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Historic Southport Christmas Homes Part 2

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Historic Southport Christmas homes part 2 is sure to warm your heart with the charm of the past as you join me on this walking tour.

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Christmas Tour

Historic Southport

house at night with christmas lights

Historic Southport Christmas Homes Part 2

To save time….it's a busy few days before Christmas! I am going to jump right in on Part 2. Be sure to read Part 1 with the nighttime tour as well as the backstory!

If you like videos, here is a 1-minute video tour that I did on Instagram and TikTok.

white house with american flag

I adore the American flag flying proudly from many of the homes.

historic home at christmas
historic green house

So many pretty architectural details on this lovely historic home.

historic green house at christmas
historic home with two flags
white house decorated for Christmas

This home looks like it should be the star of a Hallmark Christmas movie.

white house at christmas
white house with a stained door
white house at christmas
white house decorated for Christmas
front porch decorated with Christmas decor

I've always loved glass front doors.

side view of historic white house

There are many streets with sidewalks so you can stroll up close.

gazebo on front porch
front porch of house
green house with salmon colored door
front porch of house with stained door
pink historic house

A few houses were not really decorated for Christmas, but so pretty! This salmon-colored house has been a favorite for years. It looks rather small from the front but goes back rather deep. I assume it has been added onto through the years.

pink colored historic house
historic row of homes

Many of the yards are just as beautiful as the home itself.

yellow historic home

This creative wreath really caught my eye.

historic home

Such an inviting front porch ready for a book and cup of coffee!

grey house at Christmas

This home is another of my favorites. The dark gray is unique and striking. The large yard is landscaped beautifully!

white house with Christmas decor

Part 3 will be live tomorrow!

Historic Southport Christmas Homes

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Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thanks so much! Did you see my summer tours of Southport? I have never been to Beaufort. My husband and I were just talking about wanting to visit there.

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