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Fall Master Bedroom

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Beautiful ideas to decorate a fall master bedroom to inspire autumn in your fall home! Here are eight different bedrooms to spark creativity!

Today's fun tour is hosted by my friend, Cindy, from DIY Beautify. Cindy's home is quite the treat with lots of vintage inspiration so be sure to give her a visit. 

At the end of my fall master bedroom tour, you will find links to visit the other seven bedrooms. 

Fall Master Bedroom

master bedroom

White Ruffled Pillow Cases | Ticking Stripe Duvet | Toile Pillow Cases | Similar Dark Green Pillow Cover | Leopard Throw | Ruffled Euro Sham | Love this sham =don't own, but gorgeous!

We adore our bedroom and so does our family!

We watch TV most nights here, even as a family. 

master bedroom

White Ruffled Pillow Cases | Ticking Stripe Duvet | Toile Pillow Cases | Similar Dark Green Pillow Cover | Leopard Throw | Ruffled Euro Sham | Love this sham =don't own, but gorgeous!

I repainted our bedroom last summer in Ashwood by Benjamin Moore, and it was the best decision ever. Paint totally changed the look of this room. I still have the woodwork to update, but at least the walls are done. 

In recent years, I have gone more neutral here. It looks best with the dark, mahogany furniture. 

I've also gone white with a bed skirt and coverlet. This allows me to easily change our throws and pillows with the seasons.

White Ruffled Pillow Cases | Ticking Stripe Duvet | Toile Pillow Cases | Similar Dark Green Pillow Cover | Leopard Throw | Ruffled Euro Sham | Love this sham =don't own, but gorgeous!

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Our bedroom has gas logs which really makes things cozy. If it's the 4 of us, then 2 will sit up in bed while the other 2 sit on the loveseat. 

I'm partial to getting in bed to watch tv. I'm always cold, so I enjoy getting under the covers. 

This is probably the reason that I always fall asleep during movies. 

master bedroom
fall master bedroom

Jack and Bentley love to cozy up in here with us as well. (dog and cat)

Pretty soon, I'll be getting my beloved electric throw blanket out of the linen closet.

My electric throw is my bestie for many months. I can be so chilled during the day or evening. The only thing that helps is that blanket. Bentley loves the electric blanket. It's quite funny. As soon as he sees it come out, he goes nuts for it. I've never seen a dog that wanted to snuggle as much as he does. 

fal master bedroom

Bentley is dreaming about that electric throw. I actually have 2 now. I keep one in our bedroom and one in the family room.

fall master bedroom

Fleece Leopard Twin Blanket | Toile Pillow Covers | Green Velvet Pillow Covers | Linen Ruffled Euro Sham | White Ruffled Pillow Case | Electric Throw

This bed has seen many years of roughhousing kids, dogs, and cats. Has the white coverlet gotten dirty? YES! But it easily washes. 

One thing that we do before watching TV at night is to fold back the white coverlet to the foot of the bed. We don't sleep with it. The ticking stripe duvet is for those cold nights. 

Underneath it is a down blanket. This is what we sleep with. I tend to add an additional blanket on my side in the colder months. 

fireplace in master bedroom

You'll find me here each morning drinking my cup of coffee or tea and watching the Today Show from about 7-8 am. 

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Then it's off to be productive. 

The above is a sprinkling of vignettes in our bedroom. I love a tray on the ottoman. That way if we really want to hunker in for a movie or binge-watch, we can remove the tray and prop up our feet on the ottoman. 

dresser in a master bedroom

I've been debating painting this dresser forever to break up the set. This was the first major set of new furniture that we purchased back in 1993. It's solid mahogany from Lexington. It's been a timeless classic that we love to this day. 

I did remove the mirror that came with it years ago. My husband bought this painted mirror for me for my birthday one year. It's from one of my favorite stores, Pierre Deux, which is no longer in business. They had a catalog and brick and mortar store. 

The runner is handmade that we picked up on a trip to Italy. It's from Venice. 

side table in bedroom

Can you spy the thrift store items in this photo? The box was a fun makeover that to this day is one of my top pins. It's perfect for housing remotes and such. 

This urn and the one on my nightstand are both from the thrift store. You can read this post on how I use urns in our home. Lots of uses! 

green vase with beads

I try to keep the mantle fairly simple here due to the TV. This is an old TV. It's still working, but I look forward to when we get the chance to upgrade to something a bit sleeker and less bulky. 

This blue/green glass jug has been a staple in here for several seasons. This year I wrapped my new wooden beads around it.  Velvet pumpkins are my favorite fall accent. 


Here is a view as the sun was going down and lamps were turned on. I hope you've gotten a few ideas to cozy up your bedroom!

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  1. Hey Christy!! Your master is beautiful!! I especially love the pillows on the loveseat with the cream fret work pattern. You also have a small one in the middle of your beds. Can you tell me where those are from please?

    1. Thanks so very much! I got those from a local mother/daughter duo. They ship all over. Excellent quality! Lookup The Fabric Girls. They have a website and Instagram account.

  2. Love your bedroom and how you use pieces that are meaningful to you. I especially like the mix of fabrics in your bedding/on your bed. Do you have a source for the green and cream lattice pillows?

  3. Such a beautiful bedroom and I love that you have a fireplace in your bedroom! Such a cozy spot for you and your family. I have similar pieces and I debate painting a piece or two as well. I still enjoy the beautiful wood but I like the look of a painted pieces too to break up some of the dark wood. Pierre Deux, I had forgotten about that catalog. So many beautiful things in it.

  4. Your bedroom is so pretty and elegant! I love that you watch TV as a family in there, I’m sure that has fireplace adds so much warmth! I tend to be cold too, which is why I have so many throws in every single room, LOL! Thanks so much for joining us today Christy!

  5. Your bedroom is so beautiful and comfy. I love that you use white as your backdrop so you have the flexibility to switch out your decor. That is something I love to do as well. So happy to be on the blog hop with you today.

  6. I always enjoy seeing your master bedroom Christy! I can picture the four of you in here with the cat and dog watching a movie on a chilly fall or winter night. If you need an electric blanket in SC, I don’t think that you had better ever move north!

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