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DIY Rustic Candle Holder

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DIY Rustic Candle Holder

Welcome friends to another fabulous edition of Thrift Store Decor Makeovers!

Some of the things that I never pass up in the thrift store are decorative boxes, ironstone and pairs of great candlesticks. I rarely give them away either. They can usually morph pretty easily into something fabulous. 

candle sticks

These are pretty great as is, but I felt like they could be even better……with paint. 


I took them out back to paint. I grabbed what I had on hand.


This Rustoleum color is a great shade of gray. I did NOT spray the entire candle holder with it to coat. I'll show you what I mean in the next photo.

candle holder

I just did very short sprays here and there not to coat. You can see the black showing through. 


Next, I used this gold just in certain areas. Just apply it quickly. We aren't looking for perfect here. 

candle holder

I applied more heavily on the grooved areas. You can tell where I applied and then wiped it off. Let it dry. Didn't take long at all.


Next, I had this sample of white paint. I have no clue what this was for???? LOL!


Paint the white paint on then take a rag and wipe it off and rub it in to really push it into the grain of the wood. Let that dry and do it again if you want it lighter. I did it 2 times. I wiped in the same direction. I didn't do this heavily on the raised areas where I wanted more gold to show through. 


It all looked a little too cold with the gray, black and white. I knew that I wanted to use them on the mantel. I needed to warm them up a bit to work with the other fall decor there. 

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When you work with stain, you want to use gloves. I was out of disposable latex gloves. I used the next best thing. I put my hand in a Target bag. I dipped a rag in the stain…..just a little. Wipe it all over and rub in to remove. Again, I tried to go in the same direction. 

fall mantel

They don't perfectly match, but I like the combination. They ended up being a great height and size for a faux pumpkin. 



I've got symmetry on the outer areas of the mantel then work my way to asymmetrical in the center. 


I was hoping that I had a brown spray paint on hand to use instead of the gray, but I'm loving the outcome. 



The great thing about painting like this…..it's not a perfect look so don't feel like you have to be! Everytime I paint like this, I do it as I go. This would be a beautiful look for a side table or another box!

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    1. Thanks so much! That is too funny!!!! I typically eat a snack of a teaspoon of peanut butter in the afternoon so that wouldn’t have been far off. Thanks for the laugh!!!

  1. Fun project Christy. Blending different colors of paint that works for your decor is fun. I enjoy mixing things together to get different looks.

    Have a great day


  2. They turned out beautiful, I’m with you, never leave a good candle stick behind!

    Pinned it for later! On the lookout for a few for my decor!

  3. Wow Christy!
    What an awesome job on the candlesticks. Lots of steps, but oh so worth it. The final outcome is stunning!


      1. First off, allow me to say. “I LOVE ❤️ YOUR MANTLE.”
        About half way through the candlesticks, I thought, Oh no, this is not going to be pretty. In fact, this is going to be Ug LEE! Well, that just goes to show what little I know. They are unique and lovely. Thanks for sharing, step by step.

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