10 Ideas for Decorating a Festive Fall Front Porch

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10 Ideas for Decorating a Festive Fall Front Porch from using faux flowers and pumpkins to layering rugs for a cozy fall welcome.

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I'd like to thank Marty from A Stroll Thru Life for organizing such a wonderful fall home tour!

front porch with pumpkins

I'd like to welcome the readers visiting from Cristina's blog, Remodelando la Casa. Cristina is so talented with decorating and power tools!

We had a bit of teaser weather for fall! I'll take it! I'm so looking forward to the fall season.

The days may still be a bit steamy, but the morning air is so crisp. I can't wait to start using the new firepit that we got in late spring.

This summer, we had our front porch flooring completely replaced. I still need to share all the details in it.

As a result, this is the first true post getting to share it.

Our front porch has always been one of my favorite spots to decorate with fall porch decor, but I had strayed from it in recent years because of the horrible floor situation. I'll explain all of that soon in an upcoming post.

I know that you are here for some fall inspiration.

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10 Ideas for Decorating a Festive Fall Front Porch

Whether your porch is just a stoop or a larger area, I hope you will be able to apply 10 ideas for decorating a festive fall front porch and gain some inspiration for your front porch decor. It will work with any outdoor space.

Real and Faux Pumpkins

The first thing that comes to mind with fall decorations is pumpkins.

Whether you are decorating your festive front porch with your finds from the pumpkin patch or straight from the faux pumpkin aisle, I've got you covered with front porch ideas to create a warm welcome.

Typically in the south, I have trouble finding fresh pumpkins to decorate with until after my fall tour is published.

As a result, I've been drawn to faux pumpkins through the years.

I have grown to love white pumpkins.

Whether you have room for a single pumpkin, a cluster of, or stacks of pumpkins, there is just something about the coziness that symbolizes fall.

Right before I was about to photograph the porch, we were in Walmart. They had a box of heirloom pumpkins. While most of them were picked over, I came across these orange pumpkins.

I love how the real pumpkins mix with my faux white pumpkins to give the porch a pop of color. As a result, mixing faux and real can give the illusion that you've used all real.

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I think I will continue to look for a few more to add to the front steps so that I can have a mix of colorful pumpkins.

For the ultimate effect, the layering of pumpkins adds to the curb appeal.

Mums and Greenery

My summer flowers are starting to look a little past their prime, but they work lovely with the fall colors that II have selected this year.

I try to keep the front porch minimal with items that can cause a bit of a mess. I guess I'm lazy like that in not wanting too much extra to keep clean.

Corn stalks and hay bales are a great way to create the ultimate fall look. They would be pretty flanking the front door. Don't be afraid to go all out. I just decided to keep the look more streamlined.

Fall flowers like pansies and mums come in many colors. Every year I buy real mums with hopes of planting them in the flower beds at the end of the season.

For whatever reason, they just never survive. Perhaps my lack of care.

This year I invested in some very high-quality mums from Hobby Lobby.

I'll be sharing in the next few days how I used them to create a REAL look! It's a very easy DIY project.

Now I can scoop them up at the end of the season, and store them for next year.

Colorful mums are lovely in a bushel basket.

pumpkin on table

I found this set of 4 nesting seagrass baskets at a great price. They have plastic liners so would work well for your real mums.

You'll notice that I still have my Macho ferns going strong. They will be hanging until the first frost in November gets them.

The faux topiaries flanking the front door are perhaps my favorite outdoor porch decor ever.

You can read about how I “planted” them in the post. They never blow over as a result. They are lovely all year long!


I have always had a love of rich fall colors regardless of whether on a traditional home, a rustic look, or a farmhouse porch. Your color scheme is up to you. Don't feel like you have to go with what you are seeing on Instagram. You do you!

I tend to anchor my home decor with more neutral colors for furniture, chair seating, and such.

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You can use any color palette that you desire for your fall decor. I've used all white and neutral, soft blues, and traditional fall colors. I've even seen lots of pinks and corals all the way to black.

porch with gray floor

The beauty of decorating your home is using what YOU love!

Layered Rugs

Layering your rugs at your front door is an easy way to elevate your curb appeal.

It allows you to play with a bit of color and pattern on the bottom rug.

Then you can be practical with your top rug to keep your inside floors clean.

With my bottom rug being larger, I try to use a color that works with our porch decor all year long.


A fabulous front door wreath is a great way to usher in the autumn season. You'll notice that our front door is sans wreath at the moment.

I'm trying something a bit different.

We just refinished our front door this summer. It is so pretty and fresh. It is my hope to add a giant lion head knocker to it in the upcoming months.

I didn't forget a wreath though!

Think outside the box.

I have hung a beautiful wreath of fall faux leaves over the mirror on the end of the porch.

I always hang wreaths on the large porch shutters at Christmas.

Lanterns and Luminaries

Lanterns and luminaries are a wonderful way to fill in bare areas around your pumpkins, on steps, and on tables.

You can fill them with faux boxwood balls, outdoor candles, fairy lights, and small pumpkins.

I can't wait to photograph the porch at night.


One of my biggest tips for fall pillows on the porch is to cover them with fabric as I did here for Christmas. It's the perfect no-sew fix that is temporary.

I tried to find some fabric locally but just didn't see anything that I liked at Hobby Lobby. With our daughter's wedding this past Saturday, I didn't have a chance to scout around.

I opted to use my summer pillow but added the pumpkin spice throws that I got last season.

Using the throws was the springboard for my porch color scheme this year.

Fall Throws

If you have a covered porch, adding a throw over a table or rocker is a fabulous way to get all the cozy feels. Look for something inexpensive so that if it doesn't wash well or fades, you can just toss it. This will be the second season for these throws outside. They haven't faded on the covered porches and wash well. They came from Belk.

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Baskets can be your best friend when displaying smaller pumpkins. Drape a blanket scarf on the front, add a few corn husks and fall color for an instant arrangement.

white pumpkins in basket
pumpkin on table

The faux mums look stunning in the set of nesting seagrass baskets.

Garden Stools

My garden stools are another of my favorite front porch accessories. You can sit on them, use them as a plant or pumpkin stand, and as a side table.

They help to create a beautiful fall entrance and really elevate my outdoor display.

I hope you have enjoyed 10 Ideas for Decorating a Festive Fall Front Porch. I wish we could sit together out here over a cup of chia tea.

Enjoy the rest of the tour!

Stop by again tomorrow for the live links for Friday!

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Be sure to visit my sweet southern friend, Rhoda, next door in Georgia. Her blog, Southern Hospitality is one of my favorites!

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  1. What a beautiful porch! I love all of your fall touches especially your white pumpkins. I hope you have lots of time to relax out there and enjoy the fall season. 🙂

  2. Your porch is a dream, so large and such beautiful architectural detail. I love how you always decorate it to perfection. Thos topiaries by the door are a favorite. I have a small one by my front door and I love it too. I would live out there if I had that amazing porch and just sit and rock in those chairs for hours. I like the added punch of the orange mixed in with the white and blue. Everything is so pretty. Thanks so much for joining the tour again this season, love your porch.

  3. Great tips, Christy! I always love seeing your porch and what you do with it. So pretty! And as always I wish my porch was bigger like yours so I could decorate it more.

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