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Saturdays on the Porch #41

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Saturdays on the Porch #41 features this week's fashion looks and more from Our Southern Home for life and home.

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I hope you have had a wonderful week! I've been painting the screened porch for 2 weeks now….. full-time. Really since March, I've been working on the front and back porch. It has completely taken up all of my time in efforts to get it done for summer living. I'm a one-woman show over here at the blog. I just don't have the energy for such big projects plus working on the blog that's why I've been around less. I hope to get back to blog work soon! Please be patient.

I really love my joggers from Old Navy. I got a medium, and they are true to size. They are so lightweight.

I love the pocket zippers. This will make them perfect for travel days.

I also love the ankle zippers. I unzip them slightly so they don't rise up and get stuck on my shins after sitting.

I plan to wear this look for our plane travel days with this denim shirt opened like a jacket.

FIT TIP: I am wearing a medium in the joggers and my older Old Navy tee. True to size on all.

They are so comfortable!

I know that I rave about Chico's jewelry. These earrings (marked down)are fabulous. They are lightweight and so fun for summer with the colors. I'm kind of into large, fun earrings and no necklace these days. I feel like it brightens my look with my hair going gray.

Recent Looks

Here are a few mirror shots and recent shots of outfits.

denim look
Jeans (I cut hem) | Cardigan | Ballet Flats | Bracelet | Similar Blouse (same brand) | Mirror

FIT TIP: I am wearing a size 6 (sized down) in the jeans and a small in the cardigan and blouse. The jeans have a lot of stretch so don't buy too big. The sleeves on the cardigan are long. I just roll up a bit. Size up 1/2 size in ballet flats. I own 3 pairs of these.

white shirt and jeans
Jeans (I cut hem) | White Blouse (use this code on first order JLBJREF | Sneakers | Acrylic Bracelet Set | Similar Gold Bracelet | Mirror
jeans and white top
Jeans (I cut hem) | White Blouse (use this code on first order JLBJREF | Sneakers | Acrylic Bracelet Set | Similar Gold Bracelet | Mirror

I actually wore this top out to dinner last night with my favorite black capri pants.

Hey! Head here: https://thefindauctions.com/links to use code JLBJREF for 10% off your first order with thefindauctions.

FIT TIP: I am wearing a size medium in the blouse. The jeans are the same as the above in a size 6. Sneakers are true to size in an 8. The mentioned capris are a size .5 and stretch as well.

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Recent Recipes

I purchased this cookbook. It's so good that Ashlyn has added it to her registry. Here are a few photos of some things that we have tried.

chicken and veggie

This chicken recipe from the cookbook was outstanding complete with a Greek yogurt sauce. The veggies are just my typical roasted variety. I toss with olive oil, minced garlic, and seasoning.


We also made this chocolate cake recipe with minimal ingredients from the cookbook. We had it on Easter Sunday. It was the perfect amount with a little leftover. Only the top has icing and it is one layer. Perfect size!

Tim (Ashlyn's Fiance), Ashlyn, Woods, Me, and my hubby, Max

Speaking of Easter, I set up the tripod for a photo after church. This dress is from several years ago from the mentioned boutique with the code above. The dress that Ashlyn is wearing is mine from The Loft (size small) 2 years ago. I LOVE that dress. I am afraid that Ashlyn may take it over now. LOL!

tequila cocktail

This Blanco tequila cocktail was outstanding. I don't even like tequila! This is also from the cookbook!

Screen Porch Painting

I have been working on the porch for exactly 2 weeks now. It has been a huge painting job. Ashlyn cleaned the porch for me. (shoe payment) I then caulked for hours. The ceiling is done. I am now working on the columns and screen framing. Whew…..so many gallons of paint and hours.

I am using Benjamin Moore's Aura exterior paint in Simply White. It has made a huge difference. It's a nice sheen without being overly shiny.

I still need to decide on a gray porch floor paint color. If you have one that you love, please share in the comments!

Visit me on Instagram to see a video update! Make sure you give me a follow!

  • painting screen porch white
  • painting screen porch white
  • painting screen porch white
  • painting screen porch white
  • painting screen porch white
  • painting screen porch white

What I'm Reading

I read actual printed books as well as on Kindle. I prefer my Kindle, but it is nice to hold a real book on occasion.

I've had my Audible membership for a while, and LOVE it! It gives me one book credit per month.

Let me share with you how I read on Kindle and listen to books as well. Get yourself a library card!

Then add the LIBBY and HOOPLA apps to your phone.

I will typically check to see if a book is available there first before using my credit or buying. Using these 2 apps with your library card is FREE!!! I love FREE.

If it is a newer title or popular, there may be a waitlist. That's ok. Sometimes the wait can be lengthy. If I'm not willing to wait, I will just purchase. If it is new or popular, you NEED to finish the book in the allowed checkout time. Sometimes you can renew, and sometimes you may have to get back in the queue. If that happens, when it is available again…..it will download where you left off.

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Here is what I've recently read or listened to.

What We've Bought

  • Apple watch band in champagne gold
  • Favorite hairspray
  • Marine protectant for hot tub cover
  • Replacement end caps for patio table (fit perfectly)
  • Replacement glides for wrought iron patio chairs
  • I started Amazon auto-delivery for my collagen.
  • I purchased 2 garden stools at an unbelievable price on Amazon. Lots of you purchased it through me through social media. (Thanks) It's no longer at that price. I did find this one that I have also at a good price.
  • New white socks to hopefully go with these sneakers that I asked for on Mother's Day. We are going on a big trip in June and plan to wear these for walking during the day even with dresses! They are hard to find in all white because they are so popular. We just bought Ashlyn a pair as payment for work that she has been helping with on the porch reno. She loves them! She says they are the most comfortable sneaker that she has ever worn. She's a big sneaker snob. It's all she wears unless dressing up.
  • Speaking of the big trip……I bought this black walking sandal and this gold walking sandal for travel and heaving walking in general. I plan to take 4 pairs of shoes on this trip (more to come soon). The sneakers, 2 mentioned sandals, and a pair of flip-flops for the boat.
  • Watering Can…..I love it!
  • I totally splurged and bought this dress for my son's July wedding. It is at 1:30 at Morgan's church. Then a barn reception. My thoughts were that I will be able to get a lot of wear with it. It is gorgeous!!! I may get a little warm, but I'll survive. I have been wanting a dress from Tuckernuck for a long time, but I've never spent that much on a dress. Y'all it is so worth it. I did order a small and medium. I sent the medium back. It was just too big in the bust. I plan to dress it up with sandals and fun earrings. I'll try to photograph the dress this coming week to share. The dress was sold out in both sizes when I finally decided on it. Little Tip: Enter your email address for notifications of restocks. I got emails from them that my requested size was back the next day. I immediately ordered.

What Caught My Eye

Here is a little hint on our upcoming big June vacation!

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Look at these gorgeous DIY bookshelves!

I'm obsessed with porches right now!

Think outside the box and hang artwork like this on occasion.

I also love courtyards.

This is what a call a fabulous hallway!

Have an amazing weekend and Mother's Day! XO, Christy

Saturdays on the Porch


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