re perfect for your mantel, especially adding in that small clock and beautiful vase. Your comment about pillows made me laugh. One can never have enough pillows, right?!

  3. Cindy says

    Epsom Salt?! Why didn’t I think of that? It’s genius! I always have trouble keeping things in place. Thanks for sharing that! You mantel is so striking. I love what you did and how you kept the beautiful painting. I always think people are tired of looking at that same lamb print so I change it up but then miss it when it’s put away. Oh no – I must be a sheep and not a Shepherd! :0 Thank you so much for joining and showing us a fantastic spring mantel! Pinned

  4. Michelle | Thistle Key Lane says

    Your mantel is so pretty Christy. I’m always looking around at antique stores for just the right blue and white china. Your vase is lovely and works perfectly with your painting and all the spring elements you pulled together. Love it!

  5. Vicki says

    That oil painting is beautiful, and so intriguing, like something from an enchanting fairytale! Makes you think about where that pathway leads, so magical! I love your take on the spring mantel. We are building a home and I am excited to have a tall stone fireplace with a big mantel to decorate! I have a fireplace now, just not as substantial. I adore the casual traditional style of your home, so warm and cozy, thanks for sharing!

  6. Marty says

    I love how you layered the mirror and the clock with the pretty flowers on your mantel. Your home is always so pretty to see and your fireplace and mantel are one of my favorites.

  7. Terrie says

    I am in love with your mantel and how you have it styled for Spring this year. Your version of our inspirational mantel is perfect for your home, which is awesome that we can take some inspiration from a pin and make it our own. I love that.

    Very pretty Christy!

  8. laura says

    Hi Christie
    I love this! I love the clock too. I have a huge clock, but I love the petite one tucked onto the mantel!
    Happy Day! laura

  9. Barbara Chapman says

    Happy early spring to you, Christy! I love that you DON’T take down your painting because I am pretty much the same way with our mirror over the mantel. Love how you’ve decorated yours!! The b/w pot was a great find!!! I have thought about swapping our mirrior for another that is sitting next to my dresser in our bedroom but have yet to do that ~ maybe later this spring. šŸ˜‰ Also, since I like the after-Valentine’s theme I have up on the mantel currently, that’s why I went with my dresser to decorate this time. Happy to be on the PC tour with you again!!! <3

    Love your living room as it is… So comfortable! Enjoy this time of early spring.
    Big hugs,
    Barb šŸ™‚

  10. Paula says

    I agree that your beautiful oil painting never needs to be taken down. Your spring mantel looks so pretty and I love how the mirror reflects the blue and white vase with the branches.

  11. Carol says

    Christie, working within the space you have is what challenges us as home decorators. My favorite on your mantle is the blue and white vase and the little clock which is very whimsical. Your eyes definitely focus in on your pretty mantel.

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