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Decorating with Dishware

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Decorating with dishware is a creative way to add vintage charm to your home decor! It is an affordable way to get a vintage look.

Decorating with Dishware

Welcome to our Lifestyle of Love hop! Every other month, I come together with a few of my blogging friends to bring you a creative way to decorate the homes that we love and bring us joy. 

Cindy from County Road 407 organizes this fun group for us. 

This month's theme is so special to me! It's all about dishes. If there is one thing that I probably have too much of is dishes……or is it pillows. 

SHHHHH!  Don't tell anyone, but I had to run to the mall yesterday to pick up an online order. I decided to take a quick run-through Pottery Barn. I can't tell you the last time that I was at the mall. I left with these two pillows with forms and 2 pillow covers marked down to $12.99 each! 

Would you believe that these are my first ever Pottery Barn pillows. I'm sold! The quality is amazing! I bought 1 set of forms and 4 covers. I plan to just switch them out on occasion. 

Here's a secret! I really dislike shopping! I probably order 85% of home decor and clothing online. 

I plan for the first 2 pillows to go in our master bedroom.

Back to plates…..see how easily distracted that I get by pillows!

If you are visiting from Stacy over at Bricks-n-Blooms, welcome! Her home is amazing. I love her dining area with that huge hutch!

Ways that I Use Plates

  • eating (ha, ha….obvious….I just had to say that)
  • hang on walls
  • decorative touches in vignettes
  • tea cups are pretty with moss balls and ornaments
  • small saucers make great coasters
  • saucer for houseplants
  • hold jewelry
  • hold soaps
  • cups hold office supplies
bunny on plates

This simple look was from this year's Spring Dining Room post. You can see more of it HERE.

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These blue and white Churchhill plates are about 25 years old. Years ago, our grocery store, Ingles, sold them. They'd have a service or piece per week that you could buy. I have an entire set of 8 plus serving pieces. I love using them to this day. 

What makes them special is my grandmother's pink depression glass plates. I love using them for that subtle feminine touch. It's the perfect way to create a vintage, yet modern look with newer and old. These pink glasses would be a pretty touch. 

spring dining room

See how soft the pink is for spring!

hanging art

Of course, this is not dishware, but I just wanted to share. I picked up this vintage, printed fabric a few years ago at the thrift store. I just love it! 

place setting of china at a fall table

Have fun mixing and matching china patterns. The top pattern is my wedding china. The bottom was may parents from 1963. Isn't it gorgeous! I love using it in the fall. 

fall dining room

You can see more of our fall dining room HERE.

plates on the wall

I frequently use plates as a decorative wall accent. Here I have vintage ironstone mixed with newer plates from Walmart. 

This one photo has so many vintage and thrift store finds. 

The ice bucket was a Chinoiserie Thrift Store Makeover

This Thrift Store Mirror Makeover is one of my most viewed posts on the blog. 

christmas bedroom

I frequently hang plates on the wall like over our bed in the master bedroom. 

master bedroom

You can see the many looks in our Master Bedroom through the years. 

Guest bedroom updates at Our Southern Home

This is a very old, quick photo of the guest room with the transferware plates and tole platters. I collect tole platters. The guest room is getting a mini-makeover soon. I can't wait to share better photos of it in the future. 


These adhesive discs are my favorite for hanging plates. They are strong. Just get the ones appropriate for the size plate. 

Gallery wall inspiration for 6 popular bloggers via Our Southern Home

More old, cringe-worthy photos! This was a DIY project using one of Ashlyn's old curtain finials from her nursery. 

spring vignette

Here I have used white plates to anchor this recent spring vignette


Plates in small vignettes.

bunny with eggs

You can also use dishware to balance items in baskets or unlevel surfaces. Get all the details on building this spring vignette HERE.


More ideas for mixing and matching china

10-Minute Spring Centerpiece by Our Southern Home

Position plates stacked in a vertical way to give the appearance artwork.

Thrift store crate makeover becomes a stylish container for the home!

This thrift store crate makeover makes a pretty arrangement for flowers with a few plates tucked in. 

Also on OSH!  Quick Easter Vignette

I am sure that there are many more ideas on the blog for dishware. 

I hope that this blog hop inspires you to use dishware beyond dining. 

Up next on the tour is Decor to Adore. Laura has such a beautifully decorated home with lots of vintage inspiration. 

Visit all of today's Dishware Ideas!

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Thanks for sharing!

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  1. So much prettiness!!! I am feeling so inspired by all these spring vibes!!! And, I completely adore that printed fabric piece!! SOOOO cute!!!

  2. Thanks so much, Kim! Plates are such an inexpensive way to decorate….which I love!

  3. Thanks so much, Cindy. Those discs are so fabulous. I love the clean look of them when hanging plates.

  4. Thanks so much, Debra! Aren’t dishes such fun to use in an unexpected way! This has been a fabulous tour.

  5. Thanks so much, Cindy! It was a labor of love for sure. We “hired” our daughter to work on it last summer as a job while she was home during quarantine from college. It took several months, but so worth the effort! It’s a family treasure for sure!

  6. I forgot to mention, I loved seeing how the armoire turned out in your dining room! You did a magnificent job. I know it was a lot of hard work (obviously not from experience). But wowza, it looks like a million bucks! 🙂

  7. You have so many wonderful ideas for dishes, Christy. I love the way you stacked them vertically in that washed basket centerpiece for Easter. I’m pinning it all so I can come back and study this again. I need to buy some discs to use on dish display, thanks for the reminder. Hope you’re having a wonderful early Spring. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  8. Love all of your ideas for dishes Christy! And I need to seriously get some of those discs for hanging a plate or two. Thank you for joining in and sharing your beautiful home. It looks amazing.

  9. LOVE all your ideas! QUESTION: Where did you get those beautiful printed curtains next to the table with you updated mirror?

  10. I really enjoyed your blog post Christy! Especially how you hang your dishes on the wall. Thank you for the great tip on the adhesive plate hanger. I need to try that!

  11. You have the best plate and gallery walls, Christy! I can’t get over your framed fabric either. That is such a creative idea. Love all the special ways you’ve added spring to your home. It’s all so pretty! Hugs, CoCo

  12. Christy I love how you decorate with plates! They look so beautifully arranged on your walls and i love your tablescapes! Have a beautiful weekend!

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