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Vintage Gallery Wall

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Tips on how to create a vintage gallery wall will have you on the hunt for those perfect treasures whether in-store or online.

Many thanks to Cindy from County Road 407 for organizing our hop!

The theme of this go-around is FRAMES!

If you are stopping by from Debra's blog over at Common Ground then WELCOME!!!!

My take on the theme is sharing the details of our collected Vintage Gallery Wall. 

Vintage Gallery Wall

living room with gallery wall

Gallery walls can be a challenge to create. You can find the blue and white rug HERE.

Different Types of Gallery Walls

  • matching frames
  • perfect symmetry
  • family photos
  • all black and white
  • matching tones of frames
  • mixed media
  • center focal point
  • themed gallery wall

Honestly, the list goes on. The possibilities are endless. It really just depends on the style of your home and your end result desire. 

Evolution of our Gallery Wall

For many years our staircase consisted of one large lone landscape oil. I love this oil. My husband and I purchased it years ago as a Christmas gift to each other. It came from the showroom of a local furniture gallery. It is oil. I adore landscapes. 

vintage gallery wall of landscapes

It sat with just the one large oil for so long because I just didn't know what I wanted to do with the staircase.

I had been collecting landscapes for several years and had them scattered around the house. Two years ago when we painted, I decided that I had enough to now start a gallery wall.

Since this is a collected wall, I've been able to add them to the wall as I get them.

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Our gallery wall has a very relaxed arrangement in that there is no similar spacing or symmetry. 

This is perhaps the easiest gallery wall to create.

This picture hanger tool makes the job so much easier!

Be sure to check the end of the post for shopping details!

vintage gallery wall

Let's chat about frames!

Frames on a gallery wall do not have to be the same frame, same color, or same style. That's what makes it feel more relaxed and eclectic.

When I mix frames, I try to have varying degrees of the same tones.

vintage landscape gallery wall

The frames have some sort of gold finish to them. They are either all gold or have gold accents. Some are more subtle than others. 

The large oil on the upper right is an oil purchased new on eBay. It came rolled in a tube from China and was very inexpensive….like under $20. The shipping costs as much as the oil, but still worth it. I then took the rolled painted canvas to a framer. They stretched it and framed it in a darker frame with soft inner gold accents. 

vintage gallery wall

The oil over our bed in the master is from the same eBay merchant. 

Unfortunately, eBay does not retain my purchases back to when this was purchased around 2008. I do not remember the seller, but here is a list of landscape oils.

From my experience with purchasing these inexpensive rolled canvases:

  • read many reviews on a seller
  • read the fine print details for the size
  • go with sellers with many ratings….that means there is a track record
  • double check shipping
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I've purchased probably 5 oils like this on eBay as well as framed smaller vintage oils. 

vintage gallery wall

The plain stained frame on the far right isn't ideal for this wall. I plan to spray paint it soon in a soft gold. I love the landscape. It's either oil or acrylic. I'm not sophisticated to differentiate unless told. This one was $4.79 at the thrift store. 

vintage gallery wall

Isn't it pretty! 

vintage gallery wall

Sometimes you love the oil, but not the frame. That was the case with the one above. It had that tortoiseshell look all over. It was just too much. You can see read all about how this frame looked before I used a particular paint on it which helped make the frame blend better with the overall look of the gallery wall. 

vintage gallery wall

Originally, I purchased this piece of art just for the frame from the thrift store. When I decided to go with a landscape wall, I loved the look of it with the others. It's just printed on a board, but it is old. 

vintage gallery wall

This is also a printed on landscape from the thrift store. Again, I purchased this one at the thrift store for the frame. I love this frame! 

vintage gallery wall

I've still got some areas to fill in over time as I come across that next great find.

Vintage Gallery Wall

I still haven't rehung anything on the area by the table. This table won't always be here. I used it for staging. It was a thrift store makeover that I got for $10!! Ashlyn wants me to keep it for her when she has her own home. If one of the kids can't use it in a couple of years, I'll sell and make this more of a sitting area/reading nook. 

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vintage gallery wall
vintage gallery wall

I still have some open spaces, but I'm in no rush. As I see something that speaks to me at a steal, then I'll add to the wall. 

I hope you have an amazing day and are inspired to start your own vintage gallery wall.

Up next on the tour is my good friend, Paula, from Sweet Pea!

You'll find shopping sources below! BUT first…..let's check out the rest of this month's projects!

vintage gallery wall

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  1. Christy I lOVE your gallery wall and all the different frames you have chosen! I also love landscapes and pastoral scenes and I have a few that I rotate in and out of vignettes. I actually just scored a wonderful English cottage pastoral old picture that has more of a spring and summer look that I will bring out next spring.

    I love your living room with all the wonderful treasures and the view of the gallery wall! My favorite one is the mountain scene print that you shared last. I am

    So fun hopping with you as always!

  2. Love your landscape theme, Christy. And oh, what beautifully detailed frames. The colors in the prints coordinate beautifully with your home. Fun to see a framed print gallery on this tour!

  3. This is such a beautiful collection of vintage paintings and frames Christy! I love that you’ve taken your time to only use peices that speak to you and how you’ve used mostly landscapes too. They’re all amazing and are the perfect coplement to your gorgeous staircase. Hugs, CoCo

  4. Oh those landscapes are gorgeous Christy, and I love that they’re so varied in style. I’ve only had one small area in a bathroom that I’ve tried to do a gallery with and wow, was it a huge project. You’ve done a beautiful job!

  5. I’ve never thought to collect landscapes or any other subject for that matter but I’m totally doing it now! And wow, I’d forgotten all about Ebay. What is my problem. I am excited to check things out over there. You have some fabulous frames and prints and none of them look like they were under $100 so you are the winner of the bargain crown today. I love your gallery wall and how you’ve mixed the frames. They look fantastic together. BTW, I love the ceilings and architectural details in your home. Since you painted, it stands out even more. Seriously beautiful. Thank you for being in our group. 🙂

  6. Your gallery wall looks fabulous! I love that you’ve taken your time creating it and that the way you’ve designed it you can easily add to it as you find more landscape painting that you love. The thrift store painting with the fall trees and waterfall is lovely. I see that it is signed and wonder if it is worth anything. My friends have found several paintings at Goodwill that are worth $$.

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