Spring Vignette with Tulips

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I am sharing how to style a simple spring vignette featuring tulips and a sweet bunny all anchored with a lovely garden stool.

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up close of tulips in basket

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This month we are recreating a sweet spring vignette featuring bunnies and tulips inspired by Anderson and Grant.

Inspiration from Anderson and Grant

If you are visiting from DIY Beautify, welcome! Cindy has a gorgeous home. You are going to love her five ideas for styling spring vignettes.

Spring Vignette with Tulips

Tim and Ashlyn brought me a bouquet of gorgeous tulips that they picked up at Trader Joe's a few weeks ago. It was so thoughtful and they lasted a good week.

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Sometimes, faux just works easier, especially in areas that are not as convenient to access.

I typically go faux on the front porch for ease and temperature changes. I always go faux on our mantels because they are just too much trouble to reach and change water frequently.

I try to go real when a flower is going to be in direct view of the eye and can easily look faux.

The mantel is at a greater viewing distance, so faux it is for those spaces.

I ended up going faux for this vignette.

Tulip Tips

There is nothing like the real thing when it comes to flowers! I change the water daily in my vase. Every other day, I trim the ends with kitchen scissors. It's best to just allow tulips to fall where they like as opposed to arranging them in a vase. You don't want to manipulate them too much. I find that a wider mouth vase works best to allow for room.

The Elements

The inspiration photo from Anderson and Grant is absolutely gorgeous. I encourage you to visit her blog. It is just so inspiring.

At first thought, I contemplated skipping this month. I don't have a chair appropriate for this look. I also don't have an area in our home where this would have fit in right by using another style chair. It would just feel forced.

Then I remembered that this challenge is not about that! When decorating, it's ok to pick and chose elements from a look that inspired you. Here is the takeaway for the elements used.

  • seating acts as the surface
  • basket to house the tulips
  • blanket for softness
  • tulips
  • bunny

Nothing worked for me when I contemplated using one of our chairs. Then it hit me……I'll use one of my beloved garden stools.

I have 4 garden stools! They are all blue and white chinoiserie. I have one on the screened porch, one in my husband's study, and two identical ones on the front porch.

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This thrift store basket was the perfect size to sit atop the stool.


Since I knew that a chair was just not going to work for me with this challenge, I played around with a couple of my stools. I also started out with a couple of other larger baskets and a white blanket.

The Seating

I decided to go with a garden stool as opposed to the smaller wooden chair. It worked better for the porch space and fit in. I didn't want to force it.

Since I went with the garden stool, it does have a smaller footprint. I was not going to be able to fit the entire vignette on the stool so I decided to decorate on and around the stool.

Garden stools are a favorite of mine inside and outside. They can be sat on, used as a side table, and even a plant stand.

Blanket or Fabric for Softness

folded napkins with pom poms

Since I went with a smaller basket, the white blanket was just too big. Since I wanted to keep that fringe detail, I pulled out my edge detail napkins that I picked up at Marshall's last year. I bunched them like this.

Basket & Vase

basket with napkins and vase

I love this little thrift store basket. It is perfectly sized for smaller floral arrangements. I used one of my shorter clear vases. Tuck it in the basket and arrange the napkins around it to conceal the vase. Tulips need structure. That is why I wanted them placed in a vase and not loose in the basket. You could also recycle a jar.


This is the first time that I have purchased faux tulips, and I am really impressed with them! They come in a two-pack and are wrapped like this. They had a very slight plastic odor that quickly dissipated.

These tulips are VERY lifelike!


This bunny is about 25+ years old. It used to be a very dark bronze color. You can see how I gave it this look HERE.

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Here is a little tip: These are the smae white string lights that I use at Christmas. I have them hooked up to a smart plug that is attached to the Kasa app that I use. It operates all of my smart plugs and bulbs.

Makeover Projects in the Post

Up next on today's hop is my friend, Rachel, from The Ponds Farmhouse. You are going to love her she shed for spring!

Spring is a wonderful season to enjoy and be creative in decorating. Create an inviting porch vignette with garden stools, tulips, and bunny statues or any other seasonal items that you love. Add some twinkling lights and take pleasure in the joy this brings both inside your home and to those who get to see it from outside your porch window. Invite some friends over, have fun, and make the season special together! Do you decorate for spring too? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Christy, we’ll done! I love that your basket and stool are out in the porch. So inviting with the pink tulips! Amazing how real they look. I live using napkins in different ways, too.

    Enjoy your pretty porch decor,
    Barb 💕🌸

  2. Great vignette, Christy. I love the blue garden stool. I’ve been looking for one for our patio. The pink tulips play off the blue beautifully. That bunny is a winner. Enjoy your pretty spring porch.

  3. Wowza, your pink tulips are fantastic! And I love your take on the challenge. Such a creative and great idea to use a stool like that. Beautiful job. Glad you got to join us this month. Pinned!

  4. Hi Christy, First thank you for taking a minute to help with my code. It eventually populated so all good! I love those tulips! Such a fun PC day! laura in Colorado

    1. Oh, good! I am so glad you got it to work. Technology can be so frustrating. Thanks so much. It has been a wonderful tour!

  5. I always enjoy getting a glimpse of your porch Christy to see how you’re decorating for each season. Your spring tulip arrangement is just lovely, and I love the trick with the cloth napkins!

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