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Simple Patriotic Porch

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Every time I decorate our home for a patriotic holiday or event, I always wonder why we don't just do it more often. I swear it is an instant mood elevator. I'm not a big red person, but our flag just makes me feel so many emotions…..especially now in 2020!

Simple Patriotic Porch

I've got a few simple ways that you can instantly add red, white, and blue to your decor with very little time or money. 

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This month's Pinterest Challenge is so my style and perfect in that our screened porch is already blue and white. Adding a little red was all that I needed.

Welcome to another installment of our monthly Pinterest Challenges hosted by my sweet friend, Cindy, from County Road 407

If you are stopping by from Cindy's blog over at County Road 407, welcome! I adore her Texas farmhouse style. 

This month for our Pinterest Challenge, we are recreating this beautiful patriotic living area with inviting shades of blue from Liz at Liz Marie. I've had the pleasure of meeting Liz at a couple of blogging conferences and she is the sweetest, most genuine person. She is also talented with like everything! Be sure to give her a visit.

Items that I'm incorporating

  • stool
  • 2 crisscrossed flags
  • the large flag behind the couch
  • blue and white pillows
  • round tray on the coffee table
  • floral on tray
  • 3 jars
  • picture frame on the tray
patriotic screened porch

The flag is probably the first element that stands out. I'd consider it the focal point of my sitting area. Due to my space, I decided to hang my flag vertically as opposed to horizontally. 

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Since this is a temporary look for the holiday, I used clear shipping tape to adhere to the flag to the window. It has 2 metal rings for hanging. I looped the tape through the rings and attached it to the glass. It's been there for 5 days and still up. 

patriotic porch with pets

Bentley and Jack welcome you to our screened porch. These 2 use it just as much as we do. This picture was truly a one-hit-wonder. Bentley had already jumped onto the couch like he always seems to do when I have the camera out. Ashlyn came outside and brought Jack with her. She plopped him down on the couch and I snapped 1 photo before he jumped down. Thankfully, I had already adjusted my camera settings and pressed the button! It would have been perfect if Bently was looking at me as well, but I'll take it!

patriotic porch

The porch was already decorated with blues and whites so incorporating red was a breeze! The darker blue pillows were on the other end of the porch so I moved them here. I like the mix of the 2 patterns. It really helps that flag pillow cover stand out beautifully! 

patriotic porch

I already had everything for this look which really made me happy. Don't you love it when you don't have to take a trip to the store!

patriotic porch

This is a temporary look for the holiday so I didn't mind hanging the flag over the door. If this would be up long term, I would have gone back to hang it at the end of the porch by the dining table. 

patriotic porch

The flags that I had for the crisscross look were larger than the ones that Liz had on her coffee table. I have some smaller ones, but not sure where they are. These were a great size for the existing fern. 

patriotic porch
patriotic porch

Let's chat about the round tray. It is usually on the dining table so I switched out the 2 for this post. Guess what??? I like it better here. The table is a square so the round tray is perfect for the center. 

patriotic porch

Let's break down the look! I didn't have a frame that I wanted to use here but have this set of adorable melamine bike plates for summer. Aren't they fun. This one has little American flags on it so perfect instead of a frame. 

patriotic porch

The white faux flowers give the light and airy look like Liz's vignette. I had 1 blue mason jar and it was a little too big for this tray. I do have 3 matching small milk jugs that I used instead. I filled them with freshly cut hydrangeas from our front walk. 

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The chinoiserie blue and white balls fill in space a bit. 

garden stool on a porch

I hope you aren't tired of seeing my chinoiserie garden stool! Here is a similar one. Here is another one. I told you I'd be using it all the time inside and out. I see another one in my future down the road.

patriotic porch

My cushions are actually dark green. Last summer, I discovered that this old queen quilt that was in the linen closet was a great fit for it! Being on the covered porch, it has held up beautifully. I wash is several times during the season. 

patriotic porch

Up next on the tour is the lovely home of Laura from Decor to Adore! Her blog is such a treat with her vintage collections, especially vintage fashion! 

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  1. You knocked it out of the park on this challenge.

    We have the flag that was draped on my father-in-law’s casket 50 years ago. I need to bring it down from the attic and use it this 4th of July

  2. Oh, Christy! Your cat and dog are precious!!! Isn’t it nice when we can actually get good photographs of our animals?!! Pinned several photos (which I always do) and your buddies are now on my Animal Friends board. <3 Okay, to your porch… I love the two different blue pillows with the American flag pillow!!! Very stylish and all the Chinoiserie looks beautiful with them. Fun how your vignette all came together! Love it!!!

    Happy almost 4th to you,
    Barb 🙂

  3. Love the furniture arrangement on your porch for displaying the flag. A truly beautiful space Christy, with all the red, white and blue accents in perfect balanced.

    1. Thanks so much, Michelle! We are enjoying it this way this year. The arrangement works best this way.

  4. You could not have done a better job at our Pinterest Challenge. It’s absolutely stunning! So jealous of your green thumbs and ferns! And I totally agree with you – there’s just something about our flag that elevates our mood. I think we have the best color combination for a flag in the entire nation! I am doubly blessed to have the same for our Texas flag too which flies high around here as well. LOL. We live in a proud state! Thanks so much for joining in. Pinned!

  5. Your porch looks so great decorated for July 4th. What a lucky break to capture the perfect shot of your fur babies! That picture needs to be in a frame. I always love seeing your porch and how you decorate it for each season.

  6. I always enjoy seeing your beautiful porch and how you decorate it through the seasons, Christy! The pic with your fur babies is adorable; how perfect that they posed for you! Your red touches certainly meld beautifully with all the chinoiserie!

  7. Love the big flag behind the sofa, Christy. We think alike. The pillows and the pups are perfect for the holiday setting. I would t have know that you covered the sofa with a quilt. Looks great. I do things like that too. Your round tray is the perfect vignette for the rectangle table.

    1. Laura, That is so cool….small world! Thanks so much….I’ve had that flag since 9/11 happened. I cherish it. XO

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