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Saturdays on the Porch #54 features the latest from OSH in decorating, fashion, and what I've found online from shopping to ideas!

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Saturdays on the Porch

This was the outfit that I wore to a wedding that never happened. So sad…..

We were literally 10 minutes from the venue when I discovered by chance to find out that the wedding had been called off the day before. None of us had been notified. I quickly called both of my kids and their spouses. Woods in turn called and notified a friend that was driving from 2-1/2 hours away. They were already there and hadn't been notified either. It was ok. I'm sure this was devastating for all parties. I feel for them all.

I had my hubby snap this photo when we returned home before jumping back into sweats.

Seriously, I have never been invited to a wedding that was called off at the last minute. I”m so glad that they didn't end up going through with it.

Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas

Cornbread Dressing Recipe using College Inn broth found at Walmart. #ad #POURLOVEINN
Cornbread Dressing Recipe

Recent Look

This outfit is a mix of new and old!

I have had this dress and clutch for at least 10 years! Lace dresses are something that can easily be dressed up or down.

I could totally go even dressier with the silver sandals and clutch that I wore to Ashlyn's wedding.

I opted for black opaque tights and black suede boots.

This is what I wore to dinner at Madison's in Highlands, NC on Monday evening. The pants are about 4 years old and no longer available. You can't tell here, but they are plaid.

They still make the pants, just not in this plaid. They are knit and amazingly comfortable and flattering. I am wearing a true size 8. I have even dressed them up with sequins and heels.

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The sweater was a Marshall's find, but I've linked something similar.

The velvet ballet flats are on repeat these days. They are so comfortable and feel like slippers!

Pants are true to size in an 8. Ballet flats are true to size in an 8.

You can see the plaid of the pants here.

Fit Tip: I am wearing a size medium in the blouse. I did roll up the sleeve 1 time. I probably could have worn a small, but I like the relaxed look of the medium to wear with leggings. I am wearing my Spanx leggings. I size up one to a large. They are very fitted. I do have to roll them under a bit. They are too long. Next time I will try a petitie length.

My thoughts on the Walmart faux leather leggings: The style is exactly like the Spanx. They do not have the compression and smoothing of the Spanx, but more comfortable. I'm not wearing either with my bum uncovered, so I can deal without the compression. The 2 options are different in texture. The Walmart ones come in under $16 so I am ok with the possibility of only getting one season out of them. Some reviews say that they lose their shine after washing. They are a little baggy around the ankles. I did order a medium in them which is perfect.

Latest Reels

Monday we went to Highlands, NC for a quick 24-hour trip. We stayed for the first time at the iconic Old Edwards Inn.

Tips for creating a simple brunch!

Last night at home…..

What I'm Reading

I love to read AND listen to books. If you are looking for a way to get more steps in with your walking…..listen to books! You will want to keep walking to listen. I also listen while doing chores around the house. I will use my earbuds while walking, While in the house I will use a Bluetooth speaker that I can carry around with me or our Alexa.

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I read actual printed books as well as on Kindle. I prefer my Kindle, but it is nice to hold a real book occasionally.

I've had my Audible membership for a while, and LOVE it! It gives me one book credit per month.

Let me share with you how I read on Kindle and listen to books as well. Get yourself a library card!

Then add the LIBBY and HOOPLA apps to your phone.

I will typically check to see if a book is available there first before using my credit or buying. Using these 2 apps with your library card is FREE!!! I love FREE.

There may be a waitlist if it is a newer title or popular. That's ok. Sometimes the wait can be lengthy. If I'm not willing to wait, I will just purchase. If it is new or popular, you NEED to finish the book in the allowed checkout time. Sometimes you can renew, and sometimes you may have to get back in the queue. If that happens, when it is available again…..it will download where you left off.

Get in the habit of always carrying a book with you to get in a little extra time. That way if you are waiting at the doctor's office or to get your car serviced….you are prepared!

It was my goal to read more than 12 books last year, and I completed that task. Check out that list which has been updated with my thoughts on the books. Here is my list for 2024. This is the list of definites for the year. I have a goal of 36 books this year. I will sprinkle in lots of audiobooks as well.

  • I am currently reading Christmas at the Island Hotel. This takes place on a small island between Scotland and Norway. I am enjoying this book. It's by the same author as this book that I read last Christmas.
  • I have also started Girl, Forgotten.
  • I just finished listening to the book From Scratch. It is a new Netflix series. I'm looking forward to watching it.
  • I just finished reading The Good House. I really like it!
  • If you are looking for a new Christmas book to read, check out this roundup from last year. I need to make a new one for this year.
  • I just finished my first Christmas read of the season. If you love quilting, you'll like this one. I didn't realize that it is a series, but that did not affect me jumping in this late into it…..The Christmas Boutique.
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What We've Bought

  • This is the red velvet ribbon that I ordered 2 years ago to make bows for my window wreaths. I just ordered it again for some more exterior bows. It's a nice large spool!
  • My 13th order of this collagen.
  • 2 new sets of window candles. They are a bit pricier, but a nice heavy weight. They are due to arrive today.
  • French book of cocktail recipes. It's such a pretty book!
  • I bought this surge protector power strip for my side of the bed. I like the position of the plugs plus it has USB ports. I slid it under the bed and out of site. I have all of the TV components, lamps, and plugs for our powered recliners on my side. It was a mess.
  • I bought this smaller power strip for my husband's side.
  • These smart bulbs have been wonderful! It's the same brand/app as my outdoor plugs for Christmas lights.
  • A nice long strand of electric fairy lights. Wish they had a remote, but nice.
  • Loving this foundation brush.
  • I ordered these faux leggings from Walmart. For under $16 they are a good value. I ordered a medium. No need to size up like with Spanx. They don't have the suck-you-in power of Spanx, but a great low-cost alternative.
  • I have these velvet flats in the olivine color. I LOVE them. They are like wearing slippers. Use code VELVET25 to get 25% off of select velvet styles.
  • Ashlyn has these velvet flats in Moonstone. The same comfort just more of a rounded toe.

Thank you so much for being here today with me! I hope your weekend is joyful. XO, Christy

white blouse and jeans

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