Decorating a Christmas Family Room to Blend with Your Decor

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I have some tips on decorating a Christmas family room to blend with your decor. While traditional red is gorgeous for the holidays, it competes too much with my colors for the calming effect that we like. 

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christmas family room

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Don't get me wrong, I love a traditional red holiday-themed home. Nothing says Christmas like all things red. I loved pulling out all the traditional Santa Clauses and Christmas things when the kids were younger and still at home. 

It has always given me great joy to create a magical holiday season for my family. I used to have mountains of bins full of Christmas decorations. The Christmas season is perhaps my absolute favorite time to decorate our home. 

christmas family room

Now, our main holiday decor is our trees and greenery used with our everyday decor items.

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christmas front door graphiic

Our Family Room

As I continue to share my Christmas home tour this season, you will see how I've kept things rather cohesive in the downstairs rooms. 

​This will be our second Christmas as complete empty nesters. Last year, I gave some Christmas decor to the kids. This year I filled the garage with things that I no longer wanted to use, and they shopped from those items before they were donated. 

christmas family room

I still have a lot of Christmas decor, but it has been greatly decreased which gives me such a calm feeling. 

Here are some tips for decorating a Christmas family room to blend with your decor. 

Picking a Color Scheme

Look around your room and pick 1-2 colors that you love.

An easy way to do this is to look at a piece in your room where there is a pattern. This could be a piece of artwork, throw pillows, or even a rug. What colors are pleasing to you when you look at the color palette?

christmas family room

My inspiration came from the mantel oil painting. 

Green is one of my favorite colors. 

christmas family room

It is very abundant in the art. It is also in our oriental rug, pillows, and blankets around the room. 

Come to think of it, green is a prominent color in our entire home.

christmas family room

Green was the color that I decided to focus on for my Christmas decorating this year. 

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I also decided to add an accent color in the form of soft and pale gold. 

I purchased very little this year in the form of new decorations to complete this year's look. I started moving towards this restful color scheme last year.

I purchased a few spools of green and gold/tan ribbon. I also purchased an inexpensive multi-pack of shatterproof green ornaments from Hobby Lobby. 

I opted for a multi-pack of ornaments that are all green, but have variations of green. This helps to keep the Christmas decor from looking flat. 

Ribbons Used in decor and gift wrap last 2 years

christmas fireplace

For example,  my ornament set had dark green, shiny sage green, matte sage green, and deep green glitter ornaments. 

Christmas does need a bit of sparkle and shimmer! 

Determining the Focal Point

What will your focal point of the room be?

christmas family room

The most common is a fireplace, if you have one. 

It might be your Christmas tree.

It could be your entertainment center. 

A great way to decorate my focal point, the mantel, is with a garland.

christmas fireplace

Garlands aren't just greenery. I made a garland for the front of the mantel with green ornament balls and some thin twine. It is attached with small Command Hooks

christmas mantel

Layer your garland for even more drama. This wired crystal-like beaded garland was used in our bedroom for many years. I moved it here for the first time. 

TIP: Unpack your holiday decor and group in areas in your home. Then shop your home to create a unique look each year. It's okay to move your holiday decor around your home for a new festive look!

​Incorporate Natural Elements

This is perhaps the largest chunk of our Christmas decor. All of the greenery in our family room is faux. Faux greenery has come a long way in recent years. 

christmas mantel

Last year, I purchased the real touch Norfolk pine garland. I see what the hype is about. It is stunning. It always sells out. I bought the staircase garland over the summer.

I only have one of those on the mantel. I typically have 2 but ended up needing one extra on the staircase. 

I added more fullness to the mantel with additional faux picks and berries. 

christmas family room

Staircase Gallery Wall

This year I replaced our almost 20-year-old staircase garland with the same garland as the mantel.

christmas family room

Perfect mirror for a narrow space! | Stool Makeover

I love the look of it. It isn't as full and heavy as the old garland. It takes up less storage space which means fewer crates. Here is a post on Christmas Decor storage ideas.

christmas family room

It's such a softer look that blends in more with the space. Keeping with the natural look, I tied long dark green velvet bows to the staircase. Zip ties hold the garland in place. 

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christmas family room

Faux these days mimic fresh greenery. 

Christmas Lights

Lights and more lights are so fun and create magic in the room. 

christmas family room

Our tree by the fireplace is my favorite tree….ever! It is prelit with golden LED lights. I feel like I got fairly lucky with my LED lights that we've added gradually over the years. I always purchase warm lights. Read reviews if you can. Some warm LED lights have a very bright white light. I prefer the golden light. I am not a fan of the cool LED lights which have more of a blue light. They are pretty, just not with the green and gold that I use. 

christmas tree

Here are some of the lights that we use.

Seasonal Decor

I used to pack up my everyday decor and use all Christmas decor everywhere. 

christmas family room

While I still love a few Christmas decor items, I prefer to leave out my everyday decor items and glow them up a bit! The tree in the background is our real tree with our collected ornaments through the years.

I may take a topiary out of an urn and add holiday greens to it instead. Teacups and small urns make great vessels for mini trees. 

ornaments on coffee table

I'll remove items from a bowl on the coffee table and fill in the gorgeous golden ornaments surrounded by picks of faux seasonal greens. 

ginger jar

Exact Ginger Jar | I also have a pair of these

I leave out all of my chinoiserie and change out the florals in it to fit Christmas time. 

Simple ribbons make great Christmas accessories. I love simple velvet bows these days. 

You can vary the width of the ribbons as well to add interest. 

deer pillow

Ribbons look lovely tied on mini trees, around vases, and ginger jars. 

wood nativity scene

This nativity scene is especially precious. My husband was in Israel with our church for a tour in late May of this year. I elected not to go. I was honestly worried the entire time. My one request was that he bring back nativity scenes for us, the kids, and my mom. This is the one he brought back for us. I love it. It is so special in that it came from Bethlehem. It is hand-carved all in one piece which makes it unique. He had their nativity scenes shipped back. They are so pretty. They are larger and have individual pieces. We gave them to everyone on Thanksgiving.

upclose of christmas bells

I have 2 sets of large bells: Set 1 and Set 2

As you look around our family room, the only decor items sitting around are a few mini trees and one of our nativity scenes. I also have a pair of deer on the mantel that I end up leaving out all winter long. 

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Dickens Village

Last year I started using my Dickens Village again. I only have 3 houses and I'd love to get maybe 2 more. Last year I displayed them in our secretary. I like them out of the way and uncluttered. This year I used one of the candles from the tree set. They light them up beautifully. It's so much easier than trying to light it all up with cords inside the cabinet!

santa on stairs

This old-world Santa that I have had for years works beautifully with the more green and gold theme.

pillows on couch

Velvet Pillow Covers | Pattern Pillow Cover

By decorating with naturally occurring colors in our family room, the room just feels so calming. I didn't even change out the pillows that I used this fall.

christmas family room
christmas family room

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Whether you are looking to scale back on your holiday decorations as an empty nester or go all out, I hope your holiday season is full of blessings and love. XO, Christy

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  1. I always love your classic traditional Christmas home. It’s like a postcard. And that fat Santa on the stairs – I love him too. Hope your season is magical. Merry Christmas!

  2. I just love how you’ve decorated your family room for Christmas in a way that blends with your other decor Christy. There are so many beautiful holiday details like the urn filled with ornaments with the gorgeous ribbon. Happy holidays my friend.

  3. Christy, I love how you’re adding holiday glamor to your everyday decor. I’ve been doing more of that the last few years and enjoy it so much. Your trees are just gorgeous, and I’m loving the new garlands! Happy Christmas!

  4. Christy, your home looks stunning as always! I love how you blended your Christmas decor with the style of the room. You have so many pretty pieces and I love the sparkle of the lights. Truly a classic and elegant vibe! Great to tour with you again!
    Cheers to the holidays! – Shelley

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