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DIY Painted College Sign

Thanks for sharing!

This is the first new project that I've shared in a while.

It's a little different….you'll see why shortly.

DIY Painted College Sign

It's been a rough few weeks. 

I promise that I'm not a complainer and rarely sick.


I had the MOHS surgery to remove skin cancer on a Monday. I started feeling better that Thursday evening. I was ready to catch up and get busy. 

I dropped my guard by having a couple of guests for dinner that Friday evening. One of those guests ended up sick the next day and tested positive for COVID on Monday afternoon at work. She had been negative earlier in the week.  I started feeling poorly last week and tested positive last week. 

Needless to say, I've accomplished absolutely nothing in the last week with being sick with COVID. I'm fortunate. It's been like the flu for me. I haven't needed a doctor's attention. 

The biggest issue is the aches and extreme tiredness. I seriously can't accomplish anything. I feel like I'm in a fog. I even had to drop out of a fabulous sponsored post that involved making over my son's bedroom. There was no way I could paint his room right now. 

I'll go proof this post later. I'm sure it will be riddled with errors. 

This circles back to this month's thrifty makeover with the team and why it's really not from the thrift store.

But it could have been!

messy family room

Alright, friends…..hang in there. I didn't do this project, but it was done with the guidance of this project!

A year ago, Ashlyn was at her boyfriend's brother's college rental house. The brother's girlfriend had bought this piece of wood with intentions of making something with it. They broke up and she left the piece of wood.

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Since Ashlyn is my daughter, her wheels of creativity were spinning when she came across this sight. LOL! Guys….right!

She asked me if I wanted it. The guys didn't want it. Of course, I wanted it. 

Fast forward a year to cleaning out the garage. I was just going to get rid of it, but Ashlyn suggested that she make a Clemson sign for her apartment. She shares a college apartment with her brother and 2 others. 

I was working on another project and didn't have time to do this one. I texted them a link to this blog post.

long piece of flat wood for a sign

They completed this project in early June I believe.

Thankfully, we took a few pics along the way. 

Ashlyn lightly sanded the surface. It was already pretty smooth.

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Ashlyn and Tim tested out several stain colors that I already had on hand. They went with the gray that I used on this furniture project

They stained the board and let it dry overnight.

Supply List

clemson sign with 2 college  kids

The 2 of them played around with fonts and printed full-sized letters for CLEMSON. Any school name would work. You just need to get it to work with the length of your board. 

You could also print your school name and have a board cut to fit at the home home improvement store. 

working on painted sign

You'll want to position each letter onto the board centering it as you go. When you feel confident in its position, tape all pieces together to form one long sheet of paper. 

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Flip that over and using either chalk or oil pastels, color the back of the paper. For more details, please see this blog post HERE.

kids working on painted sign

Flip the taped paper back over and carefully tape it down to the board to secure it in place.

Using a pencil or a ballpoint pen, trace the outline of the letters. 

Doing this will give you an outline on the board when you remove the paper.

Using craft paint, fill in the letters with paint. This took 2 coats. 

HINT: If using oil pastels, I use a color that will be the same or similar to the paint being used for that letter. 

Clemson sign leaning on a tree

I am so impressed with the job that the 2 of them did on this quarantine project.

Up close detail of painted sign

Seal the sign with a spray matte sealer. 

up close of clemson sign

This gray stain has quickly become a favorite of mine! I haven't seen it yet in the apartment. I hope to soon. In-person classes are supposed to start back on September 21st at Clemson University. 

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Thanks for sharing!

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  1. Ashlyn and her boyfriends did a fabulous job on this project and it’s wonderful that when their friends admire the sign, they can say that they made it. I’m so sorry that you ended up with COVID and hope that by now you are feeling much better.

  2. Kudos to the kiddos! 🙂
    The sign turned out great.

    ohhhh, how I hope you feel better very soon. Take care of yourself, and get lots of rest.



  3. Hope you are feeling much better soon, glad it wasn’t worse. I have a daughter who is a junior at Oklahoma
    State, and they have been having in person classes since mid August, although some classes went online. It’s hard not to be concerned when they are kids/young adults who need those strong social connections, especially when away from their families, and wearing masks all the time with your friends is so unnatural (they are required on campus in buildings and outside when social distancing isn’t possible, as well as in businesses in town). I just have to trust God with her and try to relax. The sign is so cool! I love seeing young people being crafty and creative! Obviously we are OK State fans (orange and black), but our last name is Clem, so when we visited South Carolina a couple of years ago, I was tempted to buy some kind of Clemson souvenir, lol! Take care of yourself, and hope you are back on your feet soon!

  4. I hope you are feeling better soon – we are not done with this pesky virus yet. Take care and heal. I have a board in my stash like yours – Another SEC team with a paw logo may need to be painted soon!!!

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