Ten Kimonos for Spring and Summer

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This week, I have been working on a chore that I've been putting off for weeks……cleaning out the master closet. I've been working on other areas of the house with ease, but there is just something about that master closet that stops me in my tracks….am I the only one?

My husband regularly purges his “little” area of the closet frequently. He just rolls his eyes when I start to do mine. I've gradually put on more pounds than I'd like through the years. As a result, my side of the closet has grown and grown. I add things that fit, but never get rid of the things that don't. I hold onto hope that one day…I'll get back into that size 4. When in reality, I've been an 8-10 for years. I finally went crazy this year and loaded up bags of white kitchen trash bags. I've got 4 so far. I now need to tackle the area of dresses. I have the most trouble getting rid of jeans and dresses. I confess that I didn't get rid of a single pair of jeans. I decided to give it until the fall to get a few pounds off. If I can't get into that section of jeans that I've moved to the top of the closet by October 1……they are history. I mean it! 

One thing that will always work no matter what that weight fluctuation might be is a great kimono. I absolutely LOVE kimonos. I wear them with jeans, leggings and dresses. They will continue to be a staple in my wardrobe. 

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Here are Ten Kimonos for Spring and Summer!

Floral kimonos are the perfect addition to your wardrobe for spring and summer! Great selection of ones here! #kimono #fashion #over40fashion

This is a kimono from last year that I still adore and plan to wear a lot. It is so versatile. I almost donated this Wal-Mart dress because I never wore it anymore. It matches with the kimono perfectly and was granted a stay. It totally brought it back to life. 

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Here is my latest Kimono. I took a screenshot from a video to show it to you. I LOVE it. It's long and breezy. It will look great this spring with white. While this one is no longer available, Jane.com still has other great styles and adds new items daily. Jane is a wonderful site for clothing, accessories and home decor on a budget. If you see something you like, you should order ASAP. The deals are limited and sell out quickly because of the price point. 

Styling Ideas for Kimonos

  • Bring an old outfit back to life
  • wear over a dress 
  • wear with shorts
  • bathing suit coverup
  • wonderful with jeans
  • great for a a bit of cover 
  • dressed up or down
  • can be belted


I've looked all around to bring you some new kimonos for the season. 

Fit Tip: Being the introvert that I am, I primarily shop online. Be sure to check fit guides and descriptions. I always read reviews and look at uploaded customer photos for further fit reassurance. 


Have a night on the town planed or possible a cruise? This kimono with a little bling makes it special. 


With an outfit or a swimsuit this one is so fun from one of my new favorite online boutiques. 

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I really like the pom pom detail on this kimono that comes in 3 different colors. 


Really loving this color because it would work for 3 seasons. It's such a lovely, soft look. 


The colors in this one are so pretty and boho romantic!


This one with the green and navy is so striking! 


I've been smitten with blue and white decor lately so this one is fitting


This lacey kimono is so unique and romantic. 


Here is another fabulous 3 season kimono! Great for those that love denim and white. 


This kimono is so fresh and vibrant for summer!


More Spring Beauty & Fashion Ideas

More posts for spring fashion & beauty. Please note that some items sell out so may not always still be available on older posts, but great for getting styling ideas!

Have fun planing your spring and summer wardrobe!




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  1. Amazing styling with the Kimono!! I didn’t know that a Kimono can also be paired up with a swimsuit. It can really amp up my beach look and make me stand out. Kimono can really go with any ootd and is really cool for a spring summer collection. Thanks for the info. Cheers!

  2. I am so glad that I’m not the only one about holding onto clothes and especially jeans! You are so right…..I’d probably be buying new things anyway! AND if I lose those pounds, I’ll have an excuse to buy a few new things. Yes, I am totally on the kimono trend. Thanks so very much for the sweet words, Shelia!! So happy to have you here.

  3. Hi Christy! Thank you so much for this post! I’ve always loved the look of kimonos but never knew quite how to wear them or what to pair them with. I’ve also put on some weight the older I’ve gotten and these kimonos would really hide a lot, lol! I always thought I’d need to wear heels with a kimono but I don’t wear heels anymore since I developed vertigo. But from the photos you’ve included it looks like I could get away with wearing flats with them. Like you, I have a huge problem trying to clean out my closet and letting go of things I keep hoping to get back into. I just need to be realistic I guess and realize I’m never going to be that small again and get rid of all these clothes that have completely taken over my closet and my life! I just torment myself with the what if’s, what if you lose the weight, you’ll have to buy all new stuff? Reality is, I’d probably buy new clothes anyway, so I should just let them go to someone who could really use them, right? Right. lol! I’m like you as well with the jeanssss! What is up with that? Those are the main thing I just can’t seem to part with either! Good to know I’m not the only one with this issue. I think I’ve just now made up my mind to get rid of them. I can’t take all this clothing clutter anymore! They’ve got to go! Wow, I feel better already just putting it down in words, lol. Now maybe I’ll finally take some action! Anyway, thanks for the kimono tips! I’m now going to fill my closets with kimonos, haha! Love your blog! Have a great day! ????

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