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Spooky Halloween Mantel

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Happy Halloween Y'all! Welcome to our Spooky Halloween Mantel! Turn out the lights, light the candles, cue up the music….Michael Jackson's Thriller in the background. Where is the fog machine? Yes, it is Fall… and Halloween is just around that scary corner!  Please enjoy my Halloween mantel.  Notice all the fall elements.  As soon as Halloween is in the grave, I'll remove it and just add a few more twigs, leaves and gourds to welcome Thanksgiving!

1-late september 056
1-late september 054 - Copy
1-late september 072 - Copy
1-late september 079 - Copy
The majority of the Halloween decor you see here as evolved over the years with after season sales. I did purchase the pumpkins at the regular discounted price at Tuesday Morning.
1-late september 082 - Copy
1-late september 083 - Copy
1-late september 096 - Copy
1-late september 114 - Copy
1-late september 118 - Copy
1-late september 120 - Copy
1-late september 124 - Copy
1-late september 118
1-late september 127
1-late september 128
I used Command poster strips to mount the lace to the back side of the oil painting frame.  Then I hung a Command hook upside down to support the wooden moon cutout with fishing line.  These Command products are awesome for holiday decorating where you do not want to permanently damage walls.
1-late september 140
1-late september 141
Casper has been with us for 12 years!  He has moved with us from our old house and has seen many different spots in our homes.  He has even endured the outdoor elements!  Yes, he is hanging from our chandelier in our family room with a 24 foot ceiling.  Our electrician recommended a motorized crank that raises and lowers the fixture for ease in changing bulbs and cleaning.  Ingenious!!!!  The kiddos were so surprised to find him floating here!
1-late september 144
Here is the mantel view from the upstairs balcony. It really is quite simple!
I hope you have a lovely day!

Thanks for sharing!

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