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Decorate a Cozy Fall Bedroom

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With the fall season here, it's time to decorate a cozy fall bedroom with a warm color scheme for this perfect time of year.

It's no secret that I love our white bedding.

master bedroom

Last year's fall bedroom

With the dark mahogany of our bedroom suit, I've always liked using a white matelassé coverlet to lighten and brighten the room somewhat.

It has always been so pretty with our Ashwood walls by Benjamin Moore. I get asked about this wall color a lot. It is one of my favorites in our home. It is in the gray family but has a slight green tint to it. This instantly gives this room a light and airy feel yet still feels warm.

I am really loving this year's new look for our fall bedroom. You can see video detail here on Instagram in stories, in-feed, and this reel video. The Instagram content was sponsored with Soft Surroundings. This blog post was not required but wanted to give you all the details that you just can't get with a single social media post.

What to Use to Deocrate a Cozy Fall Bedroom

  • down or down-alternative blanket
  • warm colors
  • cozy throw blankets
  • texture and pattern like faux fur
  • throw pillows
  • candles
  • lamp light
  • vintage finds
bedroom with a rice bed

Decorating a cozy fall bedroom perfect for the autumn season does not mean that you have to decorate it like you would say in your family room with lots of traditional fall elements like pumpkins. You certainly can, but I chose not to go this route. It is a beautiful look, we just prefer to keep it a bit simpler.

up close of master bed

Cozy Blankets

Adding extra blankets to our bedroom is a must. I am cold natured and my husband is not.

It's not out of the norm for me to have an extra blanket or two on top of just me when we sleep. Over the course of the night, I'll throw a sockless foot out or toss a blanket on and off. Ha, ha!

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We don't sleep with a large down comforter with a duvet. I love to use them at the end of a bed for a cozy decorative look, but they tend to be way too heavy for us in the south.

We prefer light layers.

We have instead opted to use down or down-alternative blankets for about 20 years. We are on our second down blanket from QVC. It's a very cream color and is really starting to show wear. I have my eye on this new white one. I'd really like to add one to all of our beds.

A down blanket is similar to a down comforter, it's just much thinner…..like a blanket would be. You do not add it with a duvet. I guess you could for a thinner look. I have just not tried this.

It rests directly under our coverlet or quilt.

I keep a couple of folded throw blankets in our room if someone gets chilly sleeping or while watching TV.

I frequently use an electric throw blanket. You can see this post on a collection of stylish, cozy electric throws that I curated for the blog.

Bring in Warm Colors

bedroom with toile fabrics

This does not mean that you have to go with dark colors. Dark colors like forest greens and rich golden hues are so beautiful.

Why not try muted hues of jewel tones?

It might mean swapping out the white coverlet for something with a warmer neutral look.

Throw Pillows

Seriously, can one ever have too many throw pillows?

Throw pillows are one of the easiest ways to give your bedroom a new look for the season.

toile pillows

Storing an overabundance of pillows over time can get cumbersome. These days I opt to buy pillow covers and great pillow inserts. My favorite pillow cover sources are Pottery Barn, Etsy, and Amazon.

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Starting a collection of affordable covers really makes this so much easier storage-wise. I have a cabinet that I keep neatly folded.

HINT: Sometimes when you find that perfect pillow that you just have to have, it may be removable. This is a win-win! You can remove the cover and measure the form to buy pillow covers. I've done this a lot.

Texture and Pattern

quilt folded down

If going with a more neutral look like I have done in our master bedroom this autumn season, look to add texture.

This will give the look a more custom feel.

raised quilted bedding

Raised quilting gives our very neutral bedding a luxurious feel.

Pieces that have a reverse pattern like a stripe on the backside of pillows and quilts give you more bang for your buck.

quilted pillows

Adding faux fur throws gives a luxurious feel and creates an abundance of cozy feels. I have this exact throw and I literally have to fight for it between our cat and dog. I have it in the twin size which makes a generous throw for lounging while reading and watching TV.

Plaid, tweed, and velvet are also pretty for fall and winter. Target has gorgeous pillows for fall that won't break the bank.

Decorative Touches

Shop your home for decorative touches for your bedroom. I am constantly moving decor from one room to another. It's a great way to keep your home looking fresh with what you already own.

fall master bedroom

Favorite items to use in our bedroom are candles, lamplight, old books, flea market, and thrift store finds.

bedside table

Touches of brass, copper, and vintage silver are a pretty way to add warmer metals to your bedroom.

We've been changing out all of our lightbulbs in our home to eitherr this or this. I prefer a true daylight bulb. It makes all of your room colors look truer and you don't get that yellow overcast. You do have to get used to the new look. Would you believe that I found a link to my exact mirror!!!

bedside table

This box was a thrift store find that I stenciled and painted. I still love it to this day. It's perfect for holding remotes and glass cases.

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I tend to use these remotes for lights and lamps.

nighttime view of master bedroom

If you are more into technology, do what Ashlyn does in her bedroom. She has smart blubs and plugs that work with her bedside Alexa dot. She can just tell Alexa what to turn on. You could even do this from an app on your phone.

dog on the bed

Bentley has given our fall bedroom the seal of approval!

master bedroom with text overlay

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Decorate a Cozy Bedroom

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  1. I’ve often wondered if plates could be used in rooms beside the kitchen. Now I know. We used to have a Westie years ago. She was the sweetest dog ever.

    1. I love decorating with plates on walls. They add a little something extra and are so affordable. Our westie is the best. They make great pets.

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