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Saturdays on the Porch #7

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Saturdays on the Porch is featuring this lovely floral boho print dress, sneak peek at the lake house and more!

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Saturdays on the Porch #7

boho dress on the front porch

 Topiaries  | Blue Rug Similar Mat | Similar Lanterns  | Boho Dress | Almond Sandals |

Bracelet | Earrings | Tank Bra

Hi, sweet friends! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. This past week has been a doozie. I'm a total klutz and slipped on the lake house stairs on freshly cleaned floors in socks while trying to hurry to add some decor before the first renters arrived. 

Long story short, I bruised up my foot and suffered a concussion. It was a week on Thursday. I am so much better. I am still getting mild headaches and can't do long stretches of computer work, but I'm pretty much back to normal.

I learned my lesson about being more careful in socks, but in order for this to not happen again, we are going to add a runner on the stairs. I'm leaning towards this blue one. I think it will be great for hiding stains and such with renting. 

I'll keep you posted on that. It is rented through tomorrow. We will be heading back over there to do a little more, take some measurements of the stairs to get the runner ordered, and take some photographs for the listing, and share them here with you. 

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Here is a little sneak peek of the two fireplace makeovers at the lake house. What a difference paint can make! 

brick fireplace

This is a photo that I took when we did the original walkthrough of the house. 

I have absolutely nothing against a brick fireplace. We just didn't like the color of this brick and the fact that it doesn't have a mantel. You know I like to decorate a mantel. We also thought that it would just really create a focal point for the room. 

painted brick fireplace

We are so happy with how it turned out! Normally, I would have tackled this job myself, but we hired it out to a very talented handyman that does work for my husband's company. I went over with him what I wanted done and the look for the mantel complete with the dimensions. I even purchased the paint supplies so that I knew that the right products were being used. I'll be doing a more detailed post on that soon. 


It's so light and airy now. The gas company is scheduled soon to get the fireplaces in proper working order. I need to order 2 screens. On the hunt for something flat and inexpensive. The art above the mantel is from the thrift store. It used to be on our screened porch

brick fireplace

This is the fireplace in the master suite in the basement. 

Big improvement! I'm not finished decorating the mantel yet. I'm not rushing it. This is a print from the thrift store for $2.99. I bought the frame at HomeGoods for $16.99. Not bad for affordable art.

I'll be sharing a full lake house tour very soon! 

What I've been watching!

I watched or listened to a lot of TV this last week with resting. Here is what I watched.

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Herself – This is a movie on Amazon Prime. I really loved this movie about a young woman that leaves her abusive husband with her children to start a new life. Her determination is unbelievable as she navigates building her own home!

We just finished watching The Incredible Mrs. Masiel. We can't wait for the new season to start in December. It is by far one of our favorite shows. It's a definitely must-watch! I decided to watch I'm Your Woman also on Amazon to see Rachel Brosnahan in something else.

We watched The Honest Thief with Prime. We are big Liam Neeson fans and this was enjoyable. He plays a notorious bank robber, and there is a twist!

I watched The Serpent on Netflix alone. It was really good. It was based on a true story about Asia's most notorious serial killer back in the 70s.  

Boho Dress

boho dress

Boho Dress | Almond Sandals | Bracelet | Earrings | Tank Bra

I've had this dress on my Amazon list forever. I can't believe that I finally ordered it. 

I LOVE it! I read a lot of the reviews. Some said that if you were busty, it could be tight across the top and to order a size up. I am not busty but ended up ordering a medium. I am happy with the size and the $28.99 price tag!

woman in yard wearing a dress

The sleeves are actually long with elastic. I wanted to show how easy it was to push them up for a 3/4 look. Notice the ties? There are 2 of them and are low cut. You'll want to wear a tank under it for modesty or my favorite tank bra that I'm wearing. These bras are so comfortable. I need to order a few more because it's all I want to wear.  

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The sandals were a purchase late last summer. They come in several colors and a great alternative to the expensive Tory Burch ones. I do size up 1/2 a size to an 8-1/2. 

woman looking in mirror

The dress comes in many pattern options. I've got my eye on a pattern for fall to wear with short boots. Miss Prada was strolling by. Ashlyn is dog-sitting for 2 weeks for friends of ours while they are out of town. She's such a cutie and Bentley loves her!

boho dress

Boho Dress | Almond Sandals | Bracelet | Earrings | Tank Bra | Full Length Mirror

nail polish

Step 1 Pink | Step 2 Gel Activator | Quick Dry 

This has been my go-to nail color for the last several weeks. It's such a bright and bold pink. You can read all about my nail routine HERE.

What I am Reading

I just started reading The Restaurant my Pamela Kelley. Loving it so far!

Favorites from Instagram!

This account is out of NYC is just so chic with lovely images.

This is one of my favorite Instagram accounts, and I just adore her haircut.

I hope you have an amazing rest of your weekend and a fabulous new week! 



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  1. The mantel updates in your lake house look great. I remember the painting that you used from a past post and it looks great in its new home. So glad that you are recovering from your fall and I’m grateful that you weren’t severely injured.

  2. Everyone in my family has fallen down the stairs with socks on. We all wear shoes now. Glad you are doing better.

    1. I am extra careful now and wearing shoes more now especially when cleaning and working on projects!

  3. Thank you! I will wait for any info you can provide. My fireplace is very basic, cheap and needs a mantle. A basic ‘builder’ that needs help.

  4. Can you tell me anything about the mantle on the fireplace façade? I have a similar fireplace and would love to mount a mantle. Mine is what I call ‘slumpstone’ probably made of concrete material. I am curious how to mount a mantle onto a stone/hard surface. Was it difficult? Many thanks!

    1. Laura,
      I’ll find out for you. We didn’t do it. I gave my contractor dimensions and photos of the look that I wanted. I’m going to be doing a post on the mantels soon and will add those details even though I won’t have process photos.

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