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On a scale of 1-10, what would you give your organizing skills? In some areas of our home, I'd give myself a solid 7. Our bathroom would have to get a 4. 

I'll admit that I'll organize the bathroom and then after a while….it gets out of hand. 

This time around, I have confidence that my efforts will stick. Let me share with you why I think my bathroom organizing will stick around for the long-haul this time around. 

Getting our bath organized was important to me for the following reasons:

  1. Save money by knowing what I have. Do I really need 10 tubes of mauve lipstick or 32 scrunchies?
  2. Less clutter so easier to keep clean and tidy
  3. Cut down on the time getting ready

Bathroom Organizing Tips

  • empty out drawers and cabinets
  • purge
  • only keep what you use
  • throw out of date items away
  • group like items together

Have you been watching The Home Edit series on Netflix? It has so inspired me to get our home in order. The Home Edit has an entire collection of organizing essentials at The Container Store.

bathroom organizing

Y'all…..it's going to look worse before it gets better. I spent about an entire day on this project. I literally cleaned out every spot in this bathroom down to the baseboards. 

Step 1:

Seriously, you want to empty out everything at once. Then start going through the items. A few things I donated, but most I tossed in the trash.

We clean our refrigerators and pantries of expired items, and we must do the same with beauty products.

Here is a list of a few dates of beauty product shelf life recommendations.

  • Foundation – 1 year
  • Mascara – 3 months
  • Lipstick – 2 years
  • Lip Gloss – 1 year 
  • nail polish – 1 year
  • eyeliner – 3 months
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I'll admit that I had a few things that were way beyond their use. Just like that carton of milk…..once you open it, it's open to contaminants. 

I was left with 2 white trash bags to toss. 

I am embarrassed to discuss the number of scrunchies that I have/had. I guess I truly am an 80s girl at heart. 

Step 2:

Start grouping the items together. 

The goal is to make your life easier. For example, group all of your oral care together. If everything has a place, you can grab it and get dressed so much faster. 

Another plus is that your hubby won't have to ask you for the umpteenth time where the nail clippers are because they are always getting put back in a different spot. 

Step 3:

You've purged your supplies and have grouped those items together. Now you want to select the appropriate storage containers. Here are the ones that I've used in our bathroom. 

bathroom drawer

The Home Edit Expandable Drawer Organizer

This is perhaps my favorite organizer EVER! It expands to fit the drawer space. It works beautifully in this drawer. It's perfect for right by the sink for those frequently used items like oral care. Just looking at this drawer makes me giddy!

bathroom drawers

The iDesign modular Linus Shallow Drawer Organizers | The Home Edit Hair Accessory Bin with Sliding Tray

This hair accessory bin with a sliding tray is so handy. I edited my scrunchie collection in a big way. It houses them in the main container and the slider holds my hair elastics. While home so much, I wear my hair pulled back all the time! 

The shallow drawer organizers come in so many different sizes. 

bathroom drawer with hair dryer

The Home Edit Stackable Hair Tool Bin

This stackable hair tool organizer is great for hairdryers and tools. My hubby has the hairdryer on his side because I haven't been using it a lot these days. I've been air drying and then just touching up with my flat iron or curling wand. It's been so easy that way. These stack so it's great if you have a lot of tools. Stacked would work well in a cabinet.

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woman putting on lip gloss in mirror

Being organized in the bathroom has saved me so much time getting ready! I know where everything is. I've even gotten into the habit of returning things immediately to their designated spot. 

bathroom makeup drawer

Home Edit Organizer Bins | Home Edit Clear Bin Dividers | Shallow Drawer Organizers | The Home Edit Expandable Drawer Organizer

I'm using the expandable drawer organizer again here. It's the bomb! In the other drawer, I used it vertically. I expanded it horizontally here. It works well with my palettes and items used more frequently. 

On the back left, I used the medium bin with a divider insert. It's great for lipstick organizing. The smaller bins fit along the outer side of the drawer. 

bathroom counter

I didn't realize how cluttered the counters looked until I got them organized with these items from The Container Store

bathroom counter

The Home Edit 2-Tier Organizer 

I completely edited what I kept on the counter and narrowed it down to my skincare routine. This little organizer keeps it tidy and organized.

Clear organizers are a favorite of mine. They look sleek and visually appealing. 


The Home Edit Mini 2-Drawer Organizer

This little organizer is great for housing cotton balls and cotton swabs. It has a little upper ledge that my jade roller fits on. I'm actually using the little roller more now that it's front and center. 


The Home Edit Mini 2-Drawer Organizer | The Home Edit 2-Tier Organizer  | Home Edit Organizer Bins | Home Edit Clear Bin Dividers

I really like how the clear organizers keep the counters from looking cluttered. 

bathroom cabinet

The Home Edit Stackable Drawers | Home Edit Organizer Bins | Home Edit Clear Bin Dividers

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These stackable drawers are another winner for me! They are made to stack on top of each other and DO NOT slide on top of each other. This is great so once you configure your set, they stay in place and the drawers slide open and closed easily. 

clear drawer system in bath

This is the perfect combination of a drawer system. I've used the following pieces here.

bathroom drawers

My husband is pretty happy with his contact storage now. One drawer is for the left eye and one for the right!

The medium bin with the divided inserts is great for storing sheet face masks.

master bathroom
bathroom drawer

I hope you've been inspired to organize your space! I am so excited to announce that I am 1 of 20 brand ambassadors for The Container Store. I'll be bringing you one new organizing product a month so be sure to sign up for my newsletter so you don't miss a post!

I'll be sharing stories on Instagram so I'd love for you to join me over there to follow along on my organizing journey. 


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  1. What a great organizing project! I love all of those clear drawer organizers. And thank you for the list of expiration dates for makeup. I really need to do this in all of our bathrooms!

    1. Thanks so much, Angie! I’ve discovered the correct tools make sticking with your efforts a must. I’m obsessed with all the clear organizers.

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